O-Bots, Nobama, and Truthers

I like to understand people I disagree with. It helps me grow.

I find among Obama conspiracy theorists a variety of people. I can only guess what’s in their minds, but here’s what I think:

  • Some folks are sincere and honorable folks. Something bothers them, whether it is the question of why Obama doesn’t release this or that document, or the somewhat embarrassing appearance that nobody actually checks on presidential qualifications. Some are defenders of the Constitution, but have just fallen in with the wrong crowd who are feeding them misinformation, which leads to wrong conclusions. These are the sort of people who are very disturbed when they are lied to. I’m disappointed that some of them are more tolerant than I think they should be.
  • Some folks crave celebrity. I would put some of the more public figures there, like Andy Martin. There’s a long list I suspect belong there, but I don’t want to label anyone unfairly or by mistake.
  • There are the belligerent folks who are just itching for a fight. They’ve picked a side and they’ll fight to the end.
  • There are the classical conspiracy theorists who just look at the world with a different set of premises than most of us.
  • There are the entrepreneurs who are in it to sell books or make money.
  • There are the political operatives who are simply out to hurt the other guy.
  • There are some racists and bigots.
  • There are some single-issue folk (for example, anti-abortion, anti-labor)
  • There are some folks who get their jollies feeling that they are special because they know the truth. They get adulation from a small group of peers and that increases their self worth (Dr. Conspiracy looks in the mirror).
Dr. Conspiracy

Dr. Conspiracy

I do find a strong manipulation going on, whether orchestrated or not. When enough charges are brought (regardless of merit), they look like something is going on (where there’s smoke there’s fire). There are things that whip up people’s emotions, like the document is coming, no it is not coming, it is here but it doesn’t have the crucial information but that is coming, our lawsuit was thrown out of court but our next lawsuit will be the one.

I can feel the pressure and the manipulation myself. I feel sorry for people that are more anxiety-prone than I, less hardened by years of bull on the Internet or whose critical skills are not well trained.

All I can say is that the sun will come up tomorrow. Go outside, in the sun,  get some exercise and breath the fresh air. You’ll feel better. If you see Obama’s face in the clouds, run back in and hide under the bed.

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I am not a real doctor. I have a Master's Degree.
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  1. laughinghysterically says:

    A little ditty providing some PUMA history is now posted at NObama Anonymous. It might help explain some of the earlier generations of the Cult.

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