Corsi pre-debunked

Corsi is back with his silly story that Obama wears an Islamic wedding ring, him being married to his college Pakistani (male) roomate. Of course, anyone can see that Obama’s ring does not have an Arabic inscription, but rather is just a series of loops.

“Altered” claims Corsi, today to Alex Jones on his InfoWars program (reported by Right Wing Watch):

As he told “InfoWars” host Alex Jones in a segment today, fittingly titled “Obama Is A Muslim Radical Who Hates America,” the White House altered Obama’s ring following Corsi’s major scoop!

Corsi’s major scoop was October 10, 2012. It just so happened that Barack Obama visited Asheville, North Carolina a year earlier, October 17, 2011. I was there taking pictures, and I got excellent shots of Obama, his hands and his ring. So despite the claims of Corsi that the ring was altered after his “scoop,” I know for sure that the ring was just the same before Corsi’s scoop. My article with the photos also included another from 2009 from The Free Republic.

Note: my photos from Asheville debunked another Internet rumor: that Obama had removed the US Flag from Air Force 1.


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7 Responses to Corsi pre-debunked

  1. Crustacean says:

    Like the old saying goes, a lie goes round the world while the truth is pulling its boots on. And that illustrates why I am so grateful for sites like this one. Debunking the bull is an uphill battle, and the best we can expect, I suppose, is to slow the tide. But it’s an important battle that rational people must fight, or we’ll all be drowned in the stupid.

    (Doc, the next-to-last paragraph appears to need a date edit).

  2. gorefan says:

    IIRC, someone actually found a website that sells rings that were identical to the one the President wears.

  3. justlw says:

    “Yes, I was hoping you could help me pick out just the right quote from the Koran for my gold gay-marrying Muslim ring.”

  4. Boobuns says:

    One thing I have noticed about WND, how almost every story centers around Islamophobia, fear of blacks, and obsessions with transgenderism and pedophilia.

    ..very creepy.

  5. aarrgghh says:

    you have to truly hate america to want to feed her weapon-grade BS like this.

  6. The Magic M says:

    Crustacean: Debunking the bull is an uphill battle

    Because the stupid is strong in the minds of the wannabe-believers.
    Among the stuff I was thrown at on Twitter last week alone:

    * Hitler allegedly preferred Islam over Christianity and wanted all Germans to become Muslims (actually he put Muslims/Arabs just one step above Jews in his “stuff I like” list, i.e. second to last).

    * We should call Muslims “Moslems” instead because that is somehow an insult to them (in fact they’re synonymous, just different transliterations of the Arab word; German uses “Moslem” throughout).

    Back on topic, my favourite Dumb Statement [tm] was a Tea Party guy on a website who claimed that you need to fulfill the 14 year residency requirement to be an NBC.

  7. Joe Acerbic says:

    My opinion on republicans is based on what they are saying about humans, not on what humans are saying about them.

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