Birth certificate producer confesses?

So far I haven’t been persuaded to subscribe to the Post & Email web site, but on occasion one of their articles is reprinted, in this case on a Facebook page. The article quotes what Sharon Rondeau describes as an email  “threat” received in November of 2013:

Sender: Redacted [by the P&E]

Subject: Please stop what you’re doing.

Message Body: I’m an IT professional that became involved in the Obama presidential campaign, first as a staffer, then as a personal assistant in 2007-2008. I was personally requested to help with the Obama campaign’s web design and editing of documents related to that. I was on the team that converted the presidents birth certificate into digital formats. The reason I’m writing is that I’ve been getting a lot of harassing messages from so-called “birthers” regarding my involvement with Obama ..I’m not sure whether you’re the person who released my contact info but I’m sure you probably know who did it. I’m going to ask one time and one time only: Take my information down. You have no right to do what you’re doing. You can tell the people accusing me of “forging birth certificates” that the law is on MY SIDE. I don’t think you realize just who you’re messing with and the vast amount of trouble you can get into. I’ve heard serious talk of federal charges being brought on Arpaio and a few others who are messing around outside their jurisdiction regarding this matter. You’re biting off way more than you can chew and I’d seriously reconsider the path you’re on, because it’s not going to end well for anyone who proclaims to be a “birther” … We will bankrupt each and every one of you in court if you keep doing what you’re doing. You need to cease and desist. NOW. If you don’t take heed to my warning, you will certainly be compelled to do so by some very powerful judges soon. I recommend for your financial security that you back off — I highly doubt you can afford lawyers as good as we have.

P&E editor Sharon Rondeau responded that she hasn’t published any personal information about this person and cites a policy against such things about private persons in general. There are more emails in the Facebook exchange , and Rondeau says she forwarded them to her lawyer and the FBI. Since the sender name is redacted, I don’t know how much she has to go on.

The basic flaw in the story is that no one has released any contact information for this alleged White House staffer. If it had happened, we would know. It strikes me as similar to some of the prank messages received by Orly Taitz, such as the one from “Virgil Bird” claiming that Mississippi federal judge Wingate had an inappropriate conversation about her case.

The Facebook writer heads this whole thing with “This is how BARRY AND HIS FRIENDS WORK~~~.” I have my doubts that this is an Obot prank, and think it more likely to be a birther creation based on this caricature of an Obama supporter in the second email:

We support our president 100% and will do anything we have to to protect him. (and I mean ANYTHING).

Whatever the source, what we have here provides no information about anything beyond the existence of Internet pranksters.

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6 Responses to Birth certificate producer confesses?

  1. GreatGrey says:

    Hee, sounds like one of Jimbot’s masterpieces.

    Although by 2013 he had retired as White House counsel and headed to Monte Carlo.

  2. Andrew Vrba, PmG says:

    Obots are much better at impersonating birthers, than the other way around.

  3. Bernard Sussman says:

    IF Obama’s b/c was forged, it wasn’t done by anyone hired as late as 2007.

    Obama had a US passport at least 30 years earlier, and he would have had to show proof of US citizenship to get it. And if that proof were a b/c or something other than a b/c (and there’s be damn few alternatives – I know, I was working in the Passport Office in the early 1970s when all the evidence for citizenship was tightened up), the passport application would clearly say what he used.

    If he used, say, a Naturalization certificate 30 years ago, his passport application would say so, and it could still be found in State Dept files.

  4. Notorial Dissent says:

    The thing is, that Rharon is dumb enough, and deep enough in the conspiracy doo doo that she will believe just about anything that validates her fantasy life as an investigative reporter and martyr to her cause. In other words, she is dumbern’ a rock and twice as proud of it.

    Which, of course, is why she and Orly are such prime candidates and targets for the kind of punking they are routinely subjected to, their critical judgment functions are totally off line, so they’ll fall for anything that plays to their stupidity and ignorance, both of which they each have in abundance.

  5. That poor woman. She must have been terrified. No wonder she stopped peddling her outrageous disgusting lies about President Obama in November 2013.

    Oh, wait …

    She also claimed I blackmailed her, but sadly I forgot to demand that she do anything …

  6. RanTalbott says:

    I was on the team that converted the presidents birth certificate into digital formats.

    So, was he the team member who pushed the “scan to email” button on the 7655? Or the one who had to click the “rotate” button because the other team member scanned it upside-down?

    I guess the campaign staff must’ve been unionized if they were only allowed to operate one kind of machine…

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