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Welcome to Obama Conspiracy Theories!

Dr. Conspiracy

This is an independent blog covering conspiracy theories and fringe views about Barack Obama. The views expressed here are those of the guy in the hat, and not some group and certainly not those of the President.

The purpose of this blog, as our byline “Fishing for the gold coins in a bucket of mud” says, is examining a vast array of claims, rumors and even lawsuits about Barack Obama and his eligibility to be president, to see if anything is credible.

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Home Page

If you arrive at the blog from you will see the home page (or just click the home tab at the top of the page). The home page lists recent articles, most recent first. Longer articles may have a “Continue reading” link; click on this to read the rest of the article. At the bottom of the home page is an “Older Posts” link; to access earlier articles. Caution, there are over 4,000 articles as of this writing and going through them can take a while. We have other features to assist you in finding what you want more quickly.


The articles are the heart of the blog. Some are hardcore debunking, some are intended to be funny. The idea is to be informative and entertaining, and most of all, to tell the truth. Articles themselves have a few features.

Immediately below the title is the author name (almost always Dr. Conspiracy) and the publication date. If you mouse hover over the date, the time is also displayed:


After the date is listed one or more categories. These are major topical areas under which articles are published. These correspond to items you can filter for using the “Conspiracies” widget in the right sidebar:


Frequently an article will have a section at the bottom labeled “Read more.” These are links to articles providing more information or background on the people and topics in the article.

At the bottom of each article visitors will find one or more tags. These are minor topics associated with the article. Tags are only shown when reading an article on its own page (click on the article title to do that). Each tag is a hyperlink to other articles with the same tag.

imageTags are particularly useful in finding articles on a particular court case.


imageThe blog’s main menu contains links to on-site and off-site content. The menus change from time to time.

Visitor Guide

The Visitor Guide menu contains information about this blog, including the Visitor Guide itself (you are here), the Editorial Policy, the rules that guide my editing of the blog and what is allowed or not from commenters. The Change Log deals with changes made to the site and its software. FAQ contains questions I imagine people might ask. The

Glossary defines jargon used in the blog. Smilies, emoticons and useful symbols contains a chart of all the emoticons supported on the blog. The Site Map indexes pages and articles on the site by category up to a maximum of 6 articles per category. You may also access the site map designed for search engines that includes everything.


In creating this blog, I have visited many, many web sites. When I found something I though was useful, I bookmarked it. Here are those bookmarks.


The Resources menu hosts links to other reference web sites containing useful compilations of information about birthers and  birther lawsuits.The Birther Scorecard is another compilation of lawsuits from the What’s Your Evidence web site. The Birther Calendar is a list of events of significance to the birthers.


This menu includes other blog features including: The Debunker’s Guide to Obama Conspiracy Theories, my flagship compilation of debunking articles, mostly from this web site, that deal with many of the questions raised by birthers; Birther Bills is a compilation of proposed legislation that relates to birther issues and concerns; Quote of the Day is an archive of previous Quote of the Day entries; Featured Articles are links to my articles that I think are particularly important; Comments are visitor comments that I have singled out as particularly valuable; Political Cartoons list some Obama conspiracy cartoons that I have found; Archives Index lists a collection of newspaper articles of interest — not currently updated.

Open Thread

This link takes you to a listing of articles in the Open Mike category. The first article listed is the most recent, and here is where you can post comments not related to current articles. Placing off-topic comments on the other articles is strongly discouraged and may result in restrictions on commenting privileges.


This link opens a page on which you can email a comment to the blog owner.

Right Sidebar


The welcome message says a bit about the blog and holds the count of the number of comments left by visitors.



The search box does a text search of all the blog articles (not comments) and fixed pages. The list of articles, again, is presented in reverse chronological order with the ability to page to older articles. If you place multiple words in the search box, you will receive articles containing all of the words, but not necessarily together. To search for an exact phrase, place it in quotes. To search comments, try a search engine like Google.


Recent Comments

This is a link to FeedBurner, a service that extracts information from the site’s comment feed.are made under the name “Dr. Conspiracy” only. If you want to see what others are saying, click on the bold-faced user name.


