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Archive | December, 2014

I demand that birthers stop filing lawsuits (writ of mandumbass)

One ticks off failed birther lawsuits, but as the losses mount (including just recently Orly Taitz’ appeal in the Colvin case), new ones fill in the void.

A writ of mandamus is an  order issued by a court that a public official must do something that they are legally required to do. It is an extraordinary action, and not at all common. In this instance a birther named Richard David Hayes has filed what he calls a “Criminal Complaint and a Writ of Mandamus” with a parish court in New Iberia, Louisiana.

The lawsuit names state officials, including Governor Jindal, as well as Louisiana’s Congressional delegation. Of course state officials have no jurisdiction to take any action regarding Obama’s eligibility, and the members of Congress have no obligation to take any action (impeachment being the obvious one). A court is certainly not going to order a member of Congress to impeach anyone—it would be an egregious violation of the separation of powers.

As for the criminal complaint, that’s not possible from a private citizen.

The suit has been reported by Birther Report ™ with some details of the complaint, which I think is based on Cold Case Posse stuff and Lord Monckton stuff from  2012.

The suit will be thrown out sooner or later, having no basis in law. The only interest for me is what birthers think is important in proving their theory.


Richard David Hayes added to Birthers from A to Z.

6 years

It was six years ago today that the domain was registered and  the first article, “Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate is a Forgery – Part 1,” was published. Could it have been so long ago?

I’ve written enough retrospective articles already, so I won’t plow the same ground again, except to say that when I started the blog, I thought I would be done once President Obama was inaugurated in January, 2009. I was no better at predicting the demise of the birther movement than they were in predicting the demise of the Obama administration.

Knock knock

Obama made a birther joke at a Tennessee town meeting, reports the Associated Press.

“They’re pretty sure that I’m an illegal immigrant,” Obama quipped, before adding, “That was a joke.”

He’s so funny.

Do you know any funny birther jokes?

Sheriff Joe: On the defensive?

For those following the continuing saga of Joe Arpaio v. federal judge G. Murray Snow, a remarkable twist in the case was reported by the Phoenix New Times. Arpaio requested the court to appoint a defense lawyer for him! But then a spokesperson said that wasn’t what happened. Does he indeed need a criminal defense lawyer?

You be the judge (no pun intended):

The hearing is tomorrow, December 4.

Taitz online

“ and Taitz report is back. It seems the regime really did not like the latest pleadings”

At the expressed request of Orly Taitz, I am spreading the word that her web  site is back up. I happened to be reading some material on the history of Argentina and Chile, and the military dictatorships there who “disappeared” tens of thousands of people, torturing and killing them. That is real despotism, as opposed to the cartoon despotism described by Orly Taitz:

For 4 days there was some type of tampering with my site The site was down. Temporarily my gmail account was blocked and even my credit cards were blocked. My family and I had to travel due to a death in the family and even my suitcase was missing for two and a half days. I was told by the airline that TSA kept it for too long and it did not make it on the plane. Now most problems are solved.

OK, it sucks for your web site to be down and it sucks when your luggage doesn’t arrive on time (been there, done that), but if she thinks this is anything compared to what a real repressive regime would do, then she is deeply mistaken.