Are you being served scrubbed?


I don’t know what’s happening, but access to older Birther Report material is deteriorating rapidly.

I entered “gallups” at Google and got only 15 results, all fairly recent.

What about Birther Report’s internal search?


I entered “zullo” and got 32 hits, all from November or December of 2014 (talk about fixation on Zullo). I think the were talking about Zullo before then.

So is Birther Report madly scrubbing content or something? That’s an interesting question. When you go to their home page, you can click “Load More” a few times, but that stops working on November 22, 2014.


Are the pages gone, or just the scrolling and the search? I went back to one of my old articles from 2003 that links to Birther Report, and this is what I get:


Other links give the same results.

It looks like Google’s cache of old BR pages is evaporating, but some remain, for example (click image for cached version):


That leaves one with the non-searchable content at the Wayback Machine, but even that is spotty for some time periods. Going back to my 2013 article linking to BR, we do find an archived version (which I’ll put in my article), but that March 2013 Google cache result preceding is not archived.

One trick with the Wayback Machine is to list all the archived pages within a month. You could enter a query like this to get all BR archives listed for March 2013, for example.*/*

or for the year with*/*

Another way to get to Birther Report content is through their old domain,

There are comments from BirtherReport suggesting some kind of a problem 6 and 4 weeks ago that is being “worked through.” Birther Report has always been a mess, with links to articles from Intense Debate that don’t work. Now it’s a disaster.

[Update: both the BirtherReport and ObamaReleaseYourRecords websites no longer exist.]

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3 Responses to Are you being served scrubbed?

  1. gorefan says:

    Searching Obama Release Your Records for Zullo, you can find what must be the very first mention of him by ORYR.

    The comments are hilarious because they sound like they could have been written today instead of three years ago.

  2. ahelpfulhand says:

    “my old article from 2013”

    Thanks for the updates. It does not surprise me with the site. It is a kind to the argument used by those who refuse to believe the truth.

  3. Joey says:

    Gerbils are known to have a very short attention span.

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