Polarik is Back!

Readers here may recall that I dismissed Ron Polarik, MS, PhD as a credible examiner of the Obama birth certificate image, and cited some third-party analysis debunking it.

Let me say first that Ron Polarik (a pseudonym) has no MS and no PhD. The person behind Ron may have these degrees or he may not. So long as “Ron” is anonymous, he has no right to claim any qualifications beyond what his own skill as a writer and scientist exhibits (i.e. high school dropout). The fact that this person claims credentials but offers no evidence that he holds them tells us right off to expect problems in the evidence department, and so was the case with his “Final Analysis“.

Anyhow, Polarik  is back with a claim that he has refuted his nemesis, Neal Krawetz PhD (real), in a new article called “Obama’s Forged Birth Certificate“. Polarik (or someone pretending to be him…how can you pretend to be someone pretending to be someone?) is running around the Internet now posting a message advertising his new article.

Polarik’s ranting style is still a pain to read. And puh-leeez, don’t you know that a web site can have more than one page? Break it up, dude! One long web page is so 1990’s.

I noted lots of repeated material from before, and lots of irrelevant material still. Here’s a great quote to illustrate Polarik’s sense of fantasy: The image acquired by the scanner was then saved as a JPG file. This is the file that was sent to the person who would do the actual forging. So how does Polarik know the forger didn’t scan the document himself? Of course he doesn’t and he couldn’t. But Polarik is comfortable making things up as he goes along. This is the disconnect between evidence and conclusion that Polarik doesn’t seem to see. Polarik’s “analysis” is much more about Polarik than it is about analysis.

The following image was attributed to Polarik:

Obama - Malcolm X morph attributed to Rod Polarik

Obama – Malcolm X morph attributed to Ron Polarik

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I am not a real doctor. I have a Master's Degree.
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19 Responses to Polarik is Back!

  1. Ted says:

    The Hawaii/birth certificate issue is a GIANT RED HERRING likely launched by Obama himself to divert attention from the actual impediment to his Presidency, that being the Constitution’s Article II requirement that he be a “natural born citizen”, which he is NOT as he states on his own campaign website that his dad was a Kenyan/British citizen when BHO was born.

    Case closed.

  2. Dr. Conspiracy says:

    Ted, spoken like a true conspiracy theorist.

    Obama said on his web site:

    “Since Sen. Obama has neither renounced his U.S. citizenship nor sworn an oath of allegiance to Kenya, his Kenyan citizenship automatically expired on Aug. 4,1982.”

    I don’t know what you are saying that Obama did not disclose that you claim to be true.

  3. Dr. Conspiracy says:

    Well after 8 years as President of the US, perhaps Barack Obama could go to Kenya and be president there!

  4. Noquitter says:

    Now that you have debunked Polarik, could you give us your credentials?

  5. Dr. Conspiracy says:

    Noquitter, that was ridicule, not debunking.

    I do have a Master’s Degree but it’s in mathematics and not image analysis, so I only claim from my credentials the ability to think logically.

    If I ever have the time to debunk Polarik, it will be in such a way that anyone can verify what I say themselves.

    I will offer one little debunk of his “Final Analysis”. Polarik said this:

    To validate my findings that the text in this COLB document image was the result of graphic alternations, and not a result of any printer or scanner artifacts, I made over 700 test scans and images using an actual paper COLB and different scanners that were subjected to different combinations of scanning and image parameters. I was finally able to replicate the Kos image so closely that other image experts thought it was the same Kos image, and not my “clone.”

    Then he goes on to compare one of his scanned images to the Obama Daily KOS image. Now can anyone with a straight face say they that these two images are replicated “so closely that other image experts thought it was the same Kos image”? It’s like a photo, one with flash and one with available light — they’re that different. And then with these totally different kinds of scans he starts picking at pixel differences in the images. Well DUH, he used a different scanner, a different lamp and different software and he got different results. Maybe he should have tried another 700 times.

    You don’t need an advanced degree to tell when you’re being snowed.

  6. Noquitter says:

    The whole question is invalid. A posted document on the internet can not be accepted.

  7. Dr. Conspiracy says:

    The question we’re discussing is whether the COLB image is plausibly a faithful representation of a real paper document, or whether it can be proved that the image is not. Noquitter, we are in complete agreement that the image proves nothing. It is evidence (not proof) that a real document exists.

    I can think of any number of people who in their official capacity, might ask for and expect to receive a look at the birth certificate, but none of them have asked.

  8. Noquitter says:

    “official capacity”
    He has had many lawsuits that could be ended
    if he just opened up his records.
    I guess the people that have filed lack standing in the future POTUS’s eyes.
    Do you find that elitist behavior from BHO?

  9. Dr. Conspiracy says:

    Noquitter, which lawsuit specifically would have “ended” if he had “just opened up his records”? It wouldn’t have settled Berg, and it wouldn’t have settled Donofrio and it wouldn’t have settled Wrotnowski. So exactly which one would it have settled?

  10. Noquitter says:

    Good point. It would have settled my doubts and proven that he is a man that does intend to be transparent. He’s won, history will expose any past skeletons so he should open his records. He’s bulletproof, nothing that isn’t illegal will harm him.

