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Change They Can Litigate –, December 4, 2008.

If you thought Barack Obama’s clear rout over John McCain meant we’d be spared a third Electoral College melodrama–”well, think again. This time, the argument is not over votes. It’s over Obama’s citizenship.

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  1. Hawaii Revised Statutes
    HRS 0338-0020 0005.htm
    (a) The department of health shall
    establish a Hawaii certificate of birth
    for a person born in a foreign country
    and child by adoptive parent or parents.

    Hawaii Revised Statutes
    HRS 0578-0014.htm
    (b) If a new birth certificate…
    is issued, the original birth certificate
    shall be sealed.

    Hawaii Revised Statutes
    HRS 0338-0041.htm
    (b) Any certificate of Hawaiin birth
    issued heretofore
    under or by virtue
    of any evidence
    by competent evidence
    of nonidentification.
    4 U.S.D.C. Haw. 258.
    Certificate no controlling.

    I hope that a registered voter of Hawaii
    will file a petition directly to the
    Supreme Court of the United States

    to ask the question:

    Are some or all of the laws and statutes
    of Hawaii a threat to American security,
    and should they be stricken?

  2. Dr. Conspiracy says:

    Ms. Cris Ericson,

    When describing the process of foreign-born adoption, you leave out one essential part of the law (I hope not intentionally).

    (b)…The new certificate of birth shall show the true or probable foreign country of birth

    Your note on HRS 0338-0041 is a case note and not part of the law. What that says, is if evidence proves the certificate is wrong, then the certificate is overruled. This case note is little more than a definition of “prima facie”. In any case, Barack Obama doesn’t have a “Certificate of Hawaiian Birth” he has a “Certification of Live Birth”. Different animal.

  3. Hitandrun says:

    admin claims:

    >Barack Obama doesn’t have a “Certificate of Hawaiian Birth” he has a “Certification of Live Birth”. Different animal.<

    How do you know the birth document under vault seal is not a “Certificate of Hawaiian Birth”? Regrettably, Mr Obama has consistently refused to release it along with supporting hospital records, leaving both friend and foe alike twisting in the wind. All the immaterial race-baiting and all the gratuitous motive-mongering by his apologists will continue to ring hollow until the confirmatory evidence is adduced for public assessment. Let Mr Obama dispel this fog, and not emulate Mr McCain (or his campaign) who chose to behave so disingenuously in the Arizonan’s own eligibility problem.


  4. Hitandrun says:

    I completely forgot that the rules on the “Certificate of Hawaiian Birth” require that the child so certified be one year of age or older, which essentially rules out Baby Obama, born Aug 4, and registered Aug 8, 1961.

    My apologies for the error.


  5. admin says:


    It’s no wonder you forgot this, as the same error appears all over the Internet, even in the Alan Keyes Hawaiian lawsuit.

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