Taitz gets busy

Here it is, only January 3 and Orly Taitz has already posted 17 articles on her blog for the year and announced a number of legal moves. I could change the byline for this blog to “I read Orly Taitz so you don’t have to,” but I’ll stick with tradition. In any case, here are the legal lowlights:

  1. Taitz filed a FOIA request with the District of Columbia Health Benefit Exchange Authority. They replied today saying that disclosure of information about Obama’s enrollment in the exchange is prohibited by law, D. C. Official Code § 20534(a)(2). They also respond that they have no records of any court order to scrub Obama’s records from their database, no regulations requiring them to check for fraudulent social-security numbers, nor any documents relating to a requirement to report identity theft to a court. Taitz sees reports that Obama had difficulty signing up because his federal records are in some way not available to the exchange software a “sign from God.”
  2. The second amended complaint is filed in the case of Taitz v. Colvin, a FOIA lawsuit over the social-security number of a Mr. Bounel born in 1890. In rejecting her previous complaints, the Court explained to Taitz that the response by the government to her request ends the court action unless she alleges that the government’s search is inadequate. Taitz comes back claiming that individuals at the Social Security Administration are attempting to defraud the Court. Rather than explain why she considers the search inadequate, she says that the search was inadequate because the SSA didn’t provide evidence of its adequacy, shifting the burden of proof to the SSA.
  3. Taitz further requests in Taitz v. Colvin that the court refer her evidence of the FOIA officer “acting with malice” to a grand jury, or let Taitz step in for the US Attorney and present it herself (Taitz not even being admitted to the Bar in Maryland), and then she dumps a moldy list of birther talking points about claimed anomalies in various statements and documents. She wants to prosecute basically everything she ever thought was wrong with Barack Obama. This runaround the US Attorney is what I call the “Vogt gambit”, which we know is a loser.
  4. Taitz has filed a motion in opposition to the defense motion for summary judgment by the Postal Service in Taitz v. Donahoe. Taitz is protesting because the judge, Royce C. Lamberth “previously covered up all evidence of fraud and forgery in Barack Obama’s ID in related cases.” The judge is gonna love that. Despite the judge explaining it to her in Taitz v. Colvin, Orly doesn’t get the fact that FOIA lawsuits become moot once the government provides a response, whether timely or late.

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4 Responses to Taitz gets busy

  1. Bonsall Obot says:

    Someone’s in a manic phase. Do none of these people have anyone that loves them enough to get them help?

  2. CarlOrcas says:

    I think the count is rising, Doc.

    The latest is her whine about: “Another sign the regime is in panic: some 300,000 articles about my cases and my work were removed or de-linked on Google. Hacking and sabotage of my web site and my computer, slander and defamation of character intensified”

    But never fear one of her loyal readers – “Davey Crockett” – has come to her aid with a suggestion that something he saw on TV – http://www.mycleanpc.com – should take care of things for her.

    Only in Orlyland!

  3. RanTalbott says:

    Bonsall Obot: Do none of these people have anyone that loves them enough to get them help?

    What’s to love? Even Orly, who’s more of a “Don Quixote” than the scheming “Moriarty” more typical of birther leaders, displays a level of civility and socialization that would embarrass a timber wolf, baselessly attacking everyone who doesn’t share her delusions as being “part of the conspiracy”.

    I’m slightly surprised that none of these people “have anyone” who just got fed up and shot them at the Thanksgiving dinner table after suffering through their 1268th rant. Although that might be because they haven’t been invited for years…

  4. Bonsall Obot says:

    Orly has three young sons, raised in America, who have to be absolutely mortified by her behavior; even if Yossie looks the other way, you’d think at least one of these boys would be able to get her some professional help.

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