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Dr. Conspiracy

Dr. Conspiracy

Back at The Betrayal, commenting on an article titled: Linda Starr Posts New Information that has the old “travel ban to Pakistan” myth along with the curious comment of “independent confirmation of information we’ve had and from OUR OWN State Department”. I politely commented:

I’ve never been able to track down the source of the “travel ban to Pakistan” story.

There was an early version on WorldNetDaily by Aaron Klein that it was “difficult” for Americans to go to Pakistan. This seems to be speculation based on the fact that Pakistan was a Muslim country under military rule, which grew over the months into a “travel ban” to Pakistan in a later article in WorldNetDaily by Janet Porter.

Of course I didn’t tell them (in hopes my comment would pass moderation) that the whole travel ban myth is long blown by a 1981 article in the New York Times travel section describing a tourist trip to Pakistan by an American that year. This is discussed in my article: Barack Obama was an Indonesian Citizen. Adding “independent confirmation of information we’ve had and from OUR OWN State Department” appears to be just another stage in the evolution of the myth.

Today I went back over to The Betrayal, pleased that my comment (above) passed moderation. Today I added new information received from one of the visitors here.

Linda Startr is reported as as saying: “That means Barry swore an Oath of Allegiance to Indonesia and had to renounce all other allegiances to get that passport. This is independent confirmation of information we’ve had and from OUR OWN State Department, Barry couldn’t go to Pakistan on an American passport if he didn’t have one.”

We now know that Linda Starr could not have gotten any such confirmation from the State Department because because it’s not true. A State Department Travel Advisory from 1981 has been found in a Federal Depository Library Archive Program archive stating plainly that Americans could travel to Pakistan on a 30-day visa in 1981. click on the 1981 link.

This is rather the smoking gun.

For more on this topic, see: Barack Obama traveled to Pakistan on an Indonesian passport (updated).

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10 Responses to Travel to Pakistan

  1. George Orwell III says:

    You’re just as bad as I am. 🙂

    ERC– Travel Advisory Sheets Archive

    … and then click on “1981” to open thePDF document.

  2. mimi says:

    Linda Starr has been quoted as saying Berg got info that Obama never had an American Passport via FOIA requests.
    For the source, it’s on page 61 of the Dec. 31 open thread on Berg’s blog.
    Anyway… Chris Strunk submitted a FOIA for passport info and was told it was not available to him without the individual’s permission.
    pdf is available at this link:
    Draw your own conclusion.

  3. mimi says:

    The mixed nuts over at RosettaSister’s blog of the “lock & load” mentality are saying Ed Hale is hinting at a passport. (time/date always wrong there. She doesn’t know how to set it.)
    jc Says:
    January 26, 2009 at 2:04 am
    Are you still listening to Hale? Does he have a passport?

    sliderblaze Says:
    January 26, 2009 at 2:08 am
    he says he dont, he helped get it into the US, said it’s good hands, i’m assuming thats Pigeon? says it’s going to DC. and that the group it came from is pretty reputable, whatever that means. we’ll see, it’s ed so, salt needs to go with that sandwich

  4. mimi says:

    just gossip.
    The regulator has exposed Citizen Wells as another Bigfoot Conspiracy Follower. First, Ed Hale shoots a Bigfoot, and now Citizen Wells.
    Also, a link to an mp3 file is included in the comments. Ed Hale throws Wiley Drake off the air. It’s about at the 2/3 mark in the file. “This Gay Bashin’ & all this sh*t’s just gone too far”. click! It is worth a listen. You can listen here…

  5. melintexas says:

    The NY times reporter was given a visa so they could write a fluff pieces for the ruling party. I was with a humanitarian group and personally attempted to enter Pakistan in 1981 twice and was turned away after I payed 2 clerks. There were supposed to be temperary visas available for US citizens from the airport. Only press and relatives of Pakistanies were allowed visas and only after a very expensive “processing fee”. A US student with no Pakistan relations and no money, could NOT have entered that country at that time. I also have a hard time believing an American christian student traveled carefree and without incident in that part of the world at that time. If he traveled there in 1981 he was traveling as a non American muslim. I know because I had to travel that way.

  6. NBC says:

    If he traveled there in 1981 he was traveling as a non American muslim. I know because I had to travel that way.

    In other words you are saying that people may have mistaken him for a non American muslim?

    Your insinuations are a bit too obvious dear Mel.

  7. Expelliarmus says:

    Was your “humanitarian group” by any chance a Christian prosthelyzing group?

    Perhaps your problem was the group you were affiliated with?

    I’d also note that if Obama was traveling WITH his Pakistani friend, then he probably would have avoided the sort of crap that gets laid on people who clearly are tourists. There is a lot of corruption in that part of the world — but locals who speak the language know how do deal with such issues.

  8. Your comment, contradicting published accounts, is just a little too convenient. The nObama crowd is happy to accept anonymous statements (Polarik, Shuhubia) as facts and to make up the evidence they need (fake quotes from Pinckney and Jay).

    Your comment is not evidence, and I have no reason to believe it.

  9. Eddie says:

    And oh look, here’s our Mel attempting to spin a similar line on another site, while at the same time being just as vague about her own identity, her job status, reasons for going there etc., etc.

    And you wonder how these rumors get spread around?

  10. My reply: “…this is a bald-faced lie.”

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