News Jan 29 – Feb 5, 2009.

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  1. Donofrio’s blog, Natural Born Citizen, is back on the air at least since yesterday. I thought he had folded his hand and gone home. I’ll go see what he did with my post of Lynch v. Clarke. Wow, approved, but very small and very gray.

    Some people have asked me why I’ve given up on this front. The answer is simple. Justice is a dog and pony show. I’m not wasting anymore time in the courts. But I am certainly rooting for somebody to prove me wrong. I would love to eat crow on my SCOTUS wussy pic. But somehow I don’t see that meal in my future on that particular issue.

  2. bogus info says:

    This is interesting. Thoughts?

    written by Pseudonym, January 29, 2009

    Hillary Clinton Constitutionally Ineligible to Serve as Secretary of State

    Respectfully asking….. what does that remotely have to do with Obama’s citizenship or eligibility?

    Besides, it was a known issue… it’s happened in administrations going back to Nixon… generally they just reduce the pay rate of the Secretary of State and move on with life. Been happening for 40 years or so. *shrug*

  3. bogus info says:

    Here is the first part:

    OMG – This is BIG ! ! !
    written by Carlyle, January 29, 2009


    This had been discussed some weeks and months ago. But I figured it was dead because she was already sworn in. Well now we have an actual State Dept employee heading this lawsuit! What a brave soul!!

    Whatever happens here, it will at least blow wide open the doors to officially discuss the concept of “constitutional eligibility” and the consequences of not following this supreme law of the land.

    Keep an eye on this one folks – expect some MAJOR FIREWORKS.

    Washington, DC — January 29, 2009

    Hillary Clinton Constitutionally Ineligible to Serve as Secretary of State

    Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, announced today that it has filed a lawsuit against newly sworn-in Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on behalf of U.S. Foreign Service Officer and State Department employee David C. Rodearmel, (Rodearmel v. Clinton, et al., (D. District of Columbia)). The lawsuit maintains that Mrs. Clinton is constitutionally ineligible to serve as Secretary of State and that Mr. Rodearmel cannot be forced to serve under the former U.S. Senator, as it would violate the oath he took as a Foreign Service Officer in 1991 to “support and defend” and “bear true faith and allegiance” to the Constitution of the United States.

    written by Kenneth Tripp, January 29, 2009

    That case has the potential to split us up. Some of us think highly of Hillary and would consider that a frivolous, sexist lawsuit.

  4. bogus info says:

    Rod Blagojevich impeachment trial, January 27, 2009, IL Governor impeachment, Obama ties, IL Health Planning Facilities Board, Bid rigging, Obama senate seat, Rezko, Levine, Weinstein, Criminal complaint, Blagojevich indictment, PatrickFitzgerald
    January 27, 2009 76 Comments

    The impeachment trial of Governor Rod Blagojevich of Illinois
    began on Monday, January 26, 2009. Governor Blagojevich was
    not present at the trial Monday, instead he continued his
    road show antics of pleading innocence and being the victim
    of a witch hunt. Anyone that followed the Tony Rezko trial,
    read the indictments of Rezko, Stuart Levine, Dr. Robert
    Weinstein and a host of others and compared those revelations
    to the details of the Blagojevich criminal complaint knows
    of Rod Blagojevich’s deep involvement in Chicago pay to play
    politics. It is also clear that the case against Blagojevich
    is not simply about selling Obama’s senate seat, but about
    many years of corruption that ties Blagojevich to many Chicago
    corruption figures as well as Obama.
    One of the more flagrant cases of corruption involving
    Blagojevich and Obama was their part in rigging the IL Health
    Planning Facilities Board. Obama was in the IL Senate at that
    time and was instrumental in reducing the number of members
    from 15 to 9. Why is that important? Because the governor, Rod
    Blagojevich, had the power to appoint up to 5 members.
    Blagojevich, in cahoots with Rezko and Levine, appointed
    members that would follow their wishes and consequently Obama and
    Blagojevich received campaign contributions from the new
    members. The board was involved in bid rigging.
    Obama and Blagojevich and Health Planning Board rigging
    Obama, Blagojevich and IL Teachers Retirement System
    reveal more Chicago and Illinois corruption ties.

