Senator Shelby (R-AL) says he’s confident Citizenship thoroughly examined

Great line from CNN: “Sometimes when you’re thinking on your feet, you’re not thinking on your feet”.

This footage from CNN is worth watching and belies the claims that the mainstream media ignores these things.

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7 Responses to Senator Shelby (R-AL) says he’s confident Citizenship thoroughly examined

  1. richCares says:

    on Orly’s site there is a post showing a letter poster sent to Shelby. The letter claims proof
    1 Obama was born in Kenya
    2.Obama attended University as foreign exchange student (Barry Soetoro)

    I asked for proof of these 2 statements and was referred to statement “we have proof of…”, these people are intellectually challenged.

    Occidental college which says “Barrack Obama” attended is offered as proof of #2. So “Barrack Obama attended” is proof that Barry Soetoro attended as foreigner? WOW!

  2. I classify nObama positions as:

    1. Debatable but wrong
    2. Complicated issues, but wrong
    3. Misinformed and wrong
    4. Utterly stupid and wrong

    Barry implies Soetoro at Occidental is one I put in class 4 (along with the “admissions” Obama supposedly made when not responding to the dismissed Berg v. Obama and “The Law of Nations” being named in the Constitution).

  3. Cris Ericson says:

    Hi! Someone left your web address in a comment on my blog stating that my red print was a problem to read, so I changed it to black. You have my permission to cut & paste. I thought the red was really neat looking. Oh well, Art vs. clarity.
    Cris Ericson

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  5. Hitandrun says:


    What the CNN Sanchez video confirms is that “mainstream media” will at every opportunity spuriously conflate the CnOLB and the vault document from which it’s abstracted.


  6. Well I do that myself!

  7. Hitandrun says:

    Time to repent, Doc.
    I hear it’s good for the soul.


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