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Continuing the Obama Conspiracy Theories tradition of introducing readers to opposition web sites we visit today the blog:


I came upon this web site searching for commentary on Scott Easterling. The article I read was Scott Easterling Stands Up! posted under the byline of DemocracyRules. In a comment to the article, DR said:

Please feel free to search within Gina Cobb for my many postings on this issue. I have cited a substantial amount of documented evidence that Obama is not eligible.

Well that certainly piqued my interest! I don’t find Gina Cobb to be a particularly easy to use web site, so I resorted to Google to find relevant articles on it.

  1. In an article whose title is ironic beyond belief: At What Point Does Obama’s “Eligibility” Become Farce? DemocracyRules ventures in to the farcical when citing the Kenyan Legislature’s “son of the soil” comment to mean “born in Kenya”?
  2. DR also said: “The interpleader argument seems particularly powerful. ” Judge Robertson found it particularly “frivolous”.
  3. Interview with Alan Keyes saying that Hawaii issues birth certificates for people born overseas (that say Birth Location: Honolulu???).
  4. The evidence still suggests that Obama was born in Mombassa, Kenya, and once Obama’s mother was able to travel, she took him back to Hawaii and registered him as having been born in Hawaii.”
  5. “(5) Philp [sic] Berg “won” his case against Obama in Philadelphia a few days ago. This changed a lot.”

You get the picture. I’ve been all over the blog fact checking and commenting. It’s a huge pile of misinformation–more than I’d ever have time to unravel.

I would conclude that among nObama web sites, this one is particularly lacking on Obama eligiblity evidence or cogent argument.

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