These worthy organizations provided valuable assistance in building this site. Consider supporting them as I do.


On the right side of each page is a drop-down list labeled “Conspiracies.” Under this title you will find the main topical areas of the blog. Selecting a topic from the list takes you to a page, much like the home page, where you can read all the articles under the topic, most recent first, and page through to older articles.

Recommended Books

Here is a list of books I think some readers might find interesting. The links go to for convenience, but your local library might work just as well.


Links to articles by month.

To help frequent users, Obama Conspiracy Theories has implemented a few links to help navigate the page more quickly. On the right side of the top menu is a down-pointing arrow (↓); clicking it scrolls to the bottom of the page. At the bottom of the page is a corresponding “Scroll Up ↑” that scrolls to the top of the page. In the Welcome text in the right sidebar, there is a link on the words “comments others have left” that will scroll the screen to view the Recent Comments widget in the sidebar.

Quick Reference

These are links that I often need. You might want them too.


Appropriate Comments

Feedback is welcome. Feel free to leave your comments, so long as the topic is relevant to the blog. Don’t try to advertise your online casino. This is mostly a “PG” rated blog, so please tone down the language. The blog owner reserves the right to edit any comment to remove offensive language. [Such editing will be noted in square brackets like this. Doc.]

Commenting is provided to discuss ideas, not each other. If the subject of a negative sentence is “you,” then you’re probably on the wrong track.

OK: I think your argument is incomplete. It lacks…
Not OK: You need to do more research

OK: Your assertion has been long disproved. It is old news. Its baseless.
Not OK: You are a troll spewing nonsense.

OK: That isn’t true
Not OK: You are a liar
Very Not OK: You are a fool, a coward, a traitor, and should seek psychiatric help.

The Mechanics of Commenting

There are two kinds of comments: comments on the articles, and comments on other comments.

To comment on an article, click on the title of the article, so that you are reading the article on its own page and not part of a list, then at the bottom of the page is a box where you can type comments.

On occasion, an article may be flagged with “comments off” in which case you can’t comment on the article. Discussion of all articles automatically closes after 14 days.

The Quote link lets you include a hyperlink to what you’re commenting on. By selecting a section of text before clicking the Quote link, that text only will be quoted. Using the Quote feature helps other readers follow the discussion and is highly recommended when responding to another comment.

You must enter a name and an email address in order to post a comment. The email address does not have to be valid. Any email address you enter is vulnerable to disclosure through certain technical means. You may optionally enter a web site and if you do, your name will appear as a hyperlink to that web site.

The following comments are not allowed:

  • advertising
  • obscenity
  • off topic
  • violent or insulting
  • displaying personal information

If you provide a URL with your comment, then your user name in the comment will appear as a hyperlink to the URL. Also, the date and time of the comment is shown above the comment. This is a hyperlink to the specific comment.

Editing Comments

A feature is provided allowing you to edit or delete a comment for 10 minutes after you save it. This feature is great for correcting typos. The Edit link appears at the bottom of each comment and a timer shows you how much time you have left. There is a button with the letters ABC and a green check-mark. This is a spell checker. There is also a button with a two-headed arrow. This displays a large window for editing of long comments.


HTML in comments

Limited HTML markup is supported in comments. This tutorial explains what you may use. If you use the Firefox browser, this plug-in may make the task of adding HTML easier.


In the current version of this blog, your comment will be tagged by a small graphic called an Avatar. If you use an email address with your comment that is registered at, the Gravatar image will appear (provided it is rated there as “G”). If you don’t have a Gravatar registered image, one will be randomly generated for you. Many web sites support Gravatar.


If you are a registered user on the site (see section on User Accounts below) you can then upload an avatar through your user control panel or set it to use a Twitter avatar.


Under certain circumstances, your comment may be held in moderation because the software thinks it is spam, because it contains certain words or because you have been banned from the site or identified as a frequent violator of site policy. If this happens, your comment will require approval from the blog owner before it appears. Except for the exceptions listed above, all comments are approved.