    Obama corruption ties in IL TRS should lead to indictment
    Blagojevich investigation should lead to Obama Indictment
    Listen to Blagojevich Impeachment Trial

  5. Once again, thanks for the previous link. Perhaps this site would care to humor me and answer this question: would it be possible for someone to have a birth cert on file in HI that matches the 10/31 description from the state of HI but that also indicates a birth outside HI? If you say that would be impossible, please provide evidence to back it up. Mahalo!

  6. George Orwell III says:

    OMG!!! 🙂

    Will Texas Darlin’s head explode???

  7. It is legally impossible for Barack Obama to be born outside Hawaii in 1961 and still have a birth registered there as argued in detail in my article Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate Doesn’t Really Say He Was Born in Hawaii. The only way it would be possible for Barack Obama to have a Hawaiian birth certificate and not be born in Hawaii is for his parents to have submitted a perjured affidavit that he was born in Hawaii, but unassisted at home.

    Home births were quite rare in Honolulu in 1961 (only 14 all year). Typically when registration fraud is involved, the birth registration is delayed, which is not the case for Barrack Obama’s birth (4 days after birth).

    I should point out that there is no evidence Obama was born anywhere else. There are claims that somebody saw a Kenyan birth certificate, someone with no name and no affidavit. The grandmother tape, is of course, evidence he was born in Hawaii if one listens to the unedited version available here and elsewhere.

    We take evidence very seriously here.

  8. This is an attempt to violate the spirit of the constitution by adhering to the letter of it in a rather mindless way.

  9. bogus info says:

    Obama- in empty words is pro Israel, in reality-Pro Palestinian terrorists, pro destruction of Israel.

    Note the mixture of the lie (automatic Indonesian citizenship) with the truth (Naturalized citizens are not eligible…).

  10. TRUTH says:

    You DO? That’d be a first. And if you did it might be because you researched his background, FINALLY, and learned how he was taught politics work. You scratch my back, I’ll feed you pork. He did it before and is attempting it still.

  11. mimi says:

    The funniest part of that rant is this: “…instead of allowing Robert Bauer and Obama a free ride claiming political blog garbage as a reputable source. Why aren’t the judges sanctioning them for even claiming that this stupid political unverified blog is a reputable source?”
    Her entire case is based on internet rumor. And, a guy named Polarik who won’t reveal his name.
    She should wonder when, exactly, the Courts will start to impose sanctions on her.
    Also, in the article posted 2 entries before this one, she says “When a man spends reported $800,000 on attorneys to keep original birth certificate sealed…”
    Where did that come from Orly? Who reported that? Was it a “reliable” blog? What a sham you are.

  12. mimi says:

    I don’t understand her point of posting this. Unless she wants war-mongers to get riled up? Who wants war? Why is looking for a peaceful alternative a bad thing?

  13. mimi says:

    I still don’t understand her point in posting the paper, but, it does show Obama went by the name “OBAMA” while at Columbia. Orly was trying to prove he didn’t. Oh well Orly.

  14. bogus info says:


    When she first posted that article, somebody asked her how to provide evidence of President Obama’s legal fees, but they also asked her how much she had spent in legal fees and if the allegation that she had received $10,000.00 from Ed Hale/Plains Radio for appearing on his show. When I went back later, that post had been deleted. And, Orly did not respond to the later two questions. Interesting. A blogger posted that about Ed Hale on her blog. Probably not true? I’ve also seen that comment made on other blogs.

    Orly, in my opinion, certainly has two sets of rules/double standard.

  15. bogus info says:

    I think Orly’s point to this post is toimply that Obama will weaken USA defense. The whole dictator/muslin/destroy America thing.

    The opposite to anti- war would be pro -war and nobody in their right mind would be pro- war? And I really don’t think anybody would want a arms race/build up so we could/wouldblow each other up? So, I guess I am also anti-war and advocate nuclear arms reduction. Never considered that to be a bad thing.

    This has nothing to do with her case which is Obama a NBC? and if you will notice, some of her followers are beginning to take issue with this.

  16. The article which begins: “As you know, I posted yesterday an article, that was forwarded to me by Devvy Kidd, a reporter and writer with some 20 years of experience. The article ” has been deleted and that’s all I can retrieve. Devvy Kidd is a prominent nObama, that I haven’t talked about here. She doesn’t put much at all about Obama on her web site but is quoted elsewhere with remarks like:

    There is still the unresolved issue of Obama providing a COLB – Certification of Live Birth – to prove he is a natural born citizen. Not a “birth certificate,” but the COLB. The fact that this thug from Chicago refuses to provide this document since June, 2008, says it all. The second issue is if Obama were born in the U.S., but was automatically made an Indonesian citizen by virtue of his mother’s marriage to her Indonesian husband and Obama’s legal name change, he is ineligible to run for the presidency. Naturalized citizens are not eligible for the highest office in the land.


