To Barbara

I found this post by Barbara over at Investigating Obama:

One point people have made is that because the man Obama’s mother “married” first was actually Muslim but more to the point ALREADY MARRIED to another woman, then although by Muslim law she was married to that man, (since by Muslim law a man is allowed to have 4 wives), still, by American law, a man is allowed to have only one wife at a time, therefore since Obama senior was already married, his “marriage” to Stanley Ann Dunham never truly occurred legally by American law.
Therefore, Stanley Ann Dunham was in fact an unwed mother.

Because she was an unwed mother, by US law, in that situation, birthright is ONLY given through the mother.

The unwed mother would have had to have resided in the United States for the year preceding the birth of her child.

However, since Stanley Ann Dunham says that she lived in Hawaii for the year preceding little Barack Obama II’s birth, she could NOT have passed on US citizenship to him. And this is why:


Hawaii had NOT become joined to the United States at that time, and was not for several years afterwards.

Therefore, Barack Obama II was NOT given ANY US citizenship at birth.

Therefore at least in terms of his birth, Barack Obama II has no US natural born citizenship.

As such, Barack Obama II has NO eligibility to run for President of the United States.

Darn those anti-bigamy laws anyway!



Hi Barabara.

Barack Obama was born in 1961 and Hawaii became a state in 1959. Exercise for the reader: which is earlier: 1959 or 1961? How can you do this on a calculator? Make a guess as to which one is later and punch it into your calculator, then press the minus sign (-) then punch in the second number and press =. If there is a “-” next to the answer then you guessed wrong, if not you were right!

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  1. Patrick McKinnion says:

    Cue the “Hawaii isn’t really a state” argument in 3, 2, 1…….

  2. bogus info says:

    Here is another post on Berg’s blog. Notice this guys wants MONEY. If it was on the “internet”, why hasn’t anybody else found it? LOL

    PAUL LAVANWAY on January 1st, 2009 7:45 am

    I found proof (through the internet) that a birth record was issued for Babyboy Obama, born at the state-supported hospital in Kenya to parents of British citizenship (Mr. & Mrs. Obama). I’m ready to go forth with this. Do you need a retainer (or Pro bono would be good !). Also, there are LOTS of published reports that Mrs. Obama did file for a Birth Certicate as soon as the plane landed in Hawaii (with baby Obama about a week old). So you can get on the internet & get the same proof that I have and give me a call xxx-xxx-xxxx. I am not an Obama hater, I think that He is one of the most influential men that has ever lived, but the Law says he should stepdown and let Mr. Biden take the oath of office. So what do you think, do we stand a chance ??? (It never hurts to try !!!)

    Any chance someone followed up with this fellow on the outside chance it’s not another Ed Hale ruse?

  3. bogus info says:

    These guys get hit up for money alot, huh?


    Our Country Is In Distress


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  4. While Obama is a somewhat unusual name in the United States, there is nothing at all interesting in someone named Obama (whose PARENTS amazingly were named Obama too!) to have been born in Kenya. While all Kenyan Mr. and Mrs. Obamas would have been British citizens, Stanley Ann D. Obama was not, ruling out this record as being that of our Hawaiian born President-elect.

    Thanks for playing.

  5. John Dean says:

    Idiots of the world, Unite!

  6. bogus info says:

    This is a recent post off Berg’s blog:

    “Here’s why. Friday is the last day the SCOTUS meets before the inauguation. Remember, Monday is a holiday. Interesting pick. They gave him until the last minute to come through, including a fireside chat. I guess it all matters if he sweet talked them or not, but I’m pretty sure the BC came up. Why in the world would they meet with him days prior to conferencing on a suit they’re hearing about him? They have to know that if they rule against Phil, they can be called out for inappropriate behavior.”

  7. bogus info says:

    Here is a post by “Ned” on Berg’s blog.

    “Also, if you follow Justice Roberts career, as mentioned in Wikipedia ( you will notice that Justice Roberts became a Judge only 2 years prior to being nominated as the Chief Justice of the SCOTUS, whereas a lot of the other SCOTUS justices have considerably more experience as being a judge, before being appointed to the SCOTUS. Also, it can be seen that when he became a judge he took a pay cut from $1 million per year, that he was making, to $171K per year. THAT IS A BIG PAY CUT. And so to me, this career move of his does appear to be a pre-planned move to gain experience as a Judge, before being appointed as the Chief Justice of the SCOTUS. Is this another pre-planned move of the shadow government towards fulfillment of their current agenda to safely install a puppet President and then proceed with their chipping agenda? I cannot say for sure, but I see enough red flags going up to indicate the possibility that Chief Justice Roberts may not always rule to protect the Constitutional Freedoms of the citizens of this great nation. What do you all think?”

    “I believe, now the only way to preserve our Constitutional Freedoms is to write to our representatives and persuade them to pass a bill that will allow for the recall of the President in a referrendum voted-in by the citizens of this nation, similar to recall for the Governor that is allowed in states like California. If that doesn’t work the only other avenue I see is mass protests and demonstrations in the streets. But, we also need to be careful of avoiding extremes like coming under the Martial Law. We really need another American Revolution, right now!!!”

  8. bogus info says:

    Recent comments from Berg’s blog:

    John, William
    written by HawaiianGuy, January 17, 2009

    Perhaps this is what Obama wants to discuss with McCain when they have dinner the night before the Inauguration. Maybe, Obama will tell McCain that he will step down and maybe they will swear McCain in as President. Maybe, this was also discussed when Obama and Biden met with the SCOTUS on Wednesday and why they left via the back door. Whatever happens, something is going on that we don’t know about yet.

    Republicans, I llike Gingrich/Palin.
    lawyers for Alan Keyes subpoenaed Obama’s Occidental College records for use in the case of Keyes v. Bowen.

    Everyone we have been able to enjoy and vent on this blog. I am about to donate again to Phil’s cause and just wanted you to consider doing the same in case you have not already.

    Here is the reply from MommaE on a match for any donations to Phil:

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    This is great cause he is fighting for on our behalf. Too, the match is equally as great. Hope you will take a minute and go back to the main page to send a donation via PayPal

    see exactly what you are saying, but all of those set by the Constitution in the legal line of succession (Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Byrd) may MORALLY (or due to public pressure) have to step aside and not rise up to be President due to their involvement. And the cabinet members could be voided as a usurper’s appointments are not valid.

    Here is an informative discussion on the dangers of chipping, the most dangerous of which is mind control, which can be and is being implemented using the HAARP project:

    I have seen other discussions where some covert NSA/CIA operatives, who are chipped frequently, have actually become mind controlled slaves. So, if any such legislation to legalize mandatory chipping on humans even shows up in the house or the senate, there need to be lawsuits and mass protests against that

    NEVER, NEVER AGREE TO TAKE THE MARK (CHIP) OF THE BEAST!!! I think, this is the right time, for TRUE PATRIOTS like Phil, Orly Taitz, Leo Donofrio, Wrotnowski and countless others to start seriously thinking about running for the Senate or the House as the TRUE REPRESENTATIVES of WE THE PEOPLE. Only, when our TRUE REPRESENTATIVES are part of the legislative and the administration can we take our country (and the whole world) out of the mess it is in, right now.

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