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One factor in the recent election was a campaign to promote comments from Donald Trump on Twitter. You can read the story at the New York Magazine. This whole business of persona management and bots impersonating opinionated humans is very bothersome to me.

What got me interested in this particular example was one of the Twitter bot accounts mentioned in the NYM article, Neil Turner. The name is associated with a Facebook account and a Scribd collection. Now Neil Turner (I guess the same guy) is sending out more birther emails, including this one 4 days ago:

‘Birthers’ vs ‘Zombies’ & ‘Traitors’:

If a ‘Birther’ is someone who adheres to the Constitution and the requirement that the President shall be (i.e. must show proof beyond any reasonable doubt) a natural born Citizen and who can also show proof that they have Attained the age of 35 Years and have been 14 Years a Resident within the United States, then those who object to that, and insist on legitimizing and paying homage to an obvious usurper*, must be either a ‘Zombie’ (i.e. Brain Dead) or a ‘Traitor’ (i.e. actively supporting the corruption and overthrow of our Constitutional Republic).

*  Obvious Usurper:

1. Certifiable records show that there is no Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth for the person known as Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Soetoro, despite sworn statements by so-called Hawaiian ‘officials’.

2. Certifiable records show that there was no Selective Service Registration document for Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Soetoro, despite his authorizing an obvious forgery using 2 digits for the year ‘1980’ (i.e. __80, taken from a 2008 stamp by cutting off the last 2 digits and inverting them).

3. Certifiable Passport records showing certifiable citizenship and 14 Years Residency are non-existent, having been sequestered by the obvious usurper and his minions.

Get informed or get out of our Country.

All rather nonsense, for example how can passports both not exist and be sequestered?

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