  17. I have a really smarmy remark to insert here, but I will refrain. I will just say college students may change their views in later life.

  18. What I find remarkable is some of the comments questioning Orly following this article. I didn’t know such things made it onto that blog.

    As expected, ask for facts, you’re an Obot.
    Ask for proof, you’re an Obot.
    Ask for evidence, you’re an Obot.

    I guess the really patriotic thing to do would be just to shut-up, fork over my “donation” and not ask any questions? To trust and believe blindly without anything being done to earn my trust or faith? To just happily “tow the line” because that’s what everybody else is doing? Why not? It’s a lot easier than trying to separate out fact from fiction and backing up your claims with something real.

    If you want to call me an Obot, fine but who’s being more “robotic”? Me for asking questions or you for just taking it all at face value and never thinking to dig deeper. Aren’t you doing exactly what you accuse Obama supporters of doing? Aren’t you just handing your faith over without receiving anything of substance in return? Isn’t your faith worth more than that? I know mine certainly is but if you’d rather just call me an Obot and go on your blind, merry way, by all means do so. I’m going to keep challenging folks on both sides of the issue until I discover the truth for myself.


  19. Orly says: “In my Keyes v Bowen case there are 4 attorneys representing Obama, …” When dealing with Orly (who doesn’t check sources) one never knows whether she speaks truly or just repeats an unreliable source. That is, Orly is “no information” and if you want to know something you have to go elsewhere. I feel sorry for the poor electors she’s suing.

  20. I think the recent “Obama military oath” fiasco should tell us a lot about what a “reliable blog” is. Very few blogs (this one included) have the right to call themselves “reliable”. I try, but I don’t have the resources of The New York Times.

  21. bogus info says:


    I nearly fell over when I saw that. Couldn’t believe “Robert” hadn’t deleted it. Of course, then someone came right behind that post and said “Obot alert.” LOL. Whoever that was made some very valid points.

  22. bogus info says:

    Oh, and I forgot to add “The Big Bad Wolf.” (Muslim)

  23. bogus info says:

    Dr. C.,

    I think you do a great job and always correct something if needed when it is brought to your attention/proven wrong. That is reliable to me in itself.

    I saw the best debates today between GeorgetownJD and Phil on The Right Side of Life under the article “Hollister v Saetoro Motion to Dismiss.” GeorgetownJD really had his “lunch packed.”

  24. mimi says:

    Devvy Kidd is a lawyer. She was involved with the “We The People Foundation”. I think she broke away, but still subscribes to their ideology. (My guess is, she didn’t want the bad press from the tax protestor convictions. But, that’s just speculation.) She touts the 16th Amendment was never ratified, therefore taxes are illegal mantra.
    Anyway… the Constitutionalists are supposed to be about protecting your rights, including right to privacy. What happened to that idea.
    Also, I thought it was understood (and shown) that a parent cannot renounce a minor’s citizenship.

  25. mimi says:

    No kidding. Still… don’tcha have a glimmer of that ideology left in ya?

  26. bogus info says:


    This bunch “upholds” on part of the Constitution while they trash another. LOL

  27. mimi says:

    There is a question up on Ed Hale’s forum right now trying to figure out what case she has? Some have heard that she no longer represents Keyes. Nobody at Hale’s board can find a case… yet.

  28. mimi says:

    It’s the Kerchner case. Same old, same old.

  29. bogus info says:

    Mimi, Yes, I know–realized that after I posted it. My bad. Learn to read before I post. LOL. Usually do but was in a hurry. Is any of that stuff they are saying about Orly at Plains Radio true? One blogger has been posting it on her blog too. Orly/Robert are now requiring the comments to be moderated. Somebody who is postinganonomyous is posting the stuff–claims not to be a O-bot but who knows?

  30. bogus info says:

    Doc Orly just posted this on her forum:
    False rumors

  31. bogus info says: The Usurper has some Priorities

    I recall during the election that one of the news stations reported that the military was more scared of McCain than Obama on defense cuts because McCain knew where all the “bones” were buried. It is my understanding that there is alot of “pork” in the defense budget?

