More funnies from the Obama Conspiracy Theories mailbag

Hi Doug, Have you had any success with your misprision of felony applications? Have the courts even responded? I would like to put in one of these applications because a town hall committed felonies against me. Would you have instructions on how to file the misprision of felony application? Thanks so much!! Rob

I forwarded it.

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  1. RanTalbott says:

    I forwarded it.

    Now that is what I’d call “Chucking the knife into a power drill to twist it” 😈

  2. Benji Franklin says:

    Here’s a funny from the ORYR/BirtherReport failbag!

    Recalling that the political fund-raising activity disguised as a sham Obama document fraud investigation by Sheriff Joe’s Cold Case Posse, was initiated in late August of 2011, ALMOST FOUR YEARS AGO, Arpaio and Zullo started their ‘secrecy-stall’ immediately, and there unfolded a series of endlessly repeated excuses for not making any measurable headway with the ‘case’, most often uttered by Gallups and Zullo.

    Various of the Birther faithful started to lose faith, as any sane person also would, so the stock excuses were restarted and advertised in cosmetically different contexts to create the illusion that there WAS progress where there was ABSOLUTELY NONE, or that there EXCITINGLY soon WOULD be progress, packaged in a series of tantalizing prospects that never eventuated but in fact usually materialized only as Birther Reality setbacks! Like the expectation of a Steve Stockman pushed full Congressional Investigation of Obama crimes that wilted into his disappearance from Congress!

    After over a year and a half of this scammy stall, Gallups and Zullo must have sensed a Birther mutiny was drawing nigh, so they, you may remember, started the practice of excusing their failure to move the investigation forward by claiming that they had just uncovered NEW Criminal charges which needed to be ‘vetted’ before they could proceed with pursuing Obama!

    The day-to-day extent of 3 and a half YEARS of this kind of scamming is impossible for EITHER Birthers OR Obots to come to grips with – it must torture the true-believers even more than it boggles and perversely delights the sane mind.

    But I found an “article” (mostly accompanying comments) published by Obama Release Your Records on April 5th, 2011 OVER 2 YEARS ago, that is by itself a richly funny exposition of the Birther CCP Rollercoaster descent into Birther Hell. It headlines the day Zullo on Gallups radio show, first trotted out the ‘New Criminal Dark Turn’ excuse for doing nothing!

    The comments stream, featuring a hopeful, cheer-leading Falcon for a while (before he disappears as it becomes obvious that the Zullo stall is continuing) are hilarious, as the Gallups program begins and starts to disappoint some regulars MORE AND MORE! Because it sounds like what Birthers are still being fed, you have trouble remembering that their expressions of last-straw impatience were written OVER TWO YEARS AGO and they are being fed the same lame crap STILL today!

    Jason has many posts mingled in, challenging anybody to state a single informational difference between the Hawaii-confirmed White House BC posting and the short form published previously. No Birther can respond accordingly!

    Don’t skip any of the replies! It’s a hoot! We know intellectually that this the exploited-Birther reality, but the comedy/tragedy spectacle of Birther pathos which the comment-stream from that particular day, drives home, provides many, many rewarding guffaw moments for those of us who are standing guard in the face of these persistent nut bags.

    See and or listen at

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