Doctor Conspiracy

Doctor Conspiracy

I wanted to take a moment to consider Michelle’s visit to Obama Conspiracy Theories yesterday.

For whatever reason, the amount of critical discussion here is not large, and what there is has been reasonably respectful. We agree to disagree and at least communicate some.

Michelle was more aggressive than what we’re “used to”. I spend hundreds of hours on this blog, reading obscure texts, searching for facts and sources. It really raises the hackles on my back when someone describes the content here as “cut and pasted” because indeed most of the content here is actually original. And I got called an “idiot” with half done research by someone who refused to offer anything in the way of facts or evidence.

It all seemed grossly unfair. But here’s the rub…

Michelle kept saying that “her” source, this professor Chin, proved her case and demolished mine. My error (one I have made before) was to assume she had some nut-case fringe source, and I didn’t bother to try to find it. It turns out that Chin was not a nut-case fringe source, but rather a very reasonable and competent source that agreed with me (and the law review articles I link to here) that anyone born in the United States (except for the children of ambassadors) are “natural born citizens”.

I think a much better strategy when I get a belligerent visitor with rampantly unfair remarks, is:

  1. Do not respond immediately in the heat of indignation
  2. Treat what argument and sources provided seriously and provide a thoughtful response
  3. Refuse to waste time on comments without sources. Simply ask for a couple of details of evidence
  4. Keep in mind that the purpose of this blog is for everyone to have a chance to learn something, not to win or run off folks who disagree.

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7 Responses to Michelle

  1. bogus info says:

    This may be the same Michelle that posted here on Berg’s blog:

    written by Michelle, January 16, 2009

    I believe somebody posted on the old blog that today on Hannity’s radio show that he said something about we all just need to hang in there until Tuesday and he could not comment further. They said it was strange.

    I wonder…May be the reason they have the National guard and armed services coming in is because he will tell the world the truth and step down? I guess that is in my wildest dreams! Its probaly wishful thinking on my part!

    Anyone else hear Hannity talk about this yesterday? Did he really say that we “have to hang on until Thursday and that he couldn’t commeny any further” ??

    Coming from Hannity that is a little odd, he’s not a conspiracy theorist…

  2. bogus info says:

    Linda Starr’s posts are always interesting to read:

    written by Linda Starr, January 17, 2009

    They are toolate then for we have exposed it and continue to expose it to the world. They have waited too long. WE HERE ON THIS BLOG AND ON THE INTERNET, true patriots one and all, have already done thier job for them. They thought this would go away, but they never counted on Phil working this night and day, on every radio show or other forum that would let him carry this message to keep it not only keep it alive, but thriving and growing daily. We are no longer a small group of bloggers. We are a movement for change and to uphold the Constitution. We transcend parties, race, religion and class.

    No Bill, if the Intelligence Community wants to expose and stop this, they have very little time to do the right thing and prevent this illegal alien from being sworn in. So if there is something they can do, they have at best 2 1/2 days to do what must be done to save our Constitution. Otherwise they are just as complicit in these crimes as Pelosi, Barry S/Ob, Michelle S/Ob, Pelosi, Dean, Reid, Kerry, Kennedy, Brazile, et al and might as well arrest themselves.

    And just to let you know, this isn’t something new. The coup started with Bush’s illegal installation in 2000. And if SCOTUS does not do it’s job, they are just as guilty this time as they were in 2000.

    “In addition, I think people within our own intelligence agencies have to come to the conclusion that they can not allow a bunch of bloggers and websites like this expose the official truth before they do….if the cyberworld exposes the official truth about Obama before our own CIA and NSA can, that would be so EMBARASSING to our own government, and our government would lose credibility.”

  3. bogus info says:

    I see it as most you do; he was/is putting someone and/or a group on notice before he hopped on Marine 1 for the weekend.

    Yes, quite possibly after “The One’s” jubilant day and before he hands him the keys to the White House, all of this as to not upset the hypnotized masses.

    I believe the cracks in the dam are starting to break and it is about to get wild…

    Leak #1 = Washington Times Today Letter to Editor – Supreme Court Accountability
    Link >> http://washingtontimes.com/new…untablity/

  4. bogus info says:

    Linda Starr again:

    written by Linda Starr, January 17, 2009

    Frank we’re WAY past this discussion. I know why Michelle S/Ob was court ordered permanently disbarred. We’re had numerous debates with trolls who keep insisting it isn’t true. The fact is that Barry S/Ob didn’t have the same language on his inactive status, so defense of her is inaccurate. The fact is that the code relating to her disbarment relates to a serious crime – while his does not. I suggest you do more research, and keep an open mind about what I’m saying here. Ladies and Gentlemen – I present to you Mr & Mrs Fraudulent S/Ob.

  5. laughinghysterically says:

    I am sorry, normally I try to be very civil, but Linda Starr is an idiot and in this case,at least, I believe a blatant liar.

    Barack’s atty reg info does not use the phrase “court ordered inactive because he went inactive after 1999 and therefore AFTER Former Il Rule 770 was repealed.

    Michelle went inactive in 1993 when Former Il Rule 770 was still in place and Rule 770 required a court proceeeding for ALL attys seeking to VOLUNTARILY opt for inactive status. This is why her atty reg info includes the phrase “court-ordered inactive” and Barack’s just says “inactive”.

    Linda infuriates me when she makes these statements, as she has no freaking clue what the he*l she is talking about!

  6. laughinghysterically says:

    And, I truly do hope Linda gets all that is coming to her in life. As they say, karma is a bit*h.

  7. bogus info says:


    I posted that one just for you. Linda Starr is right up there with Doc Orly.

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