Obama Conspiracy Theories: The posthumous articles

I have been pondering some end of life topics the last few days. I suppose that there will be birthers longer than there will be me, but I am resolved to stop publishing new articles on this blog whenever the next president takes office in January of 2017. The blog is destined to remain as a historical artifact for the curious in future generations. Towards that end I am slowly working through the 800 (it was more than I thought) broken hyperlinks on the blog.

There are some things about the blog that I want to disclose for historical purposes, and I think the “end of blog” time frame is appropriate for those disclosures (and no, birthers, this blog really is a one-man show not connected with any organization). I may write those now and set the auto-publish date for Inauguration Day.

In the process of writing the blog, I receive lots of information and some of it I don’t publish. I also do a great deal of research on birthers that I don’t publish either. (You might be stunned by the extent.) Twenty years from now, that information might be of use to some bored academic researcher, and I want to make it available. I am thinking of leaving a large document behind for my heirs to publish. The document already exists; just without release instructions. If I were to publish an article on this research, the title would be “Birthers are nobodies.” (I consider myself a “nobody” too.)

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  1. alg says:

    In the final analysis, most of us are “nobodies.” In the history of human civilization only a fleetingly small proportion of the human species might be regarded as “somebodies” remembered by the rest of us. I am okay with that because, frankly, the “somebodies” who have since left us have no clue they are still “somebody.” But what all of us do in the course of our lives has an immeasurable lasting effect on everyone else, today and tomorrow, even if we aren’t “somebody.”

    Your blog has been a great source of entertainment, wisdom, information and enlightenment and, so, to me you will always be “somebody.”

    Thanks so much for what you do.

    – Don

  2. AGROD says:

    I still go with after Obama leaves office spill beans on all the major birthers – they deserve not to be in the shadows and protected like some of them are (i.e. everyone at GR).

  3. Jim says:

    January 20, 2017…can’t decide whether we should
    A) Have a wake for the death of Obama birtherism
    B) Have a celebration of the anti-birthers defeating the birthers in the War of the BC’s
    C) Hit as many RWNJ sites as possible and rub in the fact that Obama left the country in much better shape than when he took over, even with them trying to block him every step of the way.

    Decisions, decisions…

  4. I think that all the “major birthers” with a few exceptions are pretty well known–Klayman, Taitz, Apuzzo, Zullo, Pat Boone… The names of all the birther litigants are known. Basically that is the material on my Birthers from A to Z list.

    There are some “major assholes” like Falcon who post at Birther Report, but I wouldn’t call them “major birthers.” About the only borderline case is the proprietor of the “Birther Report” web site, who has been identified by Orly Taitz as Bob Nelson of Franklin, North Carolina (cat already out of the bag exception to the rule), an identification made independently by others.


    AGROD: I still go with after Obama leaves office spill beans on all the major birthers – they deserve not to be in the shadows and protected like some of them are (i.e. everyone at GR).

  5. bob says:



  6. The Magic M (not logged in) says:

    Jim: the death of Obama birtherism

    Who are you kidding? They will keep obsessing over that for decades because it simply can’t be you ever had a black President. And because they can’t admit they’ve wasted 8 years (though some will delude themselves their “efforts” somehow “stopped” Obama from declaring himself Emperor For Life).
    First step in 2017: sue every publisher of history books for fraud for listing Obama as the 44th President.

    Do moon landing hoaxers no longer exist 50 years after the moon landing? And how long have Flat Earthers and the whole “Einstein was wrong” crowd been around?

  7. brygenon says:

    I think there’s a good chance that the inauguration of our 45’th President will produce a final gasp of birther activity. Any chance of talking you into extending the end date by a month to cover the closing?

  8. That’s possible.

    brygenon: Any chance of talking you into extending the end date by a month to cover the closing?

  9. traderjack says:

    And, like any personal history, the mistakes of the past would not be admitted!

    Historys are never fully true, due to the writer not wanting to expose their mistakes

  10. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater says:

    I see trolljack/helen has returned.

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