Obama shows birth certificate

This article was actually written on November 5, 2020, while America is waiting to learn who will be our next president, but I am dating it April 30, 2016, when I should have known and written about it this.

President Obama was speaking at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, during which he showed a video clip of a visit to the DC DMV to get a driver’s license. And yes, they asked him for a birth certificate. Obama pulled it out of his pocket and presented it. Based on the color and what could be seen in an impression from the other side, I think this may well be Obama’s actual long form birth certificate. The camera angle doesn’t show whether there is a raised seal or not. Technically, Obama could use his passport as proof of identity and citizenship rather than a birth certificate.

This is the first article added since the blog closed down in 2017, but I felt it had to be included for completeness.

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