The O-Bot Chronicles – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 “eddy”

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eddy sipped his Mocha Frappuccino Light Blended Coffee as he put down his whole grain oat muffin and logged into the CNN homepage to see what Obama was up to today. “Hmmm, interview with Al Jazeera. That fool Obama will screw that up for sure,” he thought as he hit the Play icon. “Respect…respect…with respect…respect…more respect.” eddy stopped counting and started typing:

Obama Declared his Respect for Terrorists

In an interview with Arab network Al Jazeera,
the same folks who bring you Osama Bin Laden
press releases, President Obama declared repeatedly
his respect for terrorists, their state sponsors, and
the Muslim religion upon which the terrorists rely
for funding and safe haven..."

“Freakin’ good stuff. I think we should do a nice video remix of the ‘respect’ quotes for YouTube,” eddy said to himself as as he typed a quick email to “the producer” that handled all the YouTube work. He was pleased over this windfall from that moron Obama that would keep the O-BOTS scrambling for weeks cleaning up after him.

eddy was fixed for life with the money he had already gotten from “the forty”, that shadowy group of millionaires that were funding most of the professional disinformation work (“not that amateur crap from the conspiracy theorist lawyers who have to beg for money from the idiot brigade”); but he was doing it for the sheer joy or what passed for joy with him. eddy was a trickster, pure and simple. It didn’t matter which side to him–equally stupid.

Next stop was his lawyers’, Billings and De Lay. Something personal.

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