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In an article today at, Lynn Stuter recycles all the old anti-Obama misinformation suite in a new article titled: Debunking the Obamatoids. This caused a considerable crisis here at Obama Conspiracy Theories, since “Obamatoid” was not in our glossary. This is now remedied and Obamatoid now rests next to O-Bot, Obamabot,  Obamatron,  Obamathug,  Obamaniac,  Obongoite and Obamanoid.

The squall of the obamatoids is getting louder and louder as we learn more and more about Also Known As (AKA) Obama; as though they can, by sheer volume, drown out the facts.

I wish.

No one, outside a select group of obamatoids, has actually seen the original document from which the copies that appear on the internet were made. By the same token, not one of the copies of this COLB that have appeared on the internet is accompanied by a notarized affidavit that it is authentic copy of the original. In the day and age of photoshop; the credibility of this document is obviously questionable.

Of course are not obamatoids, but a highly-respected organization recommended by that flaming liberal Dick Cheney as a place to check facts. Of course the way we know it is legit is the raised seal of the State of Hawaii, the registrars signature, and positive statements from Hawaiian Health Department officials.

Now let’s look at the document itself. Since when did African become a race?

Readers here know that race is collected by asking the parent what their race is, not limited to some list. We provided documentation from the National Center for Health Statistics. Lynn Stuter just makes it up as she goes along.

Forensic specialists have signed sworn affidavits stating that the copies of the COLB, appearing on the internet, are forgeries; these sworn affidavits being inclusive of the qualifications of the forensic specialists to make that determination.

The only “sworn” affidavit I’ve ever seen was signed “XXXXXXXXXXXX”. Hey Lynn, what was the name of that forensic specialist? Or were you talking about Sandra Lines who never called the COLB a forgery.

We now have it on good authority that while Governor Linda Lingle of Hawaii claims that AKA’s birth certificate, held by the State of Hawaii, was not sealed, that the document has been sealed. It seems that someone forgot to tell the people at the Department of Health in Hawaii that said information was not for public consumption.

Ah yes, the secret “good authority” that no one can verify. So Republican Governor Lingle is a liar?

Then there is the matter of AKA’s paternal step-grandmother; one of the several wives of his paternal grandfather, who claims she was present at the birth of AKA in Kenya. She has stated this before witnesses; her statement recorded and transcribed; affidavits provided that the transcription is true and accurate.

The affidavit was signed with a fake name. Anyone who listens to the full tape knows the transcript is edited to hide the fact that Sarah was present in Kenya when Obama was born in HAWAII where his father was living. We know that Sarah first learned of her grandson in a letter (newspaper article from 2007).

Lies about Indonesian law, lies about Pakistani travel restrictions. Makes me want to puke.

You can read the rest of the trash on NBC, Kenyan Ambassador and so on. It’s all proven false in hundreds of articles here.

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8 Responses to Lynn Stuter – New Article – Old Lies – All Bunk

  1. If one is going to debunk something, doesn’t one need facts?? This is the same old soup they’re asking us to chew.

  2. Bob Weber says:

    Since my interest in the Birfers is mainly sociological/folkloristic, “Why Do People Believe Preposterous Notions Based on No Evidence?”, you can call me an Obamateur Folklorist.

  3. There is plenty of convincing evidence that Barack Obama was born in Africa and that he is not a natural born citizen. The “evidence” is just not true. Why do people believe it anyway?

    1. Misplaced trust (friend, family member. Rush Limbaugh)
    2. Not checking facts
    3. Emotional appeals cloud logic
    4. Critical thinking skills lacking
    5. Believe what one WANTS to believe
    6. Mislabeled web sites (e.g. WorldNetDaily labeled as a New site

    I think the big error in judgment is not checking facts; for example, “If Americans were barred from entering Pakistan, how did Obama get in”. The logical form is OK and someone might rightly question, well how DID he get in? Of course the answer is that the condition is false: Americans were not barred from Pakistan, and in fact tourism was encouraged in 1981. But WorldNetDaily published it as fact, and people believed it.

  4. Expelliarmus says:

    Did you mistype the first paragraph above comment? or are you quoting from something that isn’t showing up in quotes? [Confused!]

  5. thisoldhippie says:

    I think what the good Doctor meant is that yes, the birthers have a lot of “evidence” that President Obama was born in Africa and is not a US citizen, or natural born, but the truth is the evidence itself is flawed. So that, on its face one who did not know the truth already might be swayed to believe what they are presented with. The birthers, of course, turn a blind eye to the truth and continue to hold onto their “evidence.”

  6. I have clarified the wording. thisoldhippy is correct as to my original intent.

  7. Hitandrun says:

    Thank you, Doc, for once again exposing all the lies and distortions of frenzied Nobots like Kidd and Stuter.

    Can you cite the “newspaper article from 2007” from which we “know” Sarah first learned of Baby Obama in a letter?


  8. Sure. The link is in my article here:

    Always a pleasure to be of service in providing your debunking informational needs.

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