Snowball’s Chance in Hell



There are a number of “Stop Obama” web sites out there with people filing lawsuits and appeals left and right, digging into public records, reading arcane legal documents, pestering the Supreme Court and nice little old ladies, writing Congress, issuing demands and deadlines and in general keeping quite busy.

Hell: note the total absence of snowballs

Hell: note the total absence of snowballs

Nothing any of these people are doing has a snowball’s chance in hell of stopping the inauguration of Barack Obama on January 20.

But no, they say “my lawsuit has failed but the next one is better” or “this document shows nothing but the next one has the goods” or “this document examiner is a fraud, but the next one is the real deal. It is blatant psychological manipulation of the most unethical kind.

My advice? Shut down the computer. Go outside and get some fresh air. Walk the dog; play some golf; be with the family; go down to the local playground and watch the children play.

A number of the people running these web sites are lawyers and they should know better. I hope the victims learn something about naive trust in their disappointment come January 20. I also hope they haven’t lost too much money.

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10 Responses to Snowball’s Chance in Hell

  1. bogus info says:

    I did not realize that a lawyer could “make demands” on a Judge, especially a Supreme Court Judge. The Chief Justice too.

  2. bogus info says:

    Dr. C,

    Short of being disbarred, I don’t think this Doc Orly is going to stop this nonsense even after Jan. 20th.

  3. Perhaps, but the sense of urgency will be lost, and I expect most of the interest on the part of visitors. I fully expect this web site to quickly fade into obscurity within a month.

  4. bogus info says:

    I certainly hope so. This has been the nuttiest thing I have ever witnessed.

    All I know is that if she is doing Dental work, I sure would not want to be one of her patients. Wonder if she is any better at that than being a lawyer?

  5. bogus info says:

    By the way, have you noticed “Robert” has gone missing on Doc Orly’s blog? Reckon “Obama thugs” have gotten him?

    That Linda Starr person who I guess is Berg’s helper/assist/whatever said she and Orly had made contact and had a “very productive conversation”. I would pay money to have heard it.

  6. awe_and_shock says:

    Good post. I lasted 4 days with this New Years resolution. Time to shut down this computer, till at least Jan 21st. Maybe.

  7. Andrew A. Gill says:

    If I’m not mistaken, Keyes v Bowen (an Orly Taitz joint) is scheduled for March 13.

    (Go to the court’s website, enter case 34-200880000096, and view 12/15/2008 11:29 AM, Notice of Hearing).

    So that may be interesting, since Keyes has a better argument to standing, but still not a snowball’s chance of getting anything other than a dismissal.

  8. bogus info says:

    When I went to Berg’s website today, seemed to me some of his “followers” were questioning their leader(s). His assist. whose name I think is Linda? came on and “set them straight” and also told everyone that is was O-bots who were trying to spread disinformation and were going to be banned. I can hardly wait until Monday when Berg’s case is denied. Doc Orly’s soon to follow.

  9. laughinghysterically says:

    Linda Starr, Berg’s “enforcer” at the mothership blog, also banned a ton of “O-bots” today for “harassing her, and posting bad info. Bad info/ harassment apparently meaning posting facts such as: 1)since the case was not granted today, it is likely denied OR 2) if Berg has evidence, it might be wise to produce it at this point to someone OR 3) The assertions Linda keeps making, without proof, are not facts but simply her opinion.

    UGH. Can’t wait to see how she spins the denial on Monday. She’s already prepping them, reminding them of the “super-secret” case under seal, etc.

  10. bogus info says:

    I guess we need to brace ourselves for all the “re-runs” to be posted on all the “patriots” websites until Jan. 20.?

    Supposedly in Berg’s radio program last night, he assured everyone that he had “evidence” that Obama was born in Kenya or something to that effect. “Donate, Donate, Donate.”

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