Joe Arpaio: The steady drip

It’s not every court case where just the status conference makes the newspapers, but the trials and perils of Sheriff Joe Arpaio seems to be one of them. I’ve published several articles since the contempt hearing in Melendres v Arpaio last month, but the Arizona media has been, it seems to me, relentless. Here’s what I’ve found:

Date Source Article
4/19/2015 AZFamily (ABC 3) Sheriff Arpaio admits contempt of court
4/21/2015 AZCentral Arpaio VS Judge in contempt case
4/21/2015 KPHO Sheriff Joe Arpaio heads to court on Tuesday
4/22/2015 KJZZ MCSO Sergeant: Sheriff Arpaio Violated Court Order On Immigration Enforcement
4/22/2015 KPHO The contempt of court hearing for Sheriff Joe Arpaio continues
4/22/2015 Phoenix New Times Sheriff Joe Arpaio is “Done,” Says Arpaio’s Former Top Aide, Book Writer Brian Sands
4/23/2015 AZCentral Actually, Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s week CAN get worse
4/23/2015 KJZZ Arpaio Takes the Stand in Contempt of Court Case
4/23/2015 KJZZ Arpaio Admits To Secret Investigation Of Judge’s Wife
4/23/2015 AZCentral Arpaio takes stand in contempt hearing
4/23/2015 AZCentral Is Sheriff Joe Arpaio having his Evan Mecham moment?
4/23/2015 AZCentral Arpaio admits he hired PI to investigate judge’s wife
4/23/2015 AZCentral Arpaio investigates his enemies? Say it isn’t so!
4/23/2015 AZCentral You know you’ve lost it when you start spying on the judge’s wife
4/23/2015 AZCentral A tale of 2 Arpaios: Sheriff Joe takes the stand
4/23/2015 AZFamily (ABC 3) Arpaio shifts blame over disobeying court order
4/23/2015 AZFamily (ABC 3) Arpaio’s federally appointed monitor addresses community
4/23/2015 AZFamily (ABC 3) Arpaio  testifies in racial-profiling case
4/23/2015 KPHO Sheriff Joe Arpaio will be back on the witness stand
4/23/2015 Phoenix New Times Noose Tightens Around Arpaio’s Neck as He Channels Ronnie Reagan in Day Two of Contempt Trial
4/24/2015 AZCentral Contempt hearing unmasks Joe Arpaio
4/24/2015 KJZZ Arpaio’s Admission Of Investigation Into Judge’s Wife Stuns Courtroom
4/24/2015 AZCentral Top Arpaio aide Jerry Sheridan: I did not defy court
4/24/2015 AZCentral Arpaio’s top aide accused of lying to court monitor
4/24/2015 AZCentral Arpaio’s court performance is almost pitiable. Almost
4/24/2015 KPHO Arpaio admits to hiring private agents to investigate judge’s wife
4/24/2015 Phoenix New Times Arpaio Will Continue to Defy Judge Snow Until He’s Held in Contempt
4/24/2015 Phoenix New Times Arpaio Cops to Investigating Federal Judge, Judge’s Wife, Confirming New Times Story
4/25/2015 KPHO Sheriff Joe Arpaio was concerned about CIA wiretaps on MCSO phones
4/25/2015 KJZZ Sheriff Arpaio’s Chief Deputy: We Did Not Investigate Judge’s Wife
4/25/2015 KJZZ Arpaio’s Second-In-Command Testifies In Contempt Hearing
4/25/2015 AZCentral Arpaio civil-contempt hearing recap: Case of surprises
4/25/2015 AZFamily (ABC 3) Sheriff Arpaio contempt hearing
4/25/2015 Phoenix New Times Arpaio’s Chief Deputy Confirms Wack Investigations of Judge’s Wife, CIA, DOJ, etc.
4/27/2015 AZCentral Check under rocks for Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s ‘friends’
4/27/2015 AZCentral Snow vs. Arpaio is a battle of bullies
4/27/2015 AZCentral MCSO can’t rebuild trust with Arpaio in charge
4/28/2015 AZCentral Joe Arpaio’s no bully, his supporters say
4/28/2015 AZCentral Why we shouldn’t elect sheriffs
4/28/2015 KPHO Arpaio supporters backing away
4/28/2015 Arizona Star Arpaio immigration case attorney quits, citing ethical conflicts
4/28/2015 Phoenix New Times National Media on Arpaio Contempt Trial: Formerly Brash Sheriff Contrite on Stand
4/28/2015 Capitol Times Ducey taking wait-and-see approach on Arpaio contempt case
4/28/2015 Verde Independent Editorial: Latest news on Sheriff Joe is no laughing matter
4/28/2015 AZ Daily Sun Arpaio attorney quits two other cases
4/29/2015 ABC15 Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s lawyers object to judge’s line of questioning
4/29/2015 AZ Daily Wildcat Column: Sheriff Joe has finally gone too far
4/29/2015 KJZZ Revelation that Sheriff Arpaio Hired Informant for CIA Investigation Raises New Legal Questions
4/29/2015 KJZZ Attorneys Debate Judge’s Questioning of Arpaio on Secret Investigations
4/29/2015 KJZZ Was It Ethical For Sheriff Arpaio To Investigate Comments By Judge’s Wife?
4/29/2015 AZCentral Arpaio objects to judge’s questioning on wife investigation
4/30/2015 KTAR Attorney requests withdrawal from Sheriff Joe Arpaio contempt case
4/30/2015 AZCentral Plaintiffs’ attorneys: OK for judge to question Arpaio
4/30/2015 KPHO Arpaio’s contempt hearing reveals MCSO hiring of known con artist
5/1/2015 KJZZ Plaintiffs in Arpaio Contempt Case Want to Question Sheriff’s Lawyers
5/4/2015 AZCentral Sheriff Arpaio still getting money for nothing (good)
5/5/2015 ABC15 Judge brushes away Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s objection to questioning
5/6/2015 Phoenix New Times Arpaio Sought Assistance From Former AG Tom Horne’s Office in Dealing With Confidential Informant
5/6/2015 AZCentral Arpaio, martyr to the rule of law? Oh, come on!
5/7/2015 AZCentral Arpaio’s legal fate hinges on intent
5/7/2015 AZCentral Attorneys prep for 2nd bout of Arpaio contempt hearings in June
5/8/2015 AZCentral Is Arpaio pulling his lawyers into the quicksand?
5/8/2015 KJZZ Man Sheriff Joe Arpaio hired to Investigate Federal Agencies Tries to Intervene in Contempt Case
5/8/2015 KPHO Possibility of 2nd trial raised in Arpaio’s profiling case
5/8/2015 KJZZ Judge: Arpaio’s Attorney Must Consult CIA on Paid Informant’s Data Dump
5/8/2015 KJZZ Judge in Arpaio Contempt Case Asks About False Evidence
5/8/2015 KJZZ Judge Murray Snow Stands By Questioning Of Sheriff Joe Arpaio
5/8/2015 AZCentral Judge labels Arpaio ‘domestic enemy’
5/8/2015 AZCentral MCSO, Arpaio case: More victims? New trial? CIA Review?
5/8/2015 AZCentral How Mexican food drew couple into heart of Arpaio case
5/11/2015 Phoenix New Times Most Voters Have an Unfavorable View of Joe Arpaio, Poll Shows

Whether from the media coverage or substantive differences, the most recent polling shows Sheriff Joe’s disapproval exceeds his approval.

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17 Responses to Joe Arpaio: The steady drip

  1. Curious George says:

    In spite of the relentless news coverage, many longtime Arpaio supporters are having a tough time believing what they are reading. They simply can’t grasp and accept that their hero Shurf Joe is a scofflaw.

  2. Jim says:

    Sheriff Arpaio and the MCSO have quickly unseated Lying Carl and fact-free Friday as my weekly Friday entertainment. In fact, this has completely knocked birthers from my radar…they haven’t had anything new since 2012! Falcon and the birthers are slowly fading away…like a bad rash.

  3. My apologies for the bad formatting, now fixed.

  4. Jim says:

    Maricopa County called, they have a bad Sheriff and were wondering if you could fix that too?

  5. I can’t get the the parts anymore.

    Jim: Maricopa County called, they have a bad Sheriff and were wondering if you could fix that too?

  6. bgansel9 says:

    Hopefully it will be enough soon, somehow, to get new leadership (a recall is probably out of the question, but, perhaps in the next election…)

  7. gorefan says:

    Klayman for Montgomery file petition with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals seeking Judge Snow’s dismissal.

  8. Keith says:

    Dr. Conspiracy:
    I can’t get the the parts anymore.

    Google is your friend

    Or here

  9. gorefan says:

    Klayman’s petition contains a copy of the transcript of Deputy Sheriff Sherdan’s testimony. About the last ten pages deals with Montgomery.

  10. RanTalbott says:

    Curious George: new poll shows trouble for Arpaio…

    Those numbers are somewhat surprising, since they’re not changed all that much from the job approval poll taken 18 months ago:

    They’re not directly comparable, since the questions were different, but one would expect the “favorable” results to roughly correspond to the “good+excellent” results.

    I was pretty confident that the payouts for his previous “adventures” had hit him harder than they appear to have. I guess all but his core supporters had already bailed, and the remainder are sticking with him.

  11. RanTalbott says:

    gorefan: Klayman for Montgomery file petition with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals seeking Judge Snow’s dismissal.

    And Sharon Rondeau wrote an article for Birfoon Report about it that didn’t recapitulate half the history of western civilization before getting to the point.

    Maybe Bachmann is right about Obama bringing on the End Times 😉

  12. The Magic M (not logged in) says:

    Curious George: They simply can’t grasp and accept that their hero Shurf Joe is a scofflaw.

    Like most authoritarians, Arpaio’s fanbase doesn’t care about upholding *all* the laws. They are fine with him breaking some of them as long as those they care most about (deporturize them darn irlegals) can be enforced more efficiently.

    Now I’m always cautious about Godwin’s Law, but this situation is a good example for those who say they can’t believe modern people could cheer for a dictator taking their rights away. (Ironically and typically, the very same thing these right-wing morons accuse Obama voters of.)

  13. jtmunkus says:

    Dr. Conspiracy:
    I can’t get the the parts anymore.

    I’m afraid he’s fallen, and he can’t get up.

  14. Rickey says:

    Hopefully it will be enough soon, somehow, to get new leadership (a recall is probably out of the question, but, perhaps in the next election…)

    I lived in Glendale from 1977-1981. I don’t believe that I even knew the name of the Maricopa County Sheriff. There was nothing controversial about the MCSO in those days.

  15. Pete says:

    Keith: Google is your friend

    Or here

    If it’s a direct replacement you want, you need something more like this.

  16. Jim says:

    Lemons’ latest

    “The status conferences in the case are now weekly, leading up to the June hearings.
    Which means your next fix arrives May 22.”

    I’m sorry, but to me this has turned out more interesting than all the birther cases combined…we already knew how they’d turn out. Waiting to see what Snow does to Arpaio is gonna be summer fun! 😀

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