Birther Trump to honor birther Farah

Joseph Farah, publisher of WorldNetDaily, was caught on tape claiming to have created the birther movement, and certainly his paper and its writers like Jerome Corsi carry much of the blame for the irrational craze. Corsi ignited the Arpaio investigation of the Birth Certificate in Arizona, and WND posted billboards across the country that said “Where’s the Birth Certificate?”

Donald Trump did a great deal to popularize the birther conspiracy theories  in 2011 with his claims to have sent investigators to Hawaii. Ultimately Trump got so much publicity that President Obama responded by releasing his birth certificate, an event Trump immediately took credit for.

Now the two of them will come together next March, reports Right Wing Watch and WorldNetDaily, as Trump is slated to speak at an event honoring Farah. The Western Center for Journalism, an organization Farah founded, is honoring Farah with its “Hero of Freedom” award, and Donald Trump is slated to deliver the keynote address.

Mike Huckabee and Joe Arpaio are also slated to appear.

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3 Responses to Birther Trump to honor birther Farah

  1. gorefan says:

    Why it’s almost like a Birther Summit. The perfect time for Arapio to release the universe shattering evidence.

  2. RanTalbott says:

    So, WorldNutDaily names Trump “Man of the Year”, then Trump will present a “Hero” award to Farah from an organization that he founded.

    I can’t decide whether this should be described as “RWNJs become national heroes by giving each other awards at the bottom of a well”, or the more-succinct “Hilarious public circle jerk”…

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