  32. mimi says:

    Orly is going to moderate her board. Yes. As to what’s true about any other claims, who knows. Word at Plains Radio Board was that Orly was off Keyes case. I heard that a week ago or so as well. But, today Orly says she’s not. And, she lists a bunch of other stuff too.
    She says “Judge Carnes in TX has granted a pro hac vice, allowing me to represent Jody Brockhausen in TX.” – I wonder if he knows how she got her law degree and looked at any of her stuff? And, being that Orly sometimes “stretches” the truth (or lies), I don’t know if that would be true or not.
    I also see she started “Defend Our Freedoms Foundation”. I would be curious if she will take a salary from the foundation.
    She has lost a lot of credibility of late, and I think she’s scrambling.

  33. mimi says:

    Bogus, Go to google video or YouTube and search for Rumsfeld September 10 2001. Rumsfeld admitted they lost track of TRILLIONS of dollars. Into the Pentagon black hole. But, the next day, 9/11, the world changed.
    I think the figure went up afterwards, but not much was reported on it.
    I am not so naive to think there are not secret projects and places where the money was spent. They might have “lost track” of some money, but not the amount they’re talking about.

  34. I'm a little o-bot
    Short and Stout
    Here is my handle
    Here is my spout

    When I tell the truth
    They start to shout
    Kick the sorry
    O-bot out.

  35. GeorgetownJD says:

    Hahahahahaha. Admission pro hac vice on a case that has been dismissed is … worthless. Pro hac means “for this one particular case.” Newsflash to Orly: This one particular case is over, vamoosh, done. Your 3-minute admission to practice in Texas has concluded.

  36. bogus info says:


    There was another allegation by the blogger about Orly receiving 10K for appearing on Plains Radio. Notice she didn’t address that issue. Also, a issue with the story she tells about fleeing Russia 20 years ago–evidently someone has been “investigating Orly.”

  37. bogus info says:


    Is that going to be our “theme song?”

  38. bogus info says:

    Doc Orly is a nutcase. Do you think this representitive is trying to “object?”

    Update on the congressman that raised his hand
    Posted on by David-Crockett

    Update II:

    “Dr. Orly has published a number of additional pictures proving that a hand was raised in objection. I have included them at the end of this article”

  39. Looks like applause to me.

  40. mimi says:

    New Conspiracy. Judge Surrick’s Decision was Rigged. Evidence in the form of time stamps on faxed copies. Video and full explantion here:
    Basically, Chicago writes decision, faxes decision to Judge Surrick, who faxes decision to Berg.

  41. George Orwell III says:

    Sometimes I wonder if these people actually know anything about how our government actually works. It really seems as though they are making it up as they go along because this is the first time they’ve ever followed plain old ‘parliamentary procedure‘ as it takes place on Capitol Hill.

    The truth of the matter is, although Cheney spoke the words “without objection” when instructing the temporary Tellers of the joint session, the correct point to have made the verbal objection was when Ohio came up for certification of their electoral results. Any legitimate objections would have been known to at least one of the Teller’s or the Clerk of the House — if not the Vice President himself before the joint session was even called to order. You see, the objection to a certification of electoral votes is only recognized WHEN MADE IN WRITTING!!!

    See this CNN Transcript for how an objection was handled back in 2001’s joint session of Congress over the Florida debacle as an established example to refer to. I’d get it straight from the Congressional Record but its kind of late and just not up to it right now.

  42. bogus info says:

    This has already been well hashed at Berg’s blog, And the fact that the objection has to be in writing.
    Orly is just stupid. and that is just the plain truth. Orly is like a mule and a pit bull combined, which can sometimes be a good quality unless it is combined with stupid. For people who are unholding the Constitution, they sure don’t appear to have read it. But, Orly is just looking for ANYTHING.

  43. bogus info says:

    Mimi, Something doesn’t pass the smell test on this post. Go look at the dates on the comments???? Is this a rerun of a old article?

  44. Real conspiracy theory quality evidence. Two people in the same time zone–must be an association!

    What I found interesting was the obviously disguised voice in the YouTube video. Polarik?

