Charges dropped against Santilli

imageBirther talk show host Pete Santilli (right) was arrested in connection with the occupation of federal lands near Burns, Oregon, and indicted on a charge of conspiring to impede federal employees. Santilli claimed he was just reporting the event and that his actions were protected by the First Amendment. Whatever Santilli’s actual intent, federal prosecutors asked the Court to dismiss the indictment.

Readers here may recall that Santilli suggested that Mike Zullo jump the White House fence to press the issue of Obama’s eligibility.

Santilli remains in custody related to another armed standoff with federal officers in Nevada, where Santilli will be taken next.

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2 Responses to Charges dropped against Santilli

  1. Poor Pete. Doesn’t Santilli know that ZulloMoore and Volin are part of the forged birth certificate conspiracy?

    I don’t know who did this video. I wish I did.

    Nancy Ruth Owens Confesses Obama Birth Certificate Forgery To Investigator Mike Volin and asks the question, “Why now?”

  2. Steve says:

    Meanwhile Jerry DeLemus is going away.

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