Mass hysteria is not a constitutional crisis

Dr. Conspiracy

Dr. Conspiracy

I visited and commented on this statement I found there:

“Well, it’s not quite as simple as all that and the sooner we can all be satisfied that Obama is or is not a natural born citizen, the better. To postpone that finding for a year or two and then find, conclusively, that Obama is not eligible to serve as president would be disastrous.”

That question was settled the day Congress certified Obama’s election as President. Those of us who eat and breathe this subject have tracked every doubt back to its foundation in — well, its foundation in nothing.

The main piece of evidence Obama was born in  Kenya is a tape recording attested to by a fake-named African con man which if listened to in full to says Obama was born in Hawaii. That’s followed by the incredible fantasy that Hawaii will happily give anybody body anywhere a birth certificate that says they are born in Hawaii (citing laws that didn’t exist at the time, and which don’t say what is claimed). And of course the fake named document expert who signed his affidavit in California “XXXXXXXXXXXX”.

Then there is the demonstrably false assertion Obama became a citizen of Indonesia — something impossible BOTH under Indonesian and US law. And the demonstrably false urban legend that Obama traveled to Pakistan under a non US passport because of a travel ban — despite US State Department documents that say there was no travel ban, or even a difficulty to go to Pakistan.

Then there is the creation out of thin air of a “two citizen parents rule” for a president, based on some Swiss philosopher, and flying in the face of all the laws, court decisions, and scholarly writing that exists by Americans.

I’m sorry, mass hysteria is not a constitutional crisis. It is a mental health crisis, and a lack of basic skills in critical thinking.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours compiling facts and evidence to make this clear, trying to find every possible approach to rescue folks from the spell of disinformation. I’m now getting around 400 visitors every day. If you have an open mind, check out the evidence. If you have made up your mind, then no investigation or court decision will make any difference.

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I am not a real doctor. I have a Master's Degree.
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30 Responses to Mass hysteria is not a constitutional crisis

  1. meson says:

    So they made the forum available to public posting again, I wonder how long your post will stand before it is deleted! I’ve been following this blog for quite some time and find it very infomative, great job keep, up the good work ☺

  2. meson says:

    Oh btw I’m not related to the poster “myson” who posts here, I post as “meson” on several other forums!

  3. myson says:

    Interesting !!!!

  4. Cee Cee says:


    Introducing meson…myson…meson….myson.

    Also is anyone else having a hard time going on politijab.

    I have to install something to enter it.

    And me don’t like install things onto my computer server.


  5. Expelliarmus says:

    I didn’t install anything for politijab – can you specify what message you are getting & what browser you are using?

  6. Robert Toy says:

    So Dr. Conspiracy we can encapsulate this whole problem by Obama just releasing his long form birth certificate. Why doesn’t he just do this simple thing and put this to rest once and for all and blow all the conspiracy theorist to pieces but instead he spends a million dollars to hide all of this. I asked my 10 yr. old son and he said the same thing.

  7. Bob says:

    This gets asked so often it needs its own FAQ.

  8. richCares says:

    Hawai does not re;ease a long form to anyone, if asked Hawaii will tell you “We issue only computer-generated certificates of birth.”

    my daughter was born in Hawaii in 1965, so I called them and asked for long form, they said “We issue only computer-generated certificates of birth.”

    you can call them and ask them
    “Information on issuance of certified copies of vital records, Apostilles, amendment of vital records, amended birth certificates (for adopted persons, etc.), and late registration may also be obtained via the telephone system, any day or any time, by calling (808) 586-4533.”

    we know you won’t call, it would destroy your talking point

  9. Politijab seems ok now. You’re right not to install stuff.

  10. This is a very frequently asked question, and I should do an article on it I suppose.

    So Dr. Conspiracy we can encapsulate this whole problem by Obama just releasing his long form birth certificate. Why doesn’t he just do this simple thing and put this to rest once and for all and blow all the conspiracy theorist to pieces but instead he spends a million dollars to hide all of this. I asked my 10 yr. old son and he said the same thing.