  45. bogus info says:

    Jean Kulig-Tucker – US Attorney Coordinator

    “It appears that there is mounting, if not conclusive, documentary evidence that Barack H. Obama, aka, Barry Soetoro, is not a “natural born” citizen, as provided by Article II, Section 1, Clause 4 of the United States Constitution, and therefore, is Constitutionally ineligible to hold the Office of President of the United States.”

  46. bogus info says:

    Dr. C., Have you checked the Jan. 8, 2008 Congressional Record to see if there is an objection filed by anyone? It is PDF and I can’t open them.

  47. mimi says:

    I assumed it was a voice board. Computer generated voice.

  48. mimi says:

    Yep. Comments are into March 2009. Odd.

  49. Expelliarmus says:

    I guess these people don’t understand how the Justice Dept. works, either. Your link points to a letter that is written to a Bush appointee (see: – asking for a criminal investigation into the whole eligibility thing. I guess Ms. Tucker doesn’t understand that Obama gets to appoint his own replacements. I doubt that Eric Holder & his subordinates will be interested in pursuing this, when they have so much more interesting cases to pursue what with the whole Karl Rove defiance of Congressional subpena’s thing. Out with the old & in with the new…..

    As to her basic question… “who decides?” … I think the Constitution makes it pretty clear that Congress decidese, and as far as I can tell… they’ve already made the determination.

  50. bogus info says:

    Donofrio has gone off the deep end. Totally. It is my opinion that this dude does some serious drugs OR he is a mental case. Judge for yourself:

    About the only thing rationalthinghe did say was that Orly SHOULD NOT ADVISE MILITARY TO DISOBEY ORDERS!

  51. bogus info says: Bill creates Nazi camps in U.S. for emergencies’

    Other than “the nutcases” stupid headline, does anybody here see anything wrong with this? Does Katrina come to mind?

  52. I think “rotting” is a more accurate term than “mounting”.

  53. Too far-fetched to check.

  54. It was very robotic, but I thought a human was doing that intentionally.

  55. Tell it to the judge.

  56. Donofrio’s a poker player and a chess player. He knows when to fold/resign.

  57. “Clueless with repect [sic] to the definition of what constitutes a Natural Born citizen” is code language for “doesn’t subscribe to our fringe views”.

    As for “Lt. Col Dr. Earl-Graeff?”, the name could be as fake as these.

    There is a real Dr. David Earl-Graeff (Georgetown University) , but I don’t know if it is the same person who wrote the letter to Senator Warner. The letter writer based on the address lives in a half-million dollar house.

  58. mimi says:

    I don’t know anymore Doc. Leo is hard to figure out. If you get a few minutes, check this…
    He’s certainly a colorful character. But, after reading that article, I might believe Leo’s claim that someone was following him.

  59. bogus info says:


    Personally, I think he’s into some heavy duty drugs. So, there may be several reasons he would be followed.

  60. mimi says:

    That same blogger includes in another entry a debate he had at Leo’s blog:
    “[Leo Donofrio: The law doesn’t recognize the absurd or frivolous. In the case above, there would be no basis in Jus Soli or Jus Sanguinis for the Chinese citizenship. Obama was a citizen – by blood descent – of Great Britain not by an absurd hyopothetical.]

    No he wasn’t. You clearly state that..

    When Barack Obama Jr. was born on Aug. 4,1961, in Honolulu, Kenya was a British colony, still part of the United Kingdom’s dwindling empire. As a Kenyan native, Barack Obama Sr. was a British subject whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948. That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.s children. (Emphasis added.)

    You even added emphasis that it is BRITISH LAW that you are using to make your argument. In the hypothetical Chinese case, all they would have to do is have a “one drop of blood” rule and it is the exact same thing.

    BTW, my point is exactly what you said. The concept that British or Chinese law would trump U.S. law is so absurd it keeps getting tossed out of court. Thank for you confirming my point.

    [LD. The Treatise was written in 1758 and was the way of the world. The Constitution was ratified in 1788 and the original intent of the phrase is explained in The Laws of Nations. The treatise as cited would appeal to an originalist like Justice Scalia, who referred Cort’s case to the full Court. Scalia just recently used The Laws of Nations in the Heller case where he wrote the opinion of the Court. Obviously, somebody like Justice Ginsberg probably wouldn’t be influenced by the Laws of Nations as to this issue. ]

    Yes, I know the world was very sexist in 1758. It was also very racist. That was the point of the Fourteenth Amendment, if you’ll recall, to try and address the direct issue of how people treated former slaves.

