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You may have noticed something like this in my site’s Twitter feed (right sidebar):


It’s there because a spammer used the #birther hash tag. What I do when I see one of those is to click on the time link (“about 2 hours ago” in the sample) and then click the “… More” link on the page that appears. I select “Block or Report” and mark it as spam. I suppose you have to have a Twitter account to do that.

Behaviors that constitute "spamming" on Twitter will continue to evolve.

— Twitter Help Center

Also, I’ve started getting a wave of spam user registrations. As far as I can tell, they are just trying to get me to click on the links of these folks from the registration, because they never actually try to post any messages. Spam is such a royal pain.

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3 Responses to Tweet spam

  1. Dave B. says:

    I reckon this ain’t as easy as you make it look, Doc.

  2. The Akismet WordPress plug is highly effective at sorting out comment spam. Since I installed it, it has caught 145,136 spam comments. If it weren’t for that tool, I would have to moderate all comments, and that would indeed be time consuming. Remarkably, my other blog, Blog or Die, which has few visitors, and few legitimate comments, racked up 516,335 516,336 spams.

    I also have a plug-in to block registration spam, but it is proving less and less effective over time.

    Dave B.: I reckon this ain’t as easy as you make it look, Doc.

  3. Keith (not logged on) says:

    Speaking of working on moderating- sorry for the comment requiring moderation the other day. As soon as I hit enter I realised it was gonna be a problem. I promise not to do it again ( until the next time).

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