    This is a very frequently asked question.

    First the premise of “millions spent” isn’t true. Mr. Woocher, Obama’s lawyer in California told that he was working pro bono (for free) and that this talk of millions spent is false. Many of the lawsuits aren’t directed at Obama anyway, but at state officials, so no Obama expense there either.

    “This suit, like all of the others that have been filed challenging Obama’s qualifications for the Presidency, is frivolous,” he said in an email to POLITICO, adding that he is, in fact, working pro bono. “There is absolutely no truth to the stories about the untold millions supposedly being paid to us,” he said.

    But it doesn’t really matter how much if anything Obama has spent, because the heart of your question is why won’t Obama release the certificate and “make this all go away”.

    As part of my research, I read blog posts historically going back to 2007 on Obama eligibility questions. In early June, 2008, bloggers were crying “just show us a birth certificate and we will be satisfied”.

    You can argue about COLB’s until the cows come home, but the indisputable fact is that if you go to the State of Hawaii web site, and fill out the form to apply for a “Birth Certificate” (not a COLB, or a CEOLB or a CNOLB), just a “Birth Certificate”, and send it in, you will get a document like Obama’s (assuming you were born in Hawaii). So Obama posted the “usual” document on web sites and let a respected fact check organization look it at.

    Was anybody satisfied? Did it do any good? Was the controversy resolved? I’m sure that everyone here knows that it did not satisfy anything.

    Indeed releasing the birth certificate resulted in charges of forgery. Indeed a whole cottage industry has grown up trying to discredit a document that for every other Hawaiian citizen is proof of birth in Hawaii, and proof of US Citizenship.

    Reason tells me that if Birth Certificate Mark I caused more problems than it solved, then Birth Certificate Mark II would likely do the same thing.

    But let us assume by some miracle of miracles Birth Certificate Mark II rather than creating more cries of forgery or official misconduct miraculously convinced the whole world that Barack Obama was really born in Hawaii; does it solve the eligibility question?

    No, it does not. First there is the whole lost citizenship in Indonesia/Travel ban to Pakistan thing. False, but pervasive. That and the Selective Service registration argument.

    Further, students of Obama Conspiracy Theories know that birther arguments are falling of favor among the nObamas, who today only want to talk about redefining “natural born citizen” because Obama’s father was a British citizen.

    So you see, nothing will be resolved by releasing a birth certificate, or anything else. Not a single lawsuit will be satisfied by a birth certificate.

  11. mimi says:

    Ed Hale banned me… again. If you don’t stick to the program, you’re out of there.

  12. Cee Cee says:

    It’s all good. 1 min after I left that comment I was able to log in without installing anything.

    But it was weird that something like that popped up on computer.

    It was saying that phpbb wanted me to install something on my server. Of course I did not.

  13. That message is probably directed to the FORUM owner to install something on his server, not to you, the viewer.

  14. Mario Apuzzo says:

    “If you have an open mind, check out the evidence. If you have made up your mind, then no investigation or court decision will make any difference.”

    I agree.

  15. NBC says:

    I just listened to your webcast on “Let Freedom Ring”. Other than some crowd pleasers and “let the SC once and for all decide on this historical issue”… Surely you do not really believe that this is a valid argument for standing?

    Let alone your failure to follow court procedures and file with the AG first.

    Now that Keyes v Obama has almost failed, it seems time to come to the realization that standing, judiciability, and failure to state a claim and mootness are all insurmountable issues. Placing your hope on Vattel when history, judicial rulings and legislative actions all seem to contradict your interpretation.
    I am glad that we have come to agree that to birthers, court decisions are not going to be satisfactory unless Obama is removed. And that is not going to happen under our Constitutional rule. Unless, the Congress decides to impeach the President. And what do you think the chances of that are going to be?

