Where was the “birther vote”?

I have always had doubts about birther poll numbers and found it hard to believe that there are as many birthers as the numbers suggest. I am part of the 25% of Americans who believe that people respond to polls saying Obama is ineligible just for spite and not because they believe it.

I find confirmation for my doubts in the California Attorney General election results. I’m working from two assumptions: 1) almost every birther knows who Orly Taitz is and 2) almost everybody knew that Kamala Harris was going to win big.

If Obama’s eligibility is a big deal, then it seems to me that a significant number of voters would vote for Taitz as a symbolic gesture against Barack Obama. On the other hand, no one in their right mind would vote for Taitz because they think she would make a good attorney general. Indeed, the 3.1% for Taitz may just be the Schadenfreude vote. So at least in California, we can put the birther vote somewhere less than 3.1%, far below polling numbers for birthers.

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8 Responses to Where was the “birther vote”?

  1. alg says:

    I don’t think birthers know how to vote. They think that signing up for an “intense debate” account is the same thing as registering to vote and clicking the “thumbs up” sign at Birther Report is how democracy works.

  2. Bob says:

    Birthers don’t vote; they’re are too paranoid to even register. It would mean giving the government information. Their contribution to democracy is insulting Liberals and grousing about RINOs on obscure websites.

  3. Thinker says:

    Even birthers don’t vote for Orly Taitz. Seriously, if you were in favor of a cause that Orly Taitz supported, would you want her to be identified with it? I wouldn’t. Her association with anything automatically turns that thing into a joke. Nobody will take it seriously after Orly Taitz has taken it up. If I were a birther, I’d be on the Dean Haskins ‘Orly Taitz is bad for the movement’ side.

  4. I’m very proud to announce that not a single person in North Carolina voted for Orly Taitz. 😀

  5. Benji Franklin says:

    Karl Gall Oops!:”We’re back here, Listeners, on our ‘Wah-wah-wah Wednesday’ program, and we’ve got Horly Traits on the phone. Now, this is a rare treat because I’m not out of mustard and I don’t need to vomit. Horly, we have to say, well…… you lost your primary race for state Attorney General by a ton …tell us…. where do you go from here….. you’re ALREADY in DizzyLand … any plans to hook up again with Chucky-Linc or kill yourself?”

    Horly Traitz:”No, Karl, I in fact won my primary yesterday in a landslide – there has been massive voter fraud – the truck that rear-ended me was full of illegals who all voted against me – I’m appealing this all the way to the Hague – and I want your listeners to know that you took their money and bought…….”

    Karl Gall Oops!:”Golly, Listeners, I’m having trouble hearing Horly….”

    Horly Traitz:”LET ME FEEENISH!!!! He bought diamond encrusted dangling fat-dice for his car’s rear view mir….”

    Karl Gall Oops!:”Jeez! Mike Zoo Low must have worn out the on-air cut-off switch during that program when all those real law enforcement people were trying to call in and embarrass us and disrespect the Founders and offend God.”

    Horly Traitz:”LET ME FEEENISH!!!! People, Karl and Zoo Loaf are just writing a book! They don’t have any evidence of Obama doing anything…..”

    Karl Gall Oops! (shouting over Horly’s voice ):”HEY NOW! HEY NOW! Youza! Youza! Clapitty Trap! Clackity Crap! ” (sound goes dead for 30 seconds)

    Karl Gall Oops!(audio returns with the sound of a toilet flushing):”Okay, Listeners, we’re back in the main studio – sorry we lost Horly – and I apologize if I got too loud there momentarily, but then, we ARE in the FINAL DAYS! By the way, before she’ll never be back on this program again, Horly asked me to let you know that she lost her primary yesterday. Big surprise, yeah? I mean, really, Horly’s elections are over before they start. Let’s just say she’s never going to need to call a doctor about having an election lasting over four hours! I would, however, like to extend my sympathies to her by saying that I think in God’s eyes, she’s probably what the Bible calls, a ‘harlot’.

    Well, THAT’s our election Special! So long everybody!”

  6. Fred Flintstone says:

    Doc, I think a better question is this – WILL ORLY TAITZ REVEAL THE SOURCES OF HER FUNDING AND FILE AN ACCURATE CAMPAIGN EXPENDITURE REPORT? She has the nerve to ask the Mississippi seated senator to step down to “save GOP money” when she herself ran as an independent AND THAT DISQUALIFIES her from her stupid observations about the GOP. She’s a WINO – A whackjob in name of Orly.

  7. bgansel9 says:

    Fred Flintstone: She’s a WINO – A whackjob in name of Orly.

    Oh no, I’m sorry but she is a 100% genuine, completely authentic whack job.

    ETA: Oh, nevermind, I see what you did there.

  8. The Magic M (not logged in) says:

    I’m working from two assumptions: 1) almost every birther knows who Orly Taitz is

    That may be incorrect (I don’t know how many people believe stuff like “born in Kenya” without ever having scoured the intertubes for details).

    Another possible explanation for the difference is that Orly seems to be a fringe figure even among the birthers – her followers have never been many, the WND and BR crowd mostly consider her incompetent at best and an Obot shill at worst, and she never explained how electing her AG would make any difference on the birther legal battlefield.

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