  11. Dr. Conspiracy says:


    The feel I get from the anti-Obama movement is that the “insiders” have given up on there being anything interesting on the birth certificate. The legal angle on Indonesian citizenship didn’t pan out, and as the mainstream newspapers start covering the story, all those misstatements about Hawaiian law and Pakistani travel bans are getting blown by real investigation by people who have the resources to research the issues.

    WorldNetDaily is calling the COLB genuine and Leo Donofrio’s Natural Born Citizen web site says that he believes Obama was born in Hawaii.

    They are putting their bets on being able to convince people of their definition of “natural born citizen” because whatever consensus exists among constitutional scholars, there has never been a clear decision from the Supreme Court and there is enough distrust of immigrants in the population for their ideas to get some traction.

  12. Noquitter says:

    Dec 23 2008 Application (08A505) referred to the Court.
    Dec 23 2008 DISTRIBUTED for Conference of January 16, 2009.
    have you studied these new developments and do you know what, if anything they mean?

  13. Dr. Conspiracy says:


    Berg keeps filing motions for an emergency injunction and they keep getting denied. The supreme court’s usual practice is that when one justice denies a request for injunction and the request is refiled, then they distribute it for conference. It looks like Berg has filed two distinct requests for injunction, both of which have been denied and refiled, and so each is scheduled for discussion at the Friday meeting, one on January 9 and one on January 13.

    Significance: Berg is getting lots of frequent-filer miles.

  14. Hitandrun says:

    Ted wrote:

    >The Hawaii/birth certificate issue is a GIANT RED HERRING[…]<

    The certificate issue itself is a legitimate one, demanding simple resolution. Rather, the forgery allegations, by now utterly demolished, reek of red herring.


  15. Dr. Conspiracy says:

    Hitandrun, nevertheless, you will find many who believe that the forgery is proven beyond a doubt.

    One knew from the beginning that the COLB was legitimate because a forgery would have been quickly denounced by the State of Hawaii, thereby ending Obama’s candidacy. Only a lunatic would have had the audacity to pull such a stunt and expect to get away with it.

    The same might be said (less convincingly) about the photocopy COLB. By law, the computer COLB has to mean what it says on its face. Whatever embarrassing information potentially exists on the other form, it couldn’t bear on Obama’s eligibility.

    If one accepts that the Obama COLB is authentic, anyone wanting a second document has to say “the first one doesn’t mean what it says” which is hardly a credible statement.

    Just as the forgery ploy has been blown, the “foreign registration” ploy has been blown even more so.

  16. Hitandrun says:

    admin writes:

    > By law, the computer COLB has to mean what it says on its face. Whatever embarrassing information potentially exists on the other form, it couldn’t bear on Obama’s eligibility.If one accepts that the Obama COLB is authentic, anyone wanting a second document has to say “the first one doesn’t mean what it says” which is hardly a credible statement.<

    Both documents may be authentically conveying misinformation. So let’s see if the original (which is in real time the first and not the second) document passes muster. We should have learned this lesson from the deceptive tactics of the McCain campaign.

    The broken record spins on,

  17. Dr. Conspiracy says:

    Hitandrun, if “both documents may be authentically conveying misinformation” then what is the use of seeing the other?

    Or to use your language, if COLB Mark I didn’t pass muster, then why would COLB Mark II judged by the same conspiracy theorist standards fare any better?

    I have long lost count of the number of plausible-sounding, but totally false statements about Barack Obama. I’m not sure I could even tell you how many demonstrably false statements have been made about the COLB. If we had a photocopy of the vault record, why would that not be a field in which a new crop of misinformation could be sown. They will be holding up vault record copies and claiming the font is different, or that the numbering scheme is different or the doctors name is typed instead of signed or that this doctor always played golf on Tuesdays, or that the state seal in 1993 is not the same size as the state seal in 1991 or that the whole thing has been Photoshopped or that Hawaiian officials are afraid of murder and so made up a fake one. Look at what’s been done with Obama’s selective service registration, a document Obama has never touched.

    Don’t you get it? Evidence is gasoline on the fire of conspiracy theory.

  18. Hitandrun says:

    Admin, I find your response Orwellian, to say the least. By your standard, Obama should never have released the CnOLB image to begin with, nor should any candidate be vetted as to eligibility. The conspiracy mongers, I agree, will always be with us. There is more at stake here. An authentic hospital-generated CeOLB supported by hospital records would have put this to rest long ago for most of us. Until Mr Obama releases them, your defense of his obstructionist conduct will continue to ring hollow, and the legitimacy of his administration will be under threat.
    Got it?


  19. Dr. Conspiracy says:


    You are not far off. I think Obama would have been better off if he had followed the McCain strategy–pick a reporter and show it to him rather than post an image on the Internet, which in the final analysis proves nothing. The document proves everything.

    If you find my comment Orwellian, you should look at the Wiki over at Natural Born Citizen…Orly? where she takes letters from Congressmen saying that persons born in the United States are natural born and uses that to prove how stupid Congress is!

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