  16. Well for example, I was over at where someone (after a brief bit impugning the intelligence of the Obots and before the board owners went in and scrubbed the whole section) said that the Constitution required parents (plural), not parent (singular).

    We who have checked the evidence know that neither word appears in the Constitution.

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  18. Changing ones natural born status after being born is sort of a contradiction in terms.

  19. Robert Toy says:

    Ok. Let’s take another indisputable fact. Obama has several suits pending before the Supreme Court. But a day or so before the inauguration, he meets with all the Supreme Court justices except Alito accompanied by Biden. This all happens behind closed doors. Now I’m not a lawyer but I know that you cannot meet with a judge involved in your pending trial behind closed door without the plaintiff also being present.
    So much for transparent governance.

  20. NBC says:

    As far as I can tell no pending cases were in front of SCOTUS with Obama as a defendant or plaintiff. Berg v Obama is the only one with Obama as a defendant which made it to the SC but was denied before the president was sworn in.

    You are right, you are not a lawyer. Neither am I and yet I can do the research necessary to answer your hypothetical.

  21. NBC says:

    You can abandon your natural born status. Under English Common Law this was tricky however other countries do allow expatriation. Even the US. Recent case law suggests however that voting nor joining a foreign army are necessary disqualifying instances. There are only a few cases where one can lose one’s US citizenship.

  22. Ian Gould says:

    Actually the principle is that you can’t meet in private with a judge presiding over a case to which you are a party TO DISCUSS THE CASE. Casual or social contact is permitted.

    The rule covers lawyers as well as their clients, if Judges and lawyers couldn’t meet for reasons other than to discuss a specific case (i.e. because they serve on a Bar committee together or because they have to use the same law library) it’d make the practice of law almost impossible.

    Furthermore, given their superior legal knowledge, if the meeting in question were ex parte, it’d reflect mostly on the Justices for agreeing to attend.

  23. Bob says:

    Technically, Berg’s application for an injunction was still pending when Obama met with SCOTUS. But SCOTUS had already denied Berg’s cert. petition, so the viability of the injunction was more technical than realistic.

    Besides, the reality is everyone knew the suit was going nowhere. Technically, unethical, just like going 56mph on the freeway is still speeding.

    Still, the justice’s ethics could not be reasonably be challenged. Why? Previously, Scalia had been on a weekend long hunting trip with Cheney who was at the time a litigant before the court. Scalia wrote a detailed explanation why he wasn’t required to recuse himself from that case.

    If can hunt ducks together, you can have some tea together.

  24. It was a social call. All presidents are under suit during their entire terms.

  25. RIck A Hyatt says:

    ()bama is nothing more nor less than a long-time & well groomed infiltrator, spy & Manchurian Candidate. Of which MO & methodology I am very, very well familiar with as a life-long espionage operative, myself. The nice thing is that the CIA has known about him since the ’70’s, at least (I was TOLD as much), and has, in essence, been counter-run, since. It will only take for Ginsberg to resign for us to get our Executive Branch back. To know who’s infiltrated the Judicial is clear in all those judges who have refused to enforce the Constitution on just this point. And as to the Legislative, simply visit my site to see what major scandal of infiltration, Murder-For-Hire, subsequent blackmail & control over our Congressmen by foreign and hostile espionage services wait in the wings. It’s called the “Chandra Levy” affair.

  26. How do we know you’re not a 10-year-old who’s reading too many comic books?

  27. Oh, THAT Rick Hyatt. Click on his name above for a tour of the conspiracy theory fun house. WOW!

  28. Gordon says:

    Oh my God, that’s scary.

  29. bittorrent says:

    For some people, these conspiracy theories are like a religious belief. It’s not much different than the Apollo moon landing conspiracy theory or the 9-11 conspiracy theory in that regard. No mater how much evidence is presented to the contrary, these people will always hold to their beliefs. It is not skepticism, or critical thinking, it is religious fervor.

  30. thebabbster says:

    That guy is %100 batshit crazy.

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