“tracies dad” lowers expectations

I’ve noticed a character of late posting at Birther Report under the name, “tracies dad.” (If anyone thinks they know who tracies dad is, I remind them of the site policy against identifying private individuals on the site.) The first comment I recall was from 11 weeks ago when tracies dad wrote:

November 19 was a real turning point. The Commiebots know the end is coming, but they do not know what form it will take. Here is a hint: It is not something just earthshaking or country shaking. It is Universe Changing. And the Commiebots are on the wrong side of the Universal Divide!

I couldn’t think of any important event that happened on November 19, but in the mind of tracies dad, something did, and a comment 5 weeks ago at BR explains the date and gives a big whopping hint as to his identity. There aren’t more than a handful of people who fit this description:

I wish that everyone who now wants to LEAD a mass demonstration of this type had actually been there with those of us ATTENDING the mass demonstration in DC on November 19. It seems that those who want to lead or organize (without actually bothering to show up in person) out number those who are committed enough to actually buy the plane ticket to participate.

My title comes from td’s comment a couple of days ago:

This is clearly another of a long string of attempts by Team Orly to discredit Team Arpaio. It will no more succeed than those in the past. Even if there is a delay in the release of information, the whole world will most likely know the more important aspects of it before the end of this year.

“Before the end of the year” rises in sharp contrast to the usual expectation of “this March.” The context was another comment noting that someone named Mitch Martinson, with the same name as the writer of Arizona’s Politics blog, lives 6.3 miles from Orly Taitz. The conclusion is that the Arizona’s Politics article saying that the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office had walked back earlier confirmation of two deputies working with Mike Zullo, was disinformation instigated by Orly Taitz. That’s a classic conspiracy theorist connection.

td’s been busy. This time his comment at BR was republished by Orly Taitz [link to Taitz web site]:

The Obots know something is breaking soon. In fact, one of the very major Obots has secretly left the country, without even telling the other Obots. This person continues to operate a disinformation site, and to post disruptive comments elsewhere, but he does this from abroad. He works through the middle of the night from his location using a proxy server that is located in the US. That way, he appears to be active in the North American day hours as usual and his IP traces to the US. He might seem to be here, but he has “flown the coop”.

The person who forwarded the comment to Taitz asked: “Could this be Foggy?” Taitz replies in title: “I need your help in identifying Obama’s operative, who left the country. …” Taitz will believe anything except the truth.

So how does tracies dad know? I asked at BR, and got 54 replies, none of which was relevant. I thought perhaps he got it from Miki Booth from an interview posted on Feb. 11, that the Obots are “lashing out” in response to the Zullo interview with Gallups the previous Friday, and that’s why Birther Report was taken down (we now know that BR was taken down for being a malware vector). But that’s not where it came from. The entire transcript of that interview is included at the end of this article for reference.

It is possible that tracies dad created the fantasy based on the Booth theme of Obot panic and tracing someone to DARPA? It turns out that tracies dad may have actually gotten hold of something, based on this confession that appeared later at BR:


Well, I had a look t the current travel plans and locations for all the Obots around the world using the patented Soros Locate-O-Thingie and it seems the only one out of country at the moment is moi.

I am in fact in India reviewing our outsourced Birther monitoring stations, then a flight tonight to Frankfurt to provide the Seekrit 5th Reich with an update on the FEMA camp status then off to Orlando for some well earned imported baby seal clubbing.

I am however only one of the minor Obot’s although I do have the greatest number of airmails of the fraternity.

I trust this clarifies Tracy and her Daddy issues comment at the top of the page.

The IP address was not posted.

Transcript of Manning interview with Miki Booth, posted on Feb. 11, 2014.

Booth: They’re cornered. We got ‘em dead to rights and the astonishing information – I’ll get into that in a minute, but anyway, they’re running scared and so now they’re just attacking, and since Birther Report is the #1 site, I know that that’s the first one I go to when I get up and have my coffee,  I go to Birther Report, because that man does not flee, and he posts everything and anything that he finds that includes information for us to have,  and so they went after him like he said… shut him down and pretty much all his information was just gone. What happened was that it really, you know, brought out the anger and the determination of all of us who say this is not gonna’ fly, and so there you know we there was a huge outcry and stuff and they were able to get the site, the site is safe. I believe it was all the time,  and they’re going to be moving. It’s gonna take some time and some effort and money to get moved, but it is up back now, and they did get that straightened out,  but it just goes to show what they can do to us just because they can. They want to and so they do, and it reminded me of  three years ago when I had a Tea Party up here in my area  and it was infiltrated by some Obots and the very, very next day my Gmail address that I had about 500 contacts in, that Google just disabled my email and I had no recourse. It was just gone, and I know it was the Obots, and we know that they came to the tea party and a bunch of them, these were college-age students, they stayed at the gateway to the park where we were having our rally, and as people came in they told them that the Tea Party rally had been canceled, and so people left. This is the kind of stuff that they do and Google is in bed with Obama, so, you know my

Manning:  Volin, I talked to Mike Volin yesterday. Mike told me that he has got information that trace many of these Obots right back to the White House,  that these aren’t just people out trying to defend Obama for whatever political partisan reason they may have, but they’re really payrolled  by the White House. Is that right?

