Run, Orly Run: web site has problems

I was looking for polling results on the California Attorney General race—didn’t find any. Commentary I read says that Democratic incumbent Kamala D. Harris is a shoe in–no idea who will be #2. California has a “top-two” primary system, where all the candidates run together, and the top two, regardless of party, move on. In California it’s not unusual to have two Democrats facing each other in the general election.

Anyway, I came to the Ballotpedia web site entry for the 2014 California AG contest, which links to Orly Taitz’ campaign web site. Her site is a WordPress blog with a nice header graphic featuring the Golden Gate Bridge, and Orly’s smiling face. The articles have a named author, in this case Chito Papa, a Florida “computer guy” that testified for her in the Farrar case in Atlanta.

Benign neglect

Whoever is running the site isn’t all that concerned about its appearance, evidenced by this leftover on the front page:


Also on the Orly Gear page, there is a month-old inquiry from a KFBK  staffer asking for an Orly Taitz’ photo for their candidates page at There is no reply on Orly’s web site, and the KFBK page now has that really goofy Washington Post photo by Jonathan Alcorn.

No one expects…

The Orly Taitz Super PAC put up a message a few weeks back that they had moved to a new and faster server. It seemed to have worked as I got about 3 second response on that home page. They have a new short article up complaining about the Los Angeles Times ignoring Taitz.

Battle of the bumper stickers

The official Orly Gear page has a bunch of different bumper stickers that you can order from The Orly Taitz Super PAC is also offering bumper stickers from the same company, only just a single design. Both competing web sites are charging the same $4.95 for a standard-sized sticker, so neither is making any money off them. Orly says that a t=shirt is coming soon, but they better hurry because the race is likely to be over in 11 days.

Independent reporting

I came across an independent progressive web site covering the California AG race, that had some comical things to say about Taitz.

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11 Responses to Run, Orly Run: web site has problems

  1. Bonsall Obot says:

    I suspect the same shadowy forces who tampered with her car and gave her that haircut have seized control of her website. RICO charges are in order.

  2. Birther Weary says:

    Orly is very lucky she married money, because left to her own devices she’d be camping out in a packing crate near the freeway.

  3. RanTalbott says:

    That bus looks like the forerunner of the Guild Navigator’s capsule in Dune. It’s too bad they didn’t show the next couple frames, of her walking out of that unearthly glow, hand-in-hand with a pair of Greys…

    I wonder if anyone tried to explain to her that, when you’re running for chief law enforcement officer of a state, you probably don’t want your campaign associated with an image of a bus parked diagonally across a highway, looking like it was abandoned by a drunk joyrider.

  4. RanTalbott says:

    The SD Free Press coments on Orly didn’t strike me as especially”comical”, but the picture at the bottom of the page, of the kitten using the Force to levitate his sister, is worth the visit. I might make it the wallpaper on my netbook 😉

  5. justlw says:

    shoo-in“, if you please.

    A “shoe-in” was one of those ’60s things where everyone sat around and smoked footwear.

    Mr. Language Chihuahua

  6. RanTalbott says:

    justlw: “shoo-in“, if you please

    Yes, the careless substitution of homonyms (and near-homonyms) is a growing problem in our post-literate society, and you have definitely honed in on it…

  7. bovril says:

    Giving someone a “good shoe-ing” is slang from the north of England, parts of Scotland saying that someone has been given a sound kicking in a fight.

    A little in the manner of an Obot engaging a Birfoon outside of the constraints of their little echo chamber.

  8. Lupin says:

    Birther Weary: because left to her own devices she’d be camping out in a packing crate near the freeway.

    What? She had a parking crate????


  9. Keith says:

    Lupin: What? She had a parking crate????



  10. The Magic M (not logged in) says:

    justlw: A “shoe-in” was one of those ’60s things where everyone sat around and smoked footwear.

    “I can lay whole cities to ruin
    And still have time to get a soft shoe in”
    (The demon Sweet, “Buffy – Once more with feeling”)

  11. Lupin says:

    Keith: Lugsherie!

    I would have killed to have had a packing crate. We only had twinkie wrappers for shelter!

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