Hagmann demands apology from Conservative media

I’ve only mentioned Douglas J. and Joe Hagmann a couple of times in the context of an birther interview they aired on their nightly Internet program on BlogTalkRadio, the Hagmann & Hagmann Report and their “Northeast Intelligence Network.” The father and son duo describe themselves as career investigators.

I don’t know which Hagmann is speaking in a new YouTube Audio  featured at Birther Report. But after listening to some of it, I wanted very much to write this article so that the previous article will scroll down from the top of the blog.

Hagmann demands an apology from the Conservative media for ignoring the birthers, now that they have been shown to be right all along. 😯 Well no, I don’t know how and where they have been proven right. Hagmann primarily engages in the birther gambit of burden shifting, claiming that no one can prove to his satisfaction the details of Barack Obama / Barry Soetoro’s biography. He reiterates that no one knows who Barack Obama is, although Hagmann is sure he’s a Muslim/Communist/Marxist, and defends that clashing list. Hagmann doesn’t know because he refuses to look at the excellent biographical material available.

Hagmann has some notion that Obama’s education was funded by the Saudi Finance Minister, the evidence for which he says consists of some bread crumbs. He asks the leading question: how could some one like Obama have gotten into an elite school without a backer? (I think that was a crumb.)

So the meat of this article, such as it is, addresses that question. The simple answer to the question of how Obama got into elite colleges is that he went to an elite high school, Punahou Academy. The Wall Street Journal listed Punahou Academy as one of the top feeder schools for the most selective colleges and universities in the nation. How did he pay for it? Financial aid and student loans.

How did Obama afford to go to that very elite private high school? That has a simple answer too: financial aid and the sacrifices of his grandparents.

The Conservative media has a lot of things to apologize for, but dissing the birthers is not one of them.

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7 Responses to Hagmann demands apology from Conservative media

  1. Thinker says:

    Ah, yes. The wingnut obsession with Harvard University. As a longtime (though now former) Cambridge resident, I have known a lot of Harvard students. Most of them come from unremarkable backgrounds, just like Barack and Michelle Obama, Ted Cruz, and Wendy Davis did. I knew a handful of people who were, IMO, unqualified, and were there (I suspected) mostly because of their parents’ connections. But, like most of the country, most of the students at Harvard are average people. They don’t become ‘elites’ until they leave Harvard. LOL.

  2. RanTalbott says:

    I listened to a few snippets from it, and it reminded me of the sort of movie scene where one drunk in a bar complains to another about his witch of an ex-wife. It even sounded like his speech was a little slurred.

    If I were a conspiracy theorist, I’d be tempted to say that BR has decided that the grift has run its course, and is now taking revenge for putting up with the birthers’ nastiness by making them look pathetic.

  3. Notorial Dissent says:

    So they’re “career investigators”, does that mean they are still trying to find a career or job, since this would seem to indicate their lack of same.

  4. Lupin says:

    If they’re “career investigators” I’m an award-winning tuba player.

  5. Curious George says:

    “Don’t tell me that there’s documentation……”

    1. Hawaii long form Obama birth certificate information.
    2. As verified by the certified Hawaii Department of Health Verification of Birth for Barack Hussein Obama II.

    Then there’s the Mike Volin “Sheriff’s Kits” with the laughable, hearsay affidavit of Mike Zullo of the all volunteer, non-profit, non-law enforcement Cold Case Posse.

    Yes, there’s lots of documentation out there for Birthers to peruse. But, for whatever reason, they are always drawn to the documentation that supports their rabid Birther narrative.

  6. Jody says:

    I don’t know if this was a factor, but Obama might have had some help getting into Harvard on the basis of being a legacy candidate since his father also attended Harvard.

  7. The Magic M says:

    Curious George: As verified by the certified Hawaii Department of Health Verification of Birth for Barack Hussein Obama II.

    Even if they had incontrovertible proof (even by their standards) that the BC is legit, they simply would claim the man in the White House isn’t the man who was born in 1961 as Barack Obama and that they need DNA evidence and fingerprints and whatnot (not that any DNA sample was taken in 1961 and added to the BC, not that this is done today anywhere in the world).
    Because a conspiracy belief never stops. Flat Earthers aren’t deterred by the fact they don’t fall off any edge no matter how hard they try, either.

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