Dreaming of Zullo

I sometimes have these long rambling dreams that aren’t very interesting and don’t make a lot of sense—I had one this morning. This one was unusual because it had a birther theme, perhaps because I listened to and called in to the RC Radio Show last night before bed and talked about the Cold Case Posse finances, or because I have spent so much time on the “Birthers from A to Z” list.

Mike Zullo was the local cable guy in a dream peopled with folks from my home town, but contextually here in South Carolina. Zullo had worked for the cable company in New Jersey and had transferred to South Carolina where he had been for some years doing installations of cable TV and Internet. At the time of the dream he was getting ready to return to New Jersey.

65NJSo it was required by the company that Zullo turn in and account for all the parts and equipment he had before he left. Among his parts he had one “filter” left over, some sort of metal disk with some characters stamped on it. When Zullo in the company of his supervisor was returning the filter to the box of filters at the office, it was noticed his filter was stamped 65 NJ and the ones in the box were labeled 30 SC. It was explained in the dream narrative, provided by come competing cable guys, that these filters were customized to match the parameters of local wiring standards, and that Zullo had been installing sub-optimal New Jersey-style filters in South Carolina for years. Zullo and his supervisor decided to do nothing about it and Zullo added his filter to the box. I think (not sure) that in the final scene, I was playing Zullo in the first person.

Perhaps a modern-day Sigmund Freud would say, sometimes a Zullo is just a Zullo.

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3 Responses to Dreaming of Zullo

  1. The Red Pen says:

    Perhaps it was a prophetic dream. It’s likely that after the birther fad no longer holds any interest, installing cable in North Carolina might be among Zullo’s more attractive job prospects.

  2. RanTalbott says:

    sub-optimal New Jersey-style filters

    Oooo, now you’ve done it: you’re making Chris Christie angry. You won’t like him when he’s angry. Bulk SMASH Joisey insulter!!

  3. The New Jersey filters are optimal for New Jersey cable infrastructure, just not properly matched to South Carolina.

    RanTalbott: Oooo, now you’ve done it: you’re making Chris Christie angry. You won’t like him when he’s angry. Bulk SMASH Joisey insulter!!

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