Arpaio press conference spikes interest

Birther Ed Sunderland yesterday at The Post & Email commented:

At the website blog the international feed counter has been clocking site visits from all over the world and picked up recently when Sheriff Arpaio made his last press conference.

Canada, France, Italy, Germany, S. Korea, Belgium, Kenya, Britain, Spain, and it goes on and on. Folks from all over the world are hungry for information about this fake and fraud in the White House.

That reminded me that I hadn’t looked at my site statistics for this past month, including the December 15 Arpaio/Zullo press conference. Sunderland didn’t share any absolute numbers, but of course my numbers are and always have been transparent.1


That peak number was 2040. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much for them right away.

My site’s peak since recording statistics occurred on April 27, 2011, the day Obama released his long-form birth certificate with 7236 unique users, closely followed by November 9, 2014, with 6752 unique users visiting a few days after the election. (Oh, for they heady days of Yuri Gagarin when the world trembled at the roar of our debunking!)

I track statistics from the 23rd of the month until the 22nd of the next month. Looking over the country list from the most recent period, I had users from a total of 128 different countries, the majority of course from the United States. These are the numbers of sessions.

  1. United States – 16,512
  2. Canada – 617
  3. United Kingdom – 555
  4. Australia – 400
  5. Russia – 161
  6. India – 110
  7. Germany – 104
  8. Spain – 95
  9. South Africa – 84
  10. Norway – 82 (how did they know I’ve been watching Norwegian YouTube Videos?)
  11. Netherlands – 64
  12. China – 55
  13. Nigeria – 49
  14. France – 48
  15. Italy – 48
  16. Sweden – 48
  17. Switzerland – 47
  18. Philippines – 47
  19. Mexico – 45
  20. Puerto Rico – 44
  21. Kenya – 43

Followed by Japan, Israel, Barbados, New Zealand, Ireland, Finland, Malaysia, Singapore, Denmark, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Brail, Belgium, Poland, Taiwan, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam, Czech Republic, South Korea, Hong Kong, Costa Rica, Panama, Turkey, Portugal, Romania, Dominican Republic, Latvia, United Arab Emirates, Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Bangladesh, Côte d’Ivoire, Chile, Greece, Jamaica, Nepal, Cameroon, Ecuador, Estonia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Cambodia, Kuwait, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Ukraine, Zimbabwe, Bahrain, Belize, Cyprus, Algeria, Ghana, Guam, Moldova, Malta, Qatar, Slovenia, Trinidad & Tobago, Uganda, U. S. Virgin Islands, Afghanistan, Argentina, Belarus, Colombia, Djibouti, Greenland, Iceland, Sri Lanka, Macedonia, Mauritius, Peru, Papua New Guinea, Rwanda, Sudan, Slovakia, Suriname, Tanzania, Uzbekistan, Zambia, Angola, Bulgaria, Bolivia, Botswana, Curaçao, Egypt, Fiji, French Guiana, Haiti, Iraq, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, St. Lucia, Liberia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Martinique, Malawi, Niger, Palestine, Réunion. Somalia, Sint Maarten, Togo and Tunisia.

Site statistics have been updated for November and December. shows ranked 3.9 millionth in the world, and this site about 1 millionth.  Alexa ranked what it called “similar” sites as follows:

  • – 14,306,067
  • – 16,462,586
  • – 17,996,352
  • – 4,900,863
  • – 20,607,402

One has to subscribe to see the entire “similar” list, but I guessed some:

  • – 905,550
  • – 6,934,617
  • – 416,916
  • – 78,840
  • – 5,855,931
  • – 77,980
  • – 49,022
  • – 5,309,401
  • – 1,101,159
  • – 2,098,534
  • – 1,554,808
  • – 1,969,798
  • – 6,179,479
  • – 1,245,285
  • – 8,224,359
  • thepostemail – 502,532
  • – 296,329
  • – 2,417,908
  • – 2,098,534
  • – 8,036,922
  • – 11,042
  • – 17,476,540

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14 Responses to Arpaio press conference spikes interest

  1. It looks like Conservative Fact Check is out of business.

  2. We have a new domain hosting the Sheriff’s Kit, The registration is private, but the HTML source says the author is “Bill.”

    It uses the same background image that I use. ROFL.

  3. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater says:

    It must sting Carl Gallups and Mario Apuzzo that you have higher viewership and your site ranks higher.

  4. I thought PeePeeSimmons was a mega worldwide media powerhouse?

    Dr. Kenneth Noisewater:
    It must sting Carl Gallups and Mario Apuzzo that you have higher viewership and your site ranks higher.

  5. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater says:

    Dr. Conspiracy:
    It looks like Conservative Fact Check is out of business.

    Wasn’t it only that one article?

  6. bob says:

    Reality Check:
    I thought PeePeeSimmons was a mega worldwide media powerhouse?

    I lurve it on Freedom Friday when Gallups brags about how awesome PPS is! Because it is a network … of Facebook accounts, YouTube accounts, BlogSpot accounts, and Twitter accounts. (In other words, totally free social media that any idiot (like ex-con Judy) could set up.) Gallups likes to imply that there’s an army of people “working” there, but it is just Gallups and Shoesmith (and the occasional content contributor, like BSE).

  7. Pete says:

    Reality Check:
    I thought PeePeeSimmons was a mega worldwide media powerhouse?

    We’re still waiting for Pee Pee’s Big Adventure.

  8. Andrew Vrba, PmG says:

    Pete: We’re still waiting for Pee Pee’s Big Adventure.

    I want this to be a thing now.

  9. Speaking of PeePee… #GoldenShower is #1 trending on Twitter. Thanks Donald. Urine trouble now.

  10. Pete says:

    Urine luck!

  11. Andrew Vrba, PmG says:

    Urine luck!

    Now that one took the piss.

  12. Suranis says:

    This scandal is pure 14 Karat!

    But I suppose I should wait for urinalysis.

  13. I’m seeing the same effect with my blog as well:

    I did manage to track back to one of the blogger sources and this is what I found:

    It looks like Trump might be moving forward on my birth certificate forgery just as promised.

  14. Pete says:


    I can’t seem to get a confession from jack.

    Where were YOU in January of 1947?

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