    Your lack of clarification or real argumentation seems to mean that you agree that a gender-neutral test is fine, and so Obama wins again.

    Scalia, BTW, hates using other country’s laws to interpret the Constitution. I don’t see him agreeing with your contention that British Law somehow trumps U.S. law in the context of citizenship.”

  61. bogus info says:

    In fact, there are a bunch of these people who aren’t “wrapped too tight.”


  62. Angi says:

    Interesting how they leave out the “that may be born beyond sea, or out of the limits of the United States,” of both acts in the letter.

  63. mimi says:

    RE: Broe v Reed
    Stephen Pidgeon updated on Ed Hale’s forum with the following:
    Stephen Pidgeon IP: Feb 2nd, 2009 – 12:17 PM
    Re: What Happened to Pigeon and $

    Here is an update concerning Broe v Reed.

    The plaintiffs have elected not to make an appeal to the US Supreme Court, but are considering other strategies.

    We have pursued our investigation, and have incurred over $30,000 in billing doing so. A complete dossier will be available as soon as we complete the remaining legs of our investigation.
    I did check the I.P. address, and it’s in Washington State. No way to be sure it’s him though.

  64. bogus info says:

    Is Orly serious?’s grand juries

    Is the above what the Constitution says about Grand Juries? Blagojevich Obama?
    Read the Huffington Post article inside this Orly post. I take it to be “satire”, meant to be “funny”, don’t you? Isn’t Huffington Post pro-Obama?

    Orly is jumping all over this–“URGENT! Need Blago’s and the Huffington reporters phone numbers.”

  65. bogus info says:


    So, translate. What do you think this means? Other strategies? I take it mean “they’ve got nothing.”

  66. George Orwell III says:


    That’s for the 2004 election I believe. What the CNN Transcript was about is the 2000 elections and the certification of the Electoral vote on January 6, 2001. For a non-pdf version, see page H31 on forward from the THOMAS website HERE.

  67. bogus info says:

    GO, III, David over at The Betrayal forum is trying to imply that Cheney put the “objections” in File 13. LOL. That bunch is actually looking at that video to see if they can find someone who wanted to Object but wasn’t given the opportunity by Cheney. Claiming Cheney did not go by the “Constitution”.

    Thanks for the non-PDF site.

  68. That’s a pretty run of the mill “viral email”. It’s interesting to see the rather familiar hallmarks making it into the Obama Conspiracy Theory realm. Maybe worth an article.

  69. The facts don’t suit their argument.

  70. I guess those “citizen grand juries” will work with her new “citizen militia” and her “new government”. Yes, friends, it looks like Orly intends to overthrow the government of the United States of America,. replacing it with The United States of America…Orly?

    The farther our Orly gets, the less I worry about her.

  71. Yes the Huff Post article is satire.

  72. Expelliarmus says:

    Odd that they didn’t also quote from the second photo and caption in the Huffington Post article:
    And here’s Obama standing by some fountain in his “Indonesian shirt,” looking for all the world like a guy who totally has a valid birth certificate from the State of Hawaii: See:

    (As I read the tongue-in-cheek photo captions on Huffington Post, Obama looked like the campus radical-type…. but also the natural born, home grown, chill campus radical-type.)

  73. bogus info says:

    I think the most hilarious thing about this is that Orly requests help obtaining the reporter of that article e-mail address. Either Orly did NOT read the article or she is NOT a very observant person because the reporters e-mail address is at the top of the article. You would think her “supporters” would see this too?

  74. This is from the email:

    This is how it begins folks. Obama has taken his database of over 3 million “Volunteers” during the campaign and screened them for their talents, where they live, work etc. I know this because i’m registered to glean information. It is ACORN, but much larger and much worse. He is asking them to recruit friends and family for this “movement”.

    They would have wet their pants had they known about the Organizing America email that came out today.

  75. bogus info says:
    “Article 138 of the UCMJ is one of the few provisions of the code that permit the service members to go on the offense. This provision gives you the right to file a formal complaint against your commanding officer for ANY grievance you may have , including harrassment, violations of rights, unfair treatment, ect”

  76. mimi says:

    It seems Orly may have got herself a plaintiff for her military suit.

