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I commented over at and got a “less than satisfying” reply so I went back to try again. The original article and my comment and their reply were gone. Nothing in Google’s cache, so we’ll have to settle for the end of the story without the beginning.

Dr. Conspiracy said: I note among your facts, that Obama is being sued, and that people are asking for records. What I do not understand is why you think any of these are “evidence” of anything. I have listened to the full Obama grandmother tape, not the edited YouTube version, and it is quite clear she is saying Obama was born in Hawaii, and there is no report of her telling friends and neighbors that Obama was born in Hawaii. There is also a YouTube video of Obama Uncle, standing next to grandmother Obama’s house, saying the first time Barack Obama was in Kenya was in 1987. So that “fact” is totally bogus. Barack Obama never made any statement as to which hospital he was born in, so that “fact: is bogus too. Finally the travel ban to Pakistan is a total myth, as proven by a story from 1981 in the New York Times, in the Travel section, of a reporter who traveled to Pakistan and reported that Americans could get a free 30-day visa at the border. The truth at said: Dear Dr. Conspiracy, We ask that you please get your facts straight before commenting on these stories. This article did not accuse Barack Obama of being ineligible. It did, however, post facts surrounding the situation and questioned why Barack Obama has not taken simple steps to prove his eligibility. Concerning the full tape of what his grandmother said, your facts are flat out wrong. We appreciate your support for Barack Obama, but we do ask that your support does not exceed reason and facts are not overstated. The above remark about Barack Obama’s grandmother is completely authentic. In addition, Barack Obama did make a remark as to which hospital he was born in, and his answered differed with his half-sister’s answer. Once again, please be sure to verify your facts. The website you refer to,, is not a credible organization. Your New York Times article is bogus, once again if you verified the facts you would see that you are wrong. Thank you for the comment.

Since I cannot reply to what is no longer on their web site, I will have to respond here:

Lots of dismissal there, but not much in the way of argument and facts. Does anybody see the word “ineligible” in my comment? Does anyone see me saying I support Barack Obama? Exactly what about the New York Times article was bogus, and where is your evidence that Obama commented where he was born?

At least on we have evidence underneath what we say.

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  1. bogus info says:

    Dr. C.,

    I guess you’ve been “scrubbed.” LOL

  2. Patrick McKinnion says:

    Yeah, they posted an attack on a four month old article of mine at Yes To Democracy as well. The article they had on their webpage was full of long since debunked garbage.

  3. mimi says:

    See now I had to go over and see that site. They say Obama is not President because the Constitution says must be sworn in at 12:00. Then they say at the second oath, a bible wasn’t used. And people buy this stuff?

  4. Hitandrun says:

    You write above, “there is no report of hertelling friends and neighbors that Obama was born in Hawaii.” Did you mean ‘Kenya’ ?


  5. ch says:

    A lady reviewed the COLB and said “it [is] impossible to determine whether the document is genuine or fake”, based on an image on the Internet.

    Exactly. This is the whole reason people want to see a real birth certificate verified by the courts. Nobody would be concerned if everything in his life were not locked away, scared for anybody to see. His college records would have settled concerns. His passport would have settled concerns. But he increases concerns by locking them all up. Sort of a coward, it seems. If Obama opened up his passport records instead of killing people, and opened up his college records, and had not lived in a house provided by Rezko, it would be easier to trust him. But nothing he says is true so why believe his group Factcheck, part of his group Annenberg, when they stand up for him? Nothing he says is ever true. If he were a real man he would step into the court if a citizen was concerned and put their fears to rest. He is not a real man. He is acting like a coward and hides from the courtroom, hides his records, hides everything. His behavior is that of a street criminal and action speaks louder than words. You, Mr. Conspiracy, are easily fooled and are supporting someone who hides all his records and you say, “fine with me!” Oh brother, you “concealers” are a bunch of nutcakes!!

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