Cold Case Posse screws the IRS (genetally speaking)

imageIt looks like Mike Zullo did a little more redacting than we realized when he provided, as required by law, the Cold Case Posse’s application to the IRS for a tax-exempt determination. A full copy has been obtained from the IRS, and among the additional material is this page:




Substantively, there is a contradiction between this addendum and the main filing that says their income is projected to be $6,500, and not the $5,000 shown here. Indeed reports in the press indicate that the CCP has spent far more than $25,000 investigating Obama’s identity.

“EIN” is misspelled in the top line. I use the phrase “screws the IRS” as a joking reference to the typo in the first paragraph, “genetally.” “The” should probably be “that.”  There is an error in subject/verb agreement in the first sentence: “organizations … is” and the clause “which is …” seems misplaced and in any case should be preceded by a comma.

In the second paragraph that really should be part of the first, we again have subject verb disagreement: “receipts … comes” and again, the comma required before “which” is omitted.

There is a missing blank line between the third and fourth paragraphs (or better, the two should be one paragraph), and the text of the fourth is mangled with “it” probably written for “its.”

Here is the text:



Section 501 (c)   (3) genetally provides the organizations are not
required to file form 990 (or form EZ 990) which is affiliated
with a governmental unit or whose annual income/receipts are not
more than $25,000.00 annually.

In our situation the only annual receipts which we will have comes
from our members paying annual dues of $100.00. Our membership
consists of 50 people.

The section further states that governmental affiliates likewise
are not required to do so.
Maricopa County Arizona is definitely a governmental unit and since
we are it affiliates again that requirement of filing said form does
not apply to us.

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6 Responses to Cold Case Posse screws the IRS (genetally speaking)

  1. roxy7655 says:

    All that begging for donations, and they never received a dime for it?

    Really? Well, fry my chips!

  2. alg says:

    So now we know that Zullo can’t write. We now also understand why his blockbuster expose of “universe shattering” headlines about Obama remains unpublished.

  3. Curious George says:

    It’s time that the CCCP informs the public what their donations and expenditures total. Arpaio says that the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office does not oversee the financial affairs of the CCCP. The CCCP has certainly received more than $25,000.00 in contributions. It’s time to file that IRS 990 form Mr. Zullo.

  4. Yoda says:

    Who could have predicted this with someone as honest as Zullo running the ship?

  5. CarlOrcas says:

    I would say Mr. Zullo is in between a rock and a very hard place……and there are some pretty big rocks in Arizona!

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