Obama and the Lizard People

Sometimes when I see things, I try to ignore them, and one of those things is persistent appearances of the phrase “Lizard People” when reading about Barack Obama. I did a search for “lizard people” obama on a search engine today and got 73,000 hits. Obviously that’s going to take a while to read. As best I can tell so far, the Clinton’s are Lizard People and Obama is not.

However, new evidence has surfaced that secret codes in the Bible say that Obama is one of the Lizard People.

[The YouTube video formerly in this article is no longer available from YouTube. It showed a debate over counting votes for Lizard People and the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) in the Minnesota US Senate election, ultimately won by Al Franken. It was very funny.]

If you want to know what the lizard people look like, visit here.

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5 Responses to Obama and the Lizard People

  1. laughinghysterically says:

    Ok, did a quick search for Lizard people and Obama. Immediately was led to no other than David Icke. I am guessing Icke’s bat-shirt-crazy reptilian race of illuminati theory is behind the lizard people accusation?

    OMG, I think I have now officially overdosed on bat-shirt-craziness here or at least hit my threshold for the week.

    [edited by Dr. Conspiracy to correct typographical errors]

  2. Jimmy says:

    Some times we just put too much thought into it!
    Barack Obama is a grey.
    Michelle Obama is a lizard people.
    Thier daughters are Hybrids.

    Come on 2012.

    In the mean time, try not to catch that Mexican SPAM flu!

  3. MARYH0E! says:

    Uhm, is this .. a joke..
    Obama isn’t a lizard& Lizards don’t run the country,

  4. It’s a joke as far as any sane person is concerned. I don’t know if there are true reptoid believers or not.

  5. davidthecopierking says:


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