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Donald Trump: Born in South Africa?

I must confess that these stories that have been circulating on the Internet for over 5 years flew completely under my radar. An early report on the African Trump controversy appeared on the Our End of the Net blog April 20, 2011. It’s gaining traction on Twitter today.

According to the report, Trump was born in South Africa, and returned to the US at age 15. Forensics expert Kevin Rooney explains:

Two years ago, when Obama was elected, Trump decided to run for president. He spent three and a half million dollars over two years manufacturing an American birth certificate, bribed doctors and nurses to say they had been present at his birth, and even hiring for life a troupe of actors to play his childhood American friends, college classmates and professors, etc.

I found the article entertaining; however, I remain skeptical.

One Response to Donald Trump: Born in South Africa?

  1. Pete June 12, 2016 at 8:48 pm  (Quote) #

    It’s obviously true.

    Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

    Donald Trump is not a natural born citizen! He’s ineligible!

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