Emoticons (“smilies”) are available for commenters. A list of available emoticons is listed under the Visitor Guide menu. 😯

Email notification

The commenting system provides notification when a comment you made is replied to. Check the notify box to receive emails. If you don’t receive emails, chances are that your mail provider is blocking them. Check your spam folder, and if possible whitelist emails from At the bottom of the comment list is a link through which you can manage your subscriptions.


User accounts

From time to time I open up the ability to create your own account at Obama Conspiracy Theories. To do this, use the Register page and select your commenting name, giving a valid email address to complete the registration. When logging in, check the “Remember Me” box to stay logged in for a month. A User Login link appears under the Site Info menu. User registrations for persons who never leave a comment will be deleted.

Registered users can be assured that no one else can comment under their registered name or email address, and they can upload an avatar unique to this site (or user their Twitter avatar). You can reach your user control panel by clicking on your name upper right on any page of the site, and there you can change your password and set your avatar (see section on Avatars preceding).

Point of View

The best way to describe the blog’s point of view is “skeptical.” The assumption is made that most events happen in ordinary ways, and that the most plausible explanation of  things is the right one. Whenever a claim is made that is improbable or spectacular, evidence is expected before the claim is accepted.

Rumors, suspicions, anonymous reports, unavailable documents and crank science are not evidence. Guilt by association is not evidence.

This blog is intended to be a patriotic force; the truth about the government is important in a democracy.

Generally comments about Barack Obama’s job performance are off topic for this blog, unless they involve claims of a conspiracy. That is just too big a subject. The blog owner voted for Barack Obama in the last election (as did most voters), but this blog is not here to promote Barack Obama’s political career.

If you want the best documented information on Obama Conspiracies on the Internet, then this is the place we hope you will come. If you want the latest dirt on Obama or somewhere to say things unchallenged, this is not where you want to be.

Some of the headlines on the articles are satirical or exaggerated. This is a site for people who read entire articles, and not just rely on headlines. Often the article will be about some article published elsewhere. No intention is made to fully summarize such content; the purpose of my article is to aid the reader in deciding whether the target article is something they might want to read.


When an acronym appears it may be tagged so that hovering your mouse pointer over it will display the meaning; for example COLB. If an article’s information is significantly changed, the old material may be marked with a strike through and the new material may be underlined. This kind of markup is particularly intended when this blog gets it wrong and we gonna ‘fess up. Some web browsers may indicate the date of the change (and you can see this by viewing the page source).

Tablets and mobile devices

This site supports tablet computers and mobile devices. The blog is designed for a browser width of  940 px. When displayed in a browser window less than about 780 px,  the layout of the blog changes. The Main Menu is replaced with a Navigate button (click to display an list of all the menu selections) and the sidebar is moved to the bottom of the page, allowing more width for the articles.

I attempt to make all content available on all devices, but in some cases content requires a Flash plug-in and Flash is not supported on some platforms.


If anybody tells you that it takes a lot of money to run a web site like this or any small-to-medium-sized blog, they’re feeding you a bunch of bull. Lots of blogs are hosted for free or paid for by advertising. I use a relatively-expensive premium service compared to the average personal blog. It costs $20 per month, plus $12.95 a year for the domain registration. If you have some money you really need to part with, send it to the Wikipedia or The Internet Archive (donation link lower right), two services that support content on this blog, or to some other charitable organization. I do this site as a hobby, and nobody pays me to do it. I’m retired.


As a condition for use of this web site, the reader holds Obama Conspiracy Theories harmless and free of liability for any personal injury or damage to computer equipment related to use of the site including, but limited to, damage to keyboards from spitting coffee on them, spraying beverages on computer monitors, blowing hot liquid from the nose, injury from banging heads against a wall or furniture, choking from the inability to stop laughing or falling out of a chair. Special care should be used when accessing the site using portable devices lest they be dropped when physically responding to site content. Caution should be exercised when viewing this web site within 1,000 yards of an irony meter not compliant with:

Comments left by visitors are their own responsibility and do not necessarily represent the views of the blog owner.



This site intends to follow fair use practices for copyrighted third-party content. This site is hosted by Dreamhost whose registered DMCA agent can be reached at


All original content of this blog is copyright as of the date of publication. All rights reserved.