  77. bogus info says:

    All I can say is that I wouldn’t sign that Petition with Orly as my attorney. The guy deserves what he gets and nobody can say he hasn’t been warned. He’s not active military but reserve?

  78. A nice comment on standing also at the right side:

  79. mimi says:

    His freeper profile is posted at the polijab. I couldn’t tell you more.

  80. mimi says:

    He has his own blog. He tries to advise Orly, and gets frustrated when she doesn’t heed his advice. He told her the consent form for the military was dangerous and gave language to use instead. But, she didn’t listen. At least for awhile. He sometimes posts their exchanges at his blog.
    I think his fans were upset when Leo posted his Section 138 theory. And, that might have been what set Leo off on his latest crazy rant. Leo said something about it not being about who gets the credit, or something along those lines and indicated that he had received emails and comments about stealing the idea. Then, he shut down all commenting on his [Leo’s] blog.

  81. bogus info says:

    Yep, this is the guy that “tries to help” Orly. Think he knows what he’s doing? Thinks he does.

  82. bogus info says:
    New York v. US: A Closer Look at SCOTUS’ Affirmation of the 10th Amendment

  83. bogus info says:

    This is reported on the Yes To Democracy website:


    Plaintiff’s motion to file interpleader and deposit funds with the court [#2] is frivolous and is denied. His motion to shorten time for defendants to respond to his complaint [#3] is moot and is denied. The motions of his counsel [#4, #5] for the admission pro hac vice of Philip J. Berg and Lawrence J. Joyce are in abeyance until the Court has had the opportunity, in open court, to examine their credentials, their competence, their good faith, and the factual and legal bases of the complaint they have signed.
    United States District Judge”

    From the docket:

    “02/04/2009 10 ORDER denying plaintiff’s motion to file interpleader and deposit funds with the court 2 ; denying as moot plaintiff’s motion to shorten time for defendants to respond to complaint 3 ; and holding in abeyance plaintiff’s motions for leave to appear pro hac vice 4 and 5 . Signed by Judge James Robertson on February 4, 2009. (MT) (Entered:

  84. bogus info says:

    another dangerous bill can take away your parental rights


    Why does there aways have to be so much DRAMA?

  85. bogus info says:

    Obama’s socialism

    Glenn Beck on Obama’s ‘Change’: Socialism

    Glenn Beck: O’ Hail the Messiah Lord Obama
    ..look at the subliminal messages!

  86. So if this is not a joke, then which of her articles are jokes?

  87. bogus info says:

    8 States of submitted types of bills claiming sovereignty.
    If you state is one of them, please contact the sponsoring representatives and ask them to contact Dr. Orly Taitz. She can represent them in an action against Barack Obama’s eligibility.

  88. That sounds rather ominous for Berg.

  89. Bogus, GREAT FIND.

    Dr. C lights fuse and runs away.

  90. Because DRAMA IS EXCITING!!!!!

    Emphatic typefaces make all the difference between plain old information and BIG STUFF.

    I mean, really, WHAT DID YOU READ FIRST! HMMMMM?

  91. There they go again with that “messiah” word.

  92. bogus info says:

    Dr. C.,

    This is thephrase that made me chuckle: “..look at the subliminal messages!”

    Orly likes to use the word “demand” alot too.

    It makes me angry when they refer to President Obama as “the messiah.”

  93. bogus info says: Office of Personnel Management Has Been ServedAs per President Bush’s January 16th, 2009 Executive Order , The Office of Personnel Management has been served. List of subpoenas can been viewed at our main website download page.

    If I understood one attorney right, Orly kind of got her cart before her horse on these subpoenas.

  94. But when I go subliminall, something really happens!

  95. bogus info says: From contrarian report- an example of horrific insanity and waste in Nationalised healthcare

    “Here is what a sane society would do:”

    “1. Immediately declare both the babies and her other six children wards of the state. That way officials can seize and control any money that finds its way into Suleman’s hands. Otherwise, some greedy media will pay her, and she will be free to use the cash for new crackpot ventures. Once the children are under judicial and state supervision, her ability to conduct new schemes will be more limited.”

    Now, this is the bunch that claims to be “Defending Our Freedoms?”

  96. bogus info says:
    Members of the military, please fill out your 138 grievancies to verify Soetoro/Obama’s legitimacy for position of Commander in Chief and write to your Congressmen and “Soldiers and Sailors Act”

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