Booth: Yes, that’s right and this is what, this was the new information that Detective Zullo said on Friday afternoon. He said that the anonymous Obots, and I’ll name some: there’s that RC guy, there’s Fogbow  and there’s Doctor Conspiracy. Now a couple of these guys, we know who they are 😉 but I believe RC anonymous. Nobody knew who he was or where he was, but out of these top three, and of course there are others, among the top three they traced one guy all the way to the Department of Defense, which falls right under the White House, the Department of Defense. And this guy works inside the Department of Defense and the division called DARPA. This is the one, they do the robotics and what you were just talking about, the drones and things, basically the top secret department. The also are the ones that do psychological warfare. This is the department. One of the main Obots works there. The news is gonna come out next month.

Manning: When will Sheriff Arpaya and Mike Zullo be releasing their report? Of course there’s a big meeting tonight at Mike Volin’s Blogtalk show, Where’s Obama’s Birth Certificate? from 8 o’clock to 10 o’clock tonight. I’m gonna be on there for a brief time myself

Booth: I am, too. I was invited to call in.

Manning: I’ll be there shortly, but where is this, what is particular, can you give us a little bit of a hint of what we’re gonna hear from Mike Zulu in not too many days—that’s got these people so upset. They really got [stumble] What they’re doing now is ridiculous.

Booth: Oh, absolutely and, you know, every time we come out with, you know, the goods on them like, it’s confirmed that the birth certificate’s a forgery. But now they know who did it, when they did it. They got all the who, what, when, whys, wheres on that forged birth certificate. So this means that they’re going to have indictments, because these crimes, you know, people are gonna be arrested, so I believe that, you know, that’s the news that they’re gonna be announcing. And pretty much that investigation is over with, they’ve got everything they need to do the press conference. But what’s happened was as they traced theses Obots and, you know, it created new leads and they went after more people and then this lead came about and they followed it, and so now what has happened, that they announced on Friday  was that there’s a second cri9minal investigation and this one is being conducted by, officially by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office  and there are a couple of seasoned detectives, you know, working with Detective Zullo of the Cold Case Posse and so that means the crimes happened in Maricopa County.

Manning: You mean criminal activities that went on in Maricopa County related to the birth certificate? Is that what I hear you saying?

Booth: Yes. They’re saying that it’s a parallel investigation. It’s part of the birth certificate investigation, but then again, there’s more. And so they said that there may be different press conferences, because this, the second one, they opened up not that long ago. It is official, and they’re still gathering evidence and information. They don’t want to break that yet.

Manning: This is really interesting because if this criminal activity related to the birth certificate went on in Maricopa County, which is thousands of miles away from Kenya, ten thousand miles away,  but I would be very interested—I have a sneaking suspicion what I think may have happened and I’m gonna hold tight to that, and we’ll find out when the interview is done and the information is released by Arpaya and Zulu, but this is really heating up. And Miki, there’s no way this could have, this whole matter will stay under cover as many people have tried to have it happen. I only have a couple seconds left. I’m gonna be on the Mike Volin broadcast tonight, Miki, you’re gonna be there, [call in information] Miki, I’ll give you the last word and I gotta go.

Booth: OK, you were just saying how they’re going through denial of this, whenever we put stuff out there, the media just shuts us down and not allow the information out there, and you know, Detective Zullo said the same thing is gonna happen. They’re gonna deny, deny, deny, and like Zullo says,  we got the proof, proof, proof. [Manning laughs]

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15 Responses to “tracies dad” lowers expectations

  1. Andrew Vrba, PmG says:

    I swear birthers are disappointment fetishists. (Click here for hot disappointing action!)
    You wouldn’t think that’s a thing, but I’ve seen some wiggy stuff on the internet, man. Wiggy stuff…

  2. Smirk4Food says:

    I’m not sure what tracies dad is up to. I’m too busy keeping tabs on Stacy’s Mom.

  3. Majority Will says:

    “This is the one, they do the robotics and what you were just talking about, the drones and things, basically the top secret department.”

