I just ran a query with Google to see if perhaps the birthers have found the secret DARPA web site. It appears not. Maybe they don’t know about .onion sites. Nevertheless, while looking at the search results I found:

  • The other explanation is the JPG format was developed by DARPA to mask image modifications in order to support the big gun grab only to have it revealed by a random guy who doesn’t know the first thing about digital image processing. – charles_w
  • Those working in DARPA and other government agencies that have been posting for years running interference for Obama on the web, think they are anonymous. Faggy is chump change and a wannabe. – William
  • DARPA, Apparently worried….. They know that WE know, and so will the rest of the world. It’s not a matter of IF, its only a matter of When…. And that when is now. – William
  • I got DarpaMonitor_52 on my six… – charlesmountain
  • Butterdezillion computer hit by DARPA in the last few minutes – on / off / on / off. Five times. – Falcon
  • So far, DARPA hasn’t impressed me with their subtlety. – SirenDrake
  • DARPA is using BirtherReport as a Quick Reference Guide — to find material DARPA wishes to scrub (remove) from the Web.I don’t know if DARPA attacks sites manually or automatically, but whatever they’re doing, it’s getting material removed……. in less than 30 minutes. – Barry Soetoro, ESQ
  • In late 2013 following more than two years of investigation into the birth certificate image, Zullo revealed that several “Obots” are employed by DARPA1, a division of the Department of Defense.  DARPA works in the areas of psychological warfare and robotics. – Birther Report article, Feb. 2015
  • Just because I question those who have this undying faith in Sheriff Arpaio, does not make me a Darpa. – Mike
  • It’s time we file a complaint with DARPA Customer Service. Their Obots: ScottKB; Dr Cornhole; Foggy Fogbow……… are of the lowest quality, fooling nobody. – Barry Soetoro, ESQ
  • B/c DARPA invested 6 months into building screen ID ScottKB. And they’re sore losers. And they’re still bitter we outed him, causing him to flee this forum. And DARPA thinks it can rehabilitate that screen name. – Barry Soetoro, ESQ
  • Another day nearly gone and AKA Obama and his DARPA-enhanced criminal regime are still not indicted for crimes against the citizens of the U.S.A. – Hoosier_Daddy
  • LOL – I was right, DARPA does have a brain scrambling machine. – Falcon
  • While I’m not surprised that agencies of the Regime (eg DARPA) would resort to traditional National Socialist methods, I’m surprised they’re so obvious and clumsy on a public forum. – Barry Soetoro, ESQ
  • DARPA operatives will be exposed and, where appropriate, prosecuted under US law.– Barry Soetoro, ESQ
  • Yeah we get it, everyone except you [BSE} and Falcon is DARPA. – LogicalPatriot

Those selected from  list of 812.

1This is another example of birthers hearing Zullo say something that he didn’t say. Zullo traced something to organizations that had DARPA contracts, not to DARPA employees.

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8 Responses to DARPA @ BR

  1. Krosis says:

    I wonder, will the sinister nature and the wide-reaching powers of DARPA become a part of the general conspiratoid lore, sort of like FEMA camps have? If so, this will be a long-lasting inadvertent contribution by Zullo and the CCCP to the world.

  2. Andrew Vrba, PmG says:

    Oh, right. The FEMA “death camps”. I remember when that was one of the more active birther theories. It seemed to peter out eventually.

  3. Sluffy1 says:

    Andrew Vrba, PmG: Oh, right. The FEMA “death camps”.

    Yes, where the Boxcars full of Guillotines were headed and the where you’d get Veri-Chipped so the Death Panels could make the decision of when to pull your plug.

    I’m surprised the was no mention of having to Snarful the Garthok,

  4. I can’t count the number of times I have been accused by Birthers of working for DARPA. Of course Zullo never said that. They just assumed that since Zullo said the words Obot and Darpa in the same five minutes that is what he meant. The only time before I had even ever heard of DARPA is that I seem to recall that ARPANet was a precursor to the Internet.

    I will give you a true story though. I was recruited to work for the CIA when I was in college. They hired co-op students from the school where I attended and another one of their co-ops said they wanted to talk to me. I had other plans though. The CIA co-op and I were the top students in our class.

  5. Andrew Vrba, PmG says:

    Then there’s the “Fundamental Transformation of America” meme that birthers and other assorted RWNJs cry about, constantly. I don’t think they’re intelligent enough to understand five dollar words like “Fundamental” or “Transformation”, and they sure as hell don’t understand the meaning of “America”.

  6. Slartibartfast says:

    If you do have to Snarful the Garthok, just remember…

    Sometimes I feel I’ve got to
    Run away, I’ve got to
    Get away from the pain you drive into the heart of me
    The love we share
    Seems to go nowhere
    And I’ve lost my light
    For I toss and turn, I can’t sleep at night

    Sluffy1: Yes, where the Boxcars full of Guillotines were headed and the where you’d get Veri-Chipped so the Death Panels could make the decision of when to pull your plug.

    I’m surprised the was no mention of having to Snarful the Garthok,

  7. Woodrowfan says:

    Yesterday Upon the stair
    I saw a man who was not there
    I saw him there again today
    I think he’s from the CIA

  8. ellen says:

    Smrstrauss tells me to ask for any help possible over at:


    He says that he has been blocked on that site and cannot reply himself.

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