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Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate is a Forgery – Part 1

The facts: In June of 2008, an image of a Hawaiian Certification of Live Birth for Barack Hussein Obama II appeared on a web site called the Daily Kos. Similar images would appear at Barack Obama’s Fight the Smears web site, along with and A small optical flaw in the scanned image shows that all  came from the same physical scan of the paper document, and that the various images had been resized.

The theory: Various theories have been put forward claiming that the image has been manipulated in some way. One theory is that the Certification belongs to Obama, but has been changed, possibly changing his middle name from Mohamed to Hussein or changing his place of birth from some foreign place to Hawaii. The other is that the certificate originally belonged some someone else and “Obama” (not born in Hawaii) was put on it. Another theory is that the document was made up from scratch and overlaid onto security paper. Continue Reading →


Conspiracy Theories

I got started in conspiracy theories and fringe science with a book called None Dare Call it Conspiracy in high school and about the same time the Von Däniken books (Chariots of the Gods?, Gold of  The Gods, et al.) came out. I read some John Birch Society literature from that period too. I have a couple of prized editions from Charles Berlitz of Bermuda Triangle fame. It’s always been fascinating to me how seeming rational people can hold such different views of not only “reality” but also of history.

This web site is about one particular conspiracy theory genre, that surrounding Barack Obama. Obama stories intersect my own sphere of interest in the area of birth certificates. I wrote my first electronic birth certificate system in 1977-78 while working for a state government and I’ve kept my hand in it off and on ever since.

The Great Mother of All Obama Conspiracy Theory Blog Link Pages

There are some more “out there” blogs and web sites that have significant OCT material on them, or express Obama-related fringe ideas. Caution: some of these web site include violent content, racist statements, foul language, and worst of all, misinformation.

The Blog Links have been moved to the Obama Conspiracy Theories Bookmarks.

Update: A list of topical blogs also appears at the bottom of the site under the Good, Bad and Ugly links.