Stockman may not matter


Rep. Steve Stockman was the great birther hope for a Congressional investigation into Obama’s birth documents with the Zullo crowd saying he was “on board” despite official silence. Stockman was on the impeachment wagon, authoring a book: “Impeach­able Offenses: The Case for Removing Barack Obama from Office.” One might think that a very con­ser­va­tive politician was tailor made for advancement in the very con­ser­va­tive state of Texas, but Stockman is not faring very well in a primary battle for the US Senate, as indicated by these University of Texas / Texas Tribune numbers:


It’s a bit of a mystery where Steve Stockman is, the usually punctual Stockman missing 17 straight votes in the House this year, and disappearing for two weeks from the Senate campaign. He was briefly spotted in Egypt reports Politico, but nothing since. This hasn’t helped his popularity among potential voters.

Stockman combined his two passions, guns and anti-abortion, in the memorable Tweet:

If babies had guns, they wouldn’t be aborted.


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13 Responses to Stockman may not matter

  1. Perhaps Stockman has been hiking the Appalachian Trail with former South Carolina governor Mark Sanford.

  2. justlw says:

    If babies had outlaws, only people would kill guns. Think about it, won’t you?

  3. Andrew Vrba, PmG says:

    Not mattering is something he shares with birthers. Maybe that is why they identify with him! 😉

  4. Joey says:

    What ever happened to the “bill” (resolution) that Stockman had “agreed” to sponsor to get a congressional investigation of President Obama’s eligibility initiated in the House of Representatives? The birthers had such high hopes for Stockman.

  5. gorefan says:

    Congressman Stockman did tell Congressman Yoho (R-FL) that he was working on some type of eligibility bill. It was unclear of it was a call to investigate the President’s BC or just a generic all Presidential candidates from now on must verify US citizenship by birth bill

    It was everyone’s favorite birther and nutty commenter, John, who talked to Rep. Yoho about jumping on the crazy train.

  6. JPotter says:

    Source for the pie chart?

  7. JD Sue says:

    “If babies had guns, they wouldn’t be aborted.”


  8. I made the chart, but the data is from the same poll cited in the article:

    JPotter: Source for the pie chart?

  9. alg says:

    Of course, when has Steve Stockman ever mattered?

  10. Andrew Vrba, PmG says:

    Failure runs in the Stockman family. His brother Baxter’s tenure with The Shredder has been less than stellar.

  11. Yoda says:

    Anyone else notice that Lyin’ Carl has stopped talking about “VIPs” with standing?

  12. Joe Acerbic says:

    That face… it looks like he’s in the middle of a shape shift between humanoid and blob monster.

  13. 1% Silver Nitrate says:

    From Dave Weigel’s write-up of the Texas primary results in SLATE:

    Actually, if you’d been following Stockman’s race on WND, Tuesday’s result would have stunned you. The conservative news site reported that Stockman was following a “Cruz missile” strategy and closing the gap with Cornyn, citing one Human Events/Gravis poll that ended up missing the result by 25 points. Jerome Corsi, the author of the investigative journalism classic Where’s the Birth Certificate?, endorsed Stockman and wrote credulous WND columns about his race. Stockman had blown off Texas reporters and made no public campaign appearances since January. He gave Corsi an exclusive interview.

    The broader right has an uneasy relationship with Corsi and WND. It’s not just that the site obsessively covered conspiracies about President Obama’s citizenship or that it bought billboards to advance the conspiracies. It’s that the site twins conservative news with get-rich-quick, survive-the-apocalypse, buy-buy-buy ad scams. Eric Hoffer’s theory that every political cause becomes a “business, then eventually degenerates into a racket,” is proved every day at WND. It’s proved in less noticeable ways on the email lists of defeated presidential candidates like Herman Cain that have been sold to quacks.

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