    Well, that explains Jesse Ventura’s frolic abroad.

  4. Majority Will says:

    “. . . released by Arpaya and Zulu. . .”

    Their burlesque stage names?

  5. Crustacean (in disguise) says:

    OK, I’m just gonna say it: I’m scared.

    I’d be running scared, but I can’t type and run at the same time. It’s obvious that the jig is up, and our usurperin’ ways have caught up with us. How arrogant of us Obots to think Birthers wouldn’t be smart enough to blow the lid off our conspiracy to destroy America! I mean, it was right there under Miki’s rifle all along: “Birther by Intelligence.” I realize now how true that is.

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m playing it safe: fake mustache, nose, and glasses, and VOILA! – I’m now just another crab in the crowd (or lobster, as far as you know… for the safety of my family I will not divulge that personal information).

    But Doc, I will make you this promise. When you and RC and Foggy are thrown into the slammer (I wish I could say “if” but, y’know…) I will BUST YOU OUT. So when you get a visit from an unfamiliar prawn (or something) who looks a little like Groucho Marx, offering up a cake to you with his little maxillipeds: take the cake. But whatever you do, don’t eat it (if you know what I mean, wink-wink).

    OK, done typing. It’s runnin’ time!

  6. Hey, I just typed what Manning said.

    Majority Will: “. . . released by Arpaya and Zulu. . .”

  7. Majority Will says:

    Soros is pissed. Evidently, we’re not coding our secret messages well enough. He says it’s time for Operation Ovaltine. I think every active Obot agent knows that was coming.

    Standby for your orders.

  8. Benji Franklin says:

    We’re dealing with Birther insanity here, Doc!

    Denial of reality is the essential sustaining aspect of continuing crazy initiatives.

    The Birthers are capable of announcing an ‘Ever man, woman, and child in America March on the White House’ and spending the months leading up to that date detailing how everyone who disagrees with them now will be GLORIOUSLY arrested, tried (maybe), convicted, and imprisoned, shot or hung soon after the revolution that spontaneously removes Obama on that celebratory day.

    But when only three of them show up for the rally, they won’t decide that they were wrong in their calculations about how completely they and their crazy accusations had been vindicated and joined by the entire non-Obot population of the United States of America! They will just marvel at the extent of the evil demonstrated by how completely Obama and his “thugs”, got to every citizen in the United States and intimidated them from attending, with special surprise reserved to explain why their three spouses had also chosen not to attend. Special surprise, because they had thought their spouses were beyond his dictating, treasonous, socialist, long-legged, lying, libertine reach.

    But, since what makes the Birther non-evident evidence irrefutable, is that unevidenced conclusary allegations always prevail in the minds of Obama’s accusers, over exonerating real evidence, it’s clear what happened; Obama got to their spouses!

  9. bovril says:

    C’est moi, je suis “Soros_BPO_Lead:”……

    And yes indeed I was in India, specifically New Delhi and as we speak I am in the Lufthansa lounge in Frankfurt. God awful 6 hour layer over before winging my way to Orlando.

    The meeting with the Bilderberg Council on Illuminati Sharia Commie Nazism, Committee of Birfoon Giggling kicks off in 20 minutes with a loud rendering of The Obot Song in Esperanto.

    I am happy to have Doc C confirm my IP location……8-)

    Vive La Mort….. Vive La Difference….. Vive Les Obots

  10. Lupin says:

    What about those of us who already live abroad? What does that make us? Chicken liver? 🙂

  11. Craig HS says:

    It makes us Fifth Columnists, spreadin’ the ursurpin’ overseas in preparation for the true World Order!

  12. Greenfinches says:

    Lupin: live abroad

    sssh, I am helping with the monarchical side of this, since Obama so much wants to be King (or so we have been assured). Where better to do this than in the land of Her Majesty??

  13. The European says:

    Will there be a horse gallopping on this Friday 14th, St. Valentines Day ? Or has freedom ended ?.

  14. JPotter says:

    What about those of us who already live abroad? What does that make us? Chicken liver?

    Future Heroes of the Revolution ;P

    Chicken liver? Da, Comrade, a fine proletarian meal! What would you rather be, bourgeois foie gras? I’d rather die a thousand deaths! 😉

  15. Crustacean says:

    The European: Will there be a horse gallopping on this Friday 14th, St. Valentines Day ? Or has freedom ended ?.

    Is that a reference to Carl Gallups and his Freedom Friday radio show? Ol’ Carl does seem to have an endless supply of horse manure, that’s for sure!

    I can’t wait to tune in tonight to hear just how shattered my universe will be come March.

    Or June. Or next autumn, or…

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