Election leftovers: Conservative Majority Fund

I wrote an article titled “Birther PAC” in August 2012, abut the Conservative Majority Fund, a political action committee (treasurer Scott  B. MacKenzie) that in just one month spent half a million dollars on fundraising and robocalls  promoting birtherism. They produced the infamous video called “Shady Past.” I wrote then:

I’m no election law wonk, but it looks like their first donor report won’t be due until October 15, so the election will be upon us before we know where the money is coming from.

In that subsequent October report, the PAC had raised over $1.4 million and by years end the total had topped $2.8 million. The main expense: robocalls.

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6 Responses to Election leftovers: Conservative Majority Fund

  1. Dave says:

    I guess what you’re getting at is, they never did identify their donors, and the FEC never really did anything about it.

  2. No, not at all. The donors are listed in the reports.

    Dave: I guess what you’re getting at is, they never did identify their donors, and the FEC never really did anything about it.

  3. Dave says:

    OK, I see now my statement is entirely incorrect. I confess the first time I didn’t actually read your link, I just went straight to opensecrets.org and then misunderstood what they said.

  4. Rickey says:

    I noticed that one of the donors is named “Angie Fails.”

    It appears that the most common occupation of donors is “retired.”

  5. mimi says:

    wow. Almost everything went to telemarketing. No wonder the telemarketing company could afford to buy naming rights to a football stadium [InfoCision Stadium]. What a racket.

  6. JPotter says:

    Ah, yes, these “Infocision” slimeballs were placing robocalls to Okieland, the day after (that’s 24 hours after) a tornado devastated Moore, OK last June (for the 3rd time). The script began:

    “Despite the tragedy in Oklahoma City, we must continue our work to IMPEACH OBAMA. Don’t let Obama HIDE behind this natural disaster.”

    And continued on to suggest that callers reconsider donating to the Red Cross or other relief orgs … and to send their cash to a wingnut PAC, Restore America’s Voice.

    I’ll get religion for a second here, just long enough to hope they all burn.

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