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Taitz v Kornhaber

Orly Taitz, DDS, Esq, OBE1 was none too pleased with yesterday’s article in the Orange County Weekly, according to a letter from her received at Obama Conspiracy Theories this afternoon. She said: Yesterday [Orange County Weekly] ran a cover story … Continue reading

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Talking Taitz

The issue is: how does one pronounce “Taitz”? It’s pronounced to rhyme with “weights”. You can hear her say it yourself on YouTube. Just another example of the thorough investigations carried out daily by Obama Conspiracy Theories and our links … Continue reading

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Exhibit Z

I’ve been thinking about the appearance of a page from Obama Consipracy Theories in a motion in a federal lawsuit (Hamblin v. Obama). Since Clark Hamblin is representing himself, I assume that he personally visited this web site and copied … Continue reading

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Obama Conspiracy Theories provides evidence to federal court

Clark Hamblin sued Barack Obama and John McCain in the US District Court for Arizona, alleging that neither of them was eligible to run for president and asking for a few million in damages. John McCain recently moved for dismissal … Continue reading

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The Fall of the House of Birther

While there never was any credible objection to President Obama’s constitutional eligibility to be president, some issues were raised that looked good, at least until they were examined. Over the course of the last 6 months, this web site has … Continue reading

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Truth and Transparency

I must admit: this one was a shock. WorldNetDaily, a front organization for a few right-wing millionaires trying to build mind share through manipulation of the news, has launched what it calls its “truth and transparency” campaign. “Lies and smears” … Continue reading

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