Obama Election Illegal – Globe


Globe tabloid Obama conspiracy special

Sharing space with Ivana’s upcoming split with husband number 4, and Ricky Lake’s remarkable loss of 140 pounds, a two page spread in the December 22 issue covers many of the allegations of Obama conspiracy theorists including:

  • Obama will never be sworn in as President – goal of lawsuits
  • Really born in Africa – suits claims
  • Birth Certificate is a fake – suits claim
  • Potential for disaster – according to Beltway insider
  • The Constitution says that Presidents must have two U. S. citizen parents and be born on U. S. Soil – political historian Will Silvestri
  • Obama abandoned by mother twice – sources say
  • Upcoming book on President-elect involved in gay sex, illegal drugs and even murder – ex convict Larry Sinclair (failed polygraph) in upcoming book
  • Obama’s paternal grandmother was in the delivery room in Kenya when he was born – Alan Keyes (“he”?)

“There are a lot of people who hated the idea of an Obama presidency and are now using every weapon in their disposal to try to take him down,” says a source close to the incoming President. “But Obama’s got nothing to hide.”

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2 Responses to Obama Election Illegal – Globe

  1. John says:

    Actually, the cover is true IF in fact Obama was born in Kenya as his own grandmother and a Kenyan headline proclaimed. I don’t think anyone including the Supreme Court has the guts to enforce our constitution. Certainly Prez Bush hasn’t in terms of not pardoning the border guards who were simply doing their job to protect the country. NO ONE seems willing to enforce simple laws and constitutional mandates. Judges, especially from the 9th Circuit, insist on be legislators and overturn the clear will of the people by making their opinions into fiat. Every once in a while the Globe is right. I think they were right about Larry Sinclair as well.

  2. Dr. Conspiracy says:


    Somebody was kind enough to give me a real copy of the Globe today and everything in it is true. People DO claim and it IS alleged, and some DO SAY… and IF… But the Globe article itself says nothing on its own, it just reports all the crazy stuff others are saying, no matter that it has been disproved. Reading the rest of the Globe one finds similarly silly stuff.

    Saying the Supreme Court is gutless (rather than unimpressed by this constitutional crisis in a teapot) is classic conspiracy thinking. The Berg suit was distributed for January 9. I am confident another will bite the dust then. In my opinion, Berg should be sanctioned for that legally inept filing. Citing a TV show and the Italian Wikipedia and the anonymous Internet fake TechDude is beyond belief.

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