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Archive | August, 2015

Close the door behind you

I think it worth highlighting an article at Think Progress titled: “How Many Candidates Have ‘Taken  Advantage’ of Birthright Citizenship, but Oppose It?

The article talks about the usual subjects, Cruz, Rubio, Jindal and Santorum. What’s interesting is some others mentioned, including Ben Carson because without the 14th Amendment (or a reversal of the Dred Scott decision) Dr. Carson would not even be a citizen of the United States today. They even take a swipe at Donald Trump.

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Digital analysis of birther image

Four years ago I published an image of the birther named Donald Trump, and labeled it: Donald Trump’s "presidential timber." You can see Trump making a face that looks to me like he is beginning to say a word beginning with “F” and has a finger extended.

At the time, I thought that Mr. Trump was extending his middle finger in a gesture widely associated with a word that begins with the letter “F,” but since then I have performed an analysis of the finger (a “digital” analysis if you will) and arrived at a different conclusion.

Before presenting the analysis, I present a word on terminology used in this article:

Image credit: somewhere on the Internet

Using Google image search, I was able to locate a higher-resolution version of the Trump image at


Here it is clear that the middle finger is in front of the extended finger, meaning that the extended finger is the index finger. It may be that the “F” word being spoken is “Fired” as in the trademark Trump phrase, “You’re fired!”

How do you get your ex-boyfriend in trouble?

You mail an envelope containing cornstarch to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and put his return address on the envelope.

Only it didn’t quite work out that way. It was previously reported that the MCSO went into lock down Friday when the white-powder-filled envelope was discovered (later reports said that only one floor of the building was evacuated), but it isn’t the ex-boyfriend who is under arrest, but the ex-girlfriend, who has confessed to the prank under threat of being forced to watch the Cold Case Posse’s second press conference repeatedly until she did. Read more at ABC News 15.

This incident reminds me of another where an inoperable black powder bomb was mailed to the sheriff in an attempt to cause trouble for a former business partner. Here’s that story.

Another birther candidate gets national press

When I think of “birther candidate,” it’s Donald Trump. This time ABC News highlighted another birther candidate, Christopher Earl Stunk, in an article titled: “Meet the Most Interesting 2016 Candidates You’ve Never Heard Of.” I had actually heard of three of the ones selected from the current list of 512 candidates registered with the Federal Elections Commission, especially Limberbutt McCubbins (a cat) whose candidacy has gone viral (#MeowIsTheTime).

The ABC News article tends to make fun of these candidates, and if that were their intent, they could certainly have said more about the range of conspiracy theories held by Chris Strunk than they did; however, they did cover the most important fact: he is a birther.

I didn’t get this story from Birther Report, but they do have an article.

Armed birthers take to the streets in Ferguson

Thanks to a commenter tip pointing to a video of the paramilitary group, the Oath Keepers, who appeared, armed with military-style weapons and bullet-proof vests on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, last night. Press reports say that they were there to protect a journalist from Alex Jones’ web site. Jones is a well-known purveyor of birther material on his show, having such guests as Jerome Corsi and Mike Zullo.

That in and of itself is not news, but the guy with the gun  in Ferguson is a birther; he’s a freakin’ birther!

Oath keeper: [Obama] himself reporting, talking about himself being born in Kenya. All the sudden that’s no longer an issue. Them Democrats and Republicans went along with it. … The ring he wears, from the blow up, it appears to be some kind of Muslim ring.

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Klayman out, DOJ in, Mackiewicz in deep, and more hard drives?

OK now we know why a portion of the prior hearing in the Melendres case was sealed. It’s unsealed now, and involves Defendant Brian Mackiewicz, who is revealed to be under criminal investigation. This according to a Tweet from reporter Stephen Lemons. All we know for sure is that MCSO spokesperson Lisa Allen confirmed that there was a criminal investigation by the Phoenix Professional Standards Bureau, but declined to reveal the issue. Sources say that has to do with irregularities in his overtime pay. Mackiewicz is on administrative leave.

In the meantime, the US Department of Justice has been allowed to intervene in the Melendres case (this related to settling another DOJ lawsuit with the County and the Sheriff), and Larry Klayman’s application (following his failure to show up to answer questions) to appear pro hac vice representing Dennis Montgomery and Mike Zullo has been denied. You can read Klayman’s previous reply to Plaintiff’s objections.

There’s likely not much to the hard drive story, but the Phoenix New Times received photos of a computer recycling truck loading equipment from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office August 6. The hard drives were supposed to have been removed first, but the Court is concerned.


Photo credit Phoenix New Times

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