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Archive | February, 2015

Is there a leak in the Cold Case Posse?

We’re going to stop leaking stuff because stuff is being leaked!

This from Bob via The Fogbow:

Zullo update [from Gallups]: Both Zullo — and Arpaio — say that the “conference” is “forthcoming.”
No new information because there were “concerns” about leaks in the CCP.

Commenters at The Fogbow express obvious bewilderment over how a group of one has a leak, but certainly Mike Zullo can do the leaking of 10 men.

imageConsider his amazing leak that someone had traced something to an organization with a DARPA artificial intelligence project! That compromised the entire birther IP harvesting project, and put all the DARPA folks, who wouldn’t have clue that they need to hide their IP addresses, on alert that they need to up their game. Now we’re all running Tor from an encrypted drive.

Consider the stunning revelation that the Cold Case Posse had discounted proof that the Obama long form birth certificate was consistent with a document scanned by a Xerox WorkCentre 7655. Obots could have remained complacent and oblivious to this development until Zullo was ready to shoot the theory down. Now they can work on alternatives.

It is abundantly clear that Zullo has taken the appropriate action to stem leaks from the Cold Case Posse by shutting himself up.

</snarky part>

This sounds like just one more excuse for having nothing from Mike Zullo.  If there are leaks from the Cold Case Posse (beyond what Zullo and Gallups say on the radio), they don’t get to me. Whether I believe it or not, at least Gallups and some of the birthers do. Here is part of a comment from AmazingGrace6 at Birther Report about an hour ago:

This will get bumpy–I am good with that because the enemy must be stripped of all credibility. I don’t believe Gallups would have said this today without the conferences being imminent. Keep praying because the safety of those involved with the reveal are truly in danger. And when this finally happens savor each minute. We have been right about him being a fraud.

Even Falcon at BR who made this comment on the 17th:

Here’s where I’m at – I don’t care about Carl Gallups and his boring Freedom Fridays. No one else cares, at all. We want action. If you and Gallups are going to dick around – [expletive redacted] you.

Seemed to come back into the fold:

Gallups: “Sheriff Arpaio & Mike Zullo Are Saying Investigation Press Conference Forthcoming”

No sense announcing it – unless you want to see Breitbart, in the afterlife.

God Speed, Gents.


Taitz judge issues injunction against Obama immigration policy

In a lawsuit filed by 26 states against the Obama administration’s immigration reform initiative, federal district judge Andrew S. Hanen in Brownsville, Texas, issued a preliminary injunction blocking the program.

The Obama Administration announced that it would comply with the injunction, and appeal.

This is the same judge hearing a case by Orly Taitz, also about immigration. She’s having problems with standing. The states do not (maybe).

Read more:


The Brian Reilly resignation letter

I have said on several occasions that I had read Brian Reilly’s letter of resignation from the Cold Case Posse. I never shared the letter because it was provided “off the record.” I take such confidences seriously, and so I publish it now only with Brian Reilly’s permission. Here is the PDF, exactly as Mr. Reilly sent it to me.

Mike Zullo’s sometime spokesperson Carl Gallups said on his Freedom Friday program last November, and on the Internet, that Brian Reilly was fired by Zullo. Zullo himself seems to contradict this in interviews with Mark Gillar and Peter Boyles, but nevertheless the consensus among the birthers is that Reilly was indeed fired. It was published on the Surprise Arizona Tea Party Patriots site, for example, and Falcon from Birther Report made two comments just this past week:

Brian Reilly was under a previous or current criminal investigation. He failed to disclose that to Zullo who fired him.

Reilly never disclosed to anyone his current / previous history – that was discovered outside of his CCP involvement.

Falcon explains the source for that comment in this post at Conservative Victory News aka Navy Gentlemen:

I can’t tell you everything, but I had an encounter in the last few days with a person in the CCP – online. Not nice. Could have sparked it all. Brutal. And it’s online and in my comment stream. Check it. Look around page 9/10 due to new comments it could change.

Zullo himself made a similar statement, according to a transcript on the PPSIMMONS web site:

PPSN: In your opinion, did Mr. Reilly make any other false claims in the interview, or leave out any other important information pertinent to the interview?

ZULLO: Absolutely. Mr. Reilly also failed to mention that he was a fired former volunteer law-enforcement officer.

Birthers later came up with a different story, that Zullo didn’t fire Reilly, but asked him to stay on because he was a loose canon and unreliable. Yeah, that didn’t make any sense to me either.

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Grab your screen shots at BR quick

Some rapid scrubbing is going on at Gerbil Report™ on the thread where Falcon claims I don’t know who he is.

First there is the fake “Joe Mannix.” Look closely at these two Intense Debate profiles (in particular the URL):



The second one posted 6 comments, the first 15 weeks ago and, it would appear, the last 3 weeks ago; however, there are some deleted comments in the last 24 hours that link to this second profile if you click on the Icon. (There are actually four accounts who comment as Joe Mannix at Gerbil Report™.) I didn’t get there in time to see what they were. Here’s one. The image following  links to the Intense Debate Profile.


Then there is a gone comment from the esteemed Gerbil★FALCON★. I have a guess as to who this commenter is, but it is only a guess.


However as of this moment, there is another comment by Sluffy1, someone that Falcon has attacked in the past. This comment has a big reveal about Falcon’s identity. To get to this part of the page, locate the second message containing “Reilly” and then expand the comments and scroll down. This one is too hot for me to publish. The reveal is the image. This is the accompanying text:

He may or may not have any of your information but I’d bet he does.
I do. I’ve had it ever since you threatened me.
31 weeks ago @ Birther Report: Obama … – O’Reilly Busted: Lice… · 0 replies · 1 points

★FALCON★139p · 19 hours ago
I already have your information, pictures, address, and ramblings of the insane that you blithered all over the net.

It wasn’t that hard to find, your innate hubris made it rather simple. I knew you were “Fibbing” (since you never lie) about having my information since I’ve posted on only 2 sites, this being one of them, post it, you have my permission.

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