Sheriff Joe begs for money to defend reputation


… dangerous criminals, drug cartels and illegal aliens threaten the lives of Americans every day. But because Sheriff Joe just wants to enforce the law…he’s the extreme one. 

… Your donation will go towards defending Sheriff Joe’s record on television and print media.

That’s the pitch in a new email sent to potential donors by Citizens for Sheriff Joe.

If you click on the Donate image above, you end up on a page that looks like this:



Note the web site: is just a parked domain at GoDaddy.


The address of the group is that of Coleman Dahm & Associates, a political consulting firm (client list).

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10 Responses to Sheriff Joe begs for money to defend reputation

  1. Faceman says:

    And yet, he has the money to buy an ad in Times Square.

  2. It’s blank.

  3. alg says:

    Sheriff Joe still has a reputation?!?

  4. Bob says:

    “Fortunately, no public money was spent on this super bowl of ego, according to Arpaio’s press release — which is appropriately printed over an 8×10 (inches this time, mercifully) picture of Arpaio. The press release says the billboard was paid for by a friend of Arpaio’s who owns Branded Cities Network. That would be developer Steve Ellman, according to Arizona Corporation Commission records.”

  5. Birther Weary says:

    I clicked the link and saw ……….. nothing.

  6. RanTalbott says:

    Note the web site: is just a parked domain at GoDaddy.

    With an anonymous registration. Always a confidence-builder.

    You left out some important stuff from the donations page:

    Contributions or gifts to Citizens for Sheriff Joe are not tax deductible. Personal and corporate contributions are accepted.


    Paid for by Citizens for Sheriff Joe. Not authorized by any candidate or any candidate’s campaign committee.*

    So, we have an anonymous for-profit group which, according to a google search, exists only as a virtual social group on “” (a website I’ve never heard of before), asking people for their personal info and bank account or credit card numbers. What could possibly go wrong?

    Anyone making donations should probably check first to make sure that their banks statement processing software can properly render payee names in Cyrillic and/or Guobiao character sets. It may be useful later.

    * This disclaimer tells me that you should probably not have “Sheriff Joe” as the subject of the sentence in the article title.

  7. Crustacean says:

    If there were a “middle finger” contribution level, I’d be happy to give Citizens for Sheriff Joe exactly what they deserve. Heck, I’d give twice. Double-guns for the Most Corrupt Sheriff in America.

  8. And, blank.

    Nancy R Owens:
    It’s blank.

  9. Jim says:

    “The address of the group is that of Coleman Dahm & Associates, a political consulting firm (client list).”

    You sure this isn’t Zullo’s latest con? Birther bucks are drying up.

  10. Sef says:

    Do they accept Iraqi Dinars? I can send him some money after the currency reset.

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