Birther Wikipedia article a battleground

Birther Michael Shrimpton, once again has a Wikipedia article. While not a suitable source for the Wikipedia, the Post & Email blog reported in 2014 that Michael Shrimpton’s Wikipedia article had been deleted. (I reported it too.) Now, as of June 22 of this year, it’s back (created by Wikipedia editor Psychonaut).

The Wikipedia tries to enforce particularly stringent standards on the biographies of living persons (BLP), insisting that they use high-quality sources. The Wikipedia adds:

Biographies of living persons ("BLPs") must be written conservatively and with regard for the subject’s privacy.

The Shrimpton article as it now stands, says that Shrimpton is primarily noted for his conspiracy theories, and covers his criminal conviction for making a false report—a bomb scare. At one point the article states that police forces know Shrimpton as “an intelligence nuisance.”

That would hardly be newsworthy except that Shrimpton himself joined the discussion on the article’s Talk page. There is a report, which I hope I can follow up, that Shrimpton threatened to sue the Wikipedia for Libel. Christopher Earl Strunk weighed in with a long suggested insertion favorable to Shrimpton yesterday, partly taken from Shrimpton’s affidavit in Stunk’s lawsuit. It is also reported that Shrimpton’s editing privileges have been suspended at Wikipedia. There is a request pending to protect the article due to persistent disruptive editing.

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  1. Fleet says:

    Looks like Shrimpton has repeated his complaints about the article (and his threats of a defamation lawsuit) in his Veterans Today column: Meanwhile the Wikipedia article got a heavy makeover, but the new information isn’t sympathetic to Shrimpton. It does now mention that he’s a known promoter of birther crap.

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