White Hats v. Black hats

Dr. Conspiracy

Dr. Conspiracy

Tom Kovach

Tom Kovach

There’s an article over at Dr. Orly entitled “The Obama Ambush” by Tom Kovach.

You know what they always say: The Good Guys wear White Hats.

Tom was grousing that after his telling the military to stop taking orders, the “83rd Network Operations Squadron out of Langley AFB, Virginia). And, apparently, they erased my blog.” Well your blog is well and truly a mess, Tom. I’ll give you a hint about life, usually things have a pretty prosaic explanation. Anyway, your blog is not “erased”; the articles are still there and accessible by clicking on the catgetories.

Tom is quite the writer, including this bit I picked almost at random:

This column series began less than three months ago with a challenge to readers. If an earthquake followed the lightning storm that triggered the wildfires in Northern California back in mid-June, then that series of events matched the description in Revelation 8:5 of the fire thrown from Heaven just before the start of The Tribulation. And, exactly seven weeks after the California Supreme Court decided to overrule the will of that state’s voters, and thus resume homosexual “marriage” there, an earthquake struck the state capital of Sacramento. The area around Sacramento, and upwind thereof, had been the scene of the dry-lightning storm and most of the resultant wildfires. (Seven weeks is the period of time from when the ancient Israelites were released from Egypt by the power of The Passover until God gave the Ten Commandments to Moses on Pentecost. That word comes from a Greek term that means “the 50th day”.)

If you think the above was all mere coincidence, then you will likely think the same of the information below. For everyone else, keep reading.

Since the time of the lightning storm, I have been tracking earthquakes on real-time online maps of the United States Geological Survey. Some of my previous columns in this series have used those maps to focus on Northern California. But, now, notable earthquakes are taking place in other parts of the world. Those other places also have End Times significance, as noted in my new book, Tribulation: 2008.

Somehow Tom failed to realize that the world already ended, the day Obama took office. 👿

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3 Responses to White Hats v. Black hats

  1. Andrew A. Gill says:

    Tom apparently also writes at renewamerica.us, which is funded by Alan Keyes.

    Keyes isn’t really the point, though. renewamerica.us is a favorite of bloggers because it features such talents as Kaye Grogan. Low-hanging fruit, but very entertaining.

  2. mimi says:

    How can Keyes fund anything if he has to take a “salary” from campaign funds and doesn’t repay his campaign debts? I guess he’s looking for a big settlement from his case with Orly. I did notice they’re asking for one.

  3. Andrew A. Gill says:

    Maybe not funded. Associated with?

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