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When you visit most nObama web sites (there are exceptions), you see the same stuff cut and pasted over and over. Take a phrase from one and put it in Google to see what I mean.

I was reading Kerchner v. Obama this evening and it was the same old warmed over Berg v. Obama with some Donofrio v. Wells tacked on at the end. It’s the same case filed over and over with some little twist added to it like the  sealed [mumble] case and  the interpleader and Apuzzo’s list of constitutional articles. It’s like the claims were Lego bricks and the cases were just re-configurations of the same bricks (COLB, travel ban to Pakistan, wrong Hawaiian laws, etc.)

But on the other side…

Since the cases are the same, the defense is also the same. The Federal Elections Commission and Barack Obama/Democratic National Committee have both filed briefs with the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in Berg v. Obama. While they have distinct defendants and the particulars vary a little, these two responses are remarkably similar. Obama and his lawyers have their own set of Lego bricks to answer any lawsuit.

But we’re not done yet…

The courts, following the decisions of Hollander v. McCain and Berg v. Obama now have their own set of Lego bricks to use when dismissing the lawsuits. Each dismissal I’ve read cites Hollander and Berg, and the dismissals use similar logic, adapated to the shape of the complaint. Judge Richard W.  Roberts when his turn comes  can just copy from Judge Surrick.

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9 Responses to Lego v. Lego

  1. richCares says:

    these people know their cases are flawed and won’t work, they can’t be that dumb. so why are they doing it, not sure, but these kind of hate people need to keep their haters energized. These Birthers suck it up, they love to hate. They actually think they can impeach Obama. really strange!

  2. Patrick McKinnion says:

    I’ve been saying there’s three major types of birther lawsuit.

    1) Berg-type (Berg, Dr. Orly, others)

    2) Donofrio-type (Donofrio, Wrotnowski)

    3) Mixed 1 & 2.

    There’s some different ones out there, (Martin, Roy a few others) but most of the cases fall into the above matrix.

  3. Another taxonomy of the lawsuits is to group them by the reason they were dismissed. There is a list by reason in a footnote to

  4. Patrick McKinnion says:

    I think it’s more “Best Blok” vs. Lego. The birthers have the cheap knock off “lego compatible” bricks that don’t hold together as well and have colours that are off. When they’re attached to real Lego blocks, they pop off and look out of place.

    Much like the birthers legal arguments.

  5. I presume there are two groups, the true believers (who think like conspiracy theorists) and those who are using the situation as part of a smear campaign. There has been since (at least) Bill Clinton a continuous smear background noise going on from the Right. And for any smear there will be true believers who will take it and run with it.

    Don’t forget the Clinton Body Count. The Snopes reply is instructive as well.

  6. Bob says:

    Give birfers credit where credit is due. When you realize that your legos arent’ cutting it, switch to Tinker Toys:

  7. Some Christians say that the “unpardonable sin” is to call good evil and evil good. I think you have hit upon an unpardonable web site.

  8. Bob says:

    Well, it is Stephen Pidgeon’s site:

  9. That was funny. ;0

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