Brian Reilly answers commenter questions IV

Final Answers, Part IV

(Answers in bold italics.)

Dr. Conspiracy:

Shortly after you resigned from the CCP, they held their July 17, 2012, press conference at which they presented a fake race code table represented as from a 1961 vital statistics manual. Do you have any idea how the fake codes got from an obscure birther web site into the Posse’s “store of evidence”?

February 2013, letter to Sheriff Arpaio excerpts: “Since my resignation I have sent several emails to your attention and I have yet to receive a single reply from you or your office. I noticed that after I sent you the August 31, 2012, letter about what I believed to be erroneous conclusions regarding the numerical vital statistics data coding presented by Mike Zullo at the July 17, 2012, press conference, there has never been a mention of the coding again in press releases or affidavits by you or Mike Zullo. I have also noticed the absence from the investigation of Jerome Corsi. I would assume that Mr. Corsi provided the questionable data coding information…..The continued release of “teasing” remarks to the media that new information will soon be forthcoming is counter-productive….I humbly suggest that your investigation should be brought to a conclusion with a formal statement of findings….The investigation is quickly losing its credibility, which will ultimately have a negative impact on your base of supporters.”

As of March 18, 2014, I have never received a written reply by Sheriff Arpaio to any of my letters and emails since my resignation from the CCP on June 30, 2012.

In an appearance on the Tea Party Power Hour in mid June 2012, Zullo said that the Mafia regularly provided fake Hawaiian birth certificates to Japanese-born children. Were you aware of any evidence that Zullo had to support this claim, and that Hawaii was a hotbed of vital statistics fraud? Unknown He also said at an earlier time that he had examples of individuals born around the time of Obama whose births appeared in Honolulu newspaper birth announcements, but were not actually born in Hawaii. Did you see or know any evidence of this? Unknown

Did you hear the Verna K. Lee (Hawaii retired vital statistics clerk) interview recording? No Do you know for a fact that Zullo had heard it? Unknown

Did you have any involvement or knowledge of the testing of office machines to see if they could replicate the Obama birth certificate PDF? Involvement: No,

Knowledge: Only of the CCP copy machine testing DVD displayed to the public. you see or know about any actual Hawaiian birth certificates being used for testing? I didn’t see any Hawaiian birth certificate office machine testing take place while with the CCP.

What evidence?

RC, you took my quote out of context. The most important part of my quote that you omitted was:

“The more that people see that this “investigation” continues, in spite of Zullo’s and Gallup’s claimed evidence of a “100% forgery,” with NO action taken, the more people will hopefully wakeup to the political theater. In my opinion, the CCP has no legitimate “court ready” evidence other than the Verification of Birth from the Hawaii Department of Health, which they have apparently chosen to ignore since May of 2012.”
Again, it’s time to call the CCP’s bluff.


(Mr. Reilly, do you know who pays for the badges?)
Sheriff Arpaio swore me in and handed me the badge.

Dr. Conspiracy:
Oh, I don’t doubt that Zullo has evidence. He’s got his Verna K. Lee interview. He’s got his Reed Hayes report. His affidavit had 207 points on it. He’s got plenty of evidence, but so far it’s all crap, and a reasonable person might expect the rest of it to be crap. As long as has his evidence evades scrutiny, he can make it sound as great as he wants to the birthers.


This concludes my answers to your questions.  Thank you to all for the courtesy that you have shown me.  A special thank you to Mr. Davidson for allowing me to post openly about my opinions and my experiences. Many thanks to all.

Brian Reilly 

Afterword by Dr. Conspiracy

I want to thank Brian Reilly for the remarkable insights and personal story of his time inside the Cold Case Posse. I hope this provides some closure for him in this saga of good intentions gone wrong.

Even after all of this material, important facts from an evidentiary standpoint remain unanswered because Mike Zullo didn’t lay out the facts even to his own team. The Cold Case Posse has a remarkable lack of transparency and accountability.  And frankly, its claims to competence were pure BS.

I will add that I have also received some “off the record” material that I’m not going to talk about because it is private in nature, but it supports in some detail the date that Brian Reilly notified Zullo of his resignation.

I’m going to close comments on this final article, but feel free to leave comments on the prior ones. We don’t need the discussion fragmented any more than it is.

Here’s a photo of the Crown Vic